Quiz Time! Can You Tell The Difference Between Asian Women’s Faces?

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Asian Women Faces Quiz Time

Am I making a Asian faces quiz because I'm racist?  Or maybe I'm making this quiz about pretty Asian women because I'm extremely chauvinistic? Hell no!  Could it be because I'm into dating Asian women? NO WA...wait.  Okay, that one's true, but that's beside the point.
How did the idea for this quiz come about, you ask? Cue the fuzzy flashback vision...

I remember having lunch with my AEON coworkers one day (during my extended eikaiwa stint).

I was struggling to use Japanese with the Japanese-speaking teachers.  I was enjoying the process of bombing. But while I was “bombing,” my ears did catch one part of a conversation.  My coworkers were discussing how they had hard time telling the difference between Asian nationalities.  They all, almost in unison, turned to me and asked if I could tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean faces.

I was honest.

Sometimes I can distinguish Korean faces and Japanese ones but not all the time. If a Korean person has strong facial features it’s a little easier to tell (it’s not really the eyes so much as it higher, more defined cheekbones, and a stronger jawline (in men). When the Korean person has softer features I have a MUCH harder time. Truth be told I still struggle to tell the difference between Chinese faces and Japanese faces. People say there’s a slight difference in the eyes, but I really don’t see it.

Just like my coworkers did to me, I'm going to pose the question to you.  Are you able to tell the difference between Asian women's faces? If so, how can you tell?

I know for sure that some people are just saying they can see the difference, when they really can't.

If a table full of Japanese natives admitted that they struggle to distinguish Asian faces, then that's all the evidence I need.  But it's still a lot of fun to try.

Let’s make this a bit more interesting, shall we? Let's do a bona fide quiz!  This quiz is in two parts. The first one shows 10 different Asian women, some are Japanese, some are Chinese and some are Korean. Can you tell who is who?

Scroll down and choose the best answers. GOOD LUCK!!!

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3


Number 4

Number 5


Number 6



Number 7

Number 8

Number 9


Number 10



Whether you did great or did terribly, it's always interesting to see the differences between people.  Were you able to see any subtle differences in Asian facial features in this quiz? If so, I tip my cap to you, because I certainly couldn't pinpoint anything other than my gut feeling.  

Looking at so many different, beautiful Asian faces made me think about another post I did about "The Eight Standards of Japanese Beauty."  Seeing how the faces so many of the "glamorous" photos in this quiz are eerily similar, I wonder if the list of Japanese beauty standards I observed, applies to Chinese and Korean beauty as well.  Food for thought.

At the end of the day, we all have different faces, different cultures and even different imperfections. In a world where so many people get caught up things as trivial as race, hair color, skin color, or a host of other silly differences, I like to think it's those differences make us beautiful. We should celebrate them, and let those differences bring us together.  

Now, it's time for part two of the Asian faces Quiz! In part two, we take a look at men's faces. Care to give it a try? Click the red "Go To Part Two" button, and you're on your way. GOOD LUCK!

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Donald Ash is an ATLien expat who has been living in a Japanese time warp for the last six years. While in aforesaid time warp, he discovered that he absolutely loves writing, blogging, and sharing. Donald is the creator, writer, designer, editor, programmer, and occasional bad artist of thejapanguy.com blog (that's just way too many hats, dude). Wanna know more about this guy? Check out his "What's Your Story" page.
  • devin

    OH my…you are going to be mad at me since I did make some guesses but I know I would be 100% wrong! Can I just admit I seriously don’t have a clue and want to save face? 😛

    You know I am a classical music buff and I always play a game with myself (and sometimes my mother) to categorize the music as: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Modern and then to further guess who the composer is. I normally get the time period right and sometimes even the composer but with this test….well all I can say is you have me beat!

  • Rick

    Oh Don, I think that it would be impossible to tell the difference between a Japanese, Korean and Chinese face. Thats basically the same as putting up the face of an ethnic German, ethnic Dane and an ethnic Brit and asking which is which. They are from the same part of the world, and there has been mixing of peoples for millenia, so they all general look the same. You will find a Korean with very slant eyes and a Chinese with very round eyes. You’ll find a japanese with strong facial features and a Japanese with soft features. =)

    • Donald Ash

      In some cases I think it’s possible to tell, but not always. There will always be people who’s nationality is just harder to distinguish. Good points Rick 🙂

    • emily

      I am white and I can distinguish them most of the time. And Asian people can do that almost 100% of time!

  • Julia

    I’m going to be fail horribly at this but here we go…

    men (left to right)
    Korean, Chinese, Japanese
    women (left to right)
    Chinese, Korean, Japanese

    I look forward to your next post 😛

    • Donald Ash

      You didn’t fail! Nice job Julia 🙂 You were three for three on the men. At least I think so (that guy in the center is kind of a mystery to me…but I am fairly certain he’s Chinese). The man on the left is definitely Korean and the one on the right is definitely Japanese. As far as the women go. It’s L-Japanese, C-Chinese, and R-Korean. If you and Ceci had joined forces, you would have gotten a perfect score. She got the women correct and you got the men.

      HOORAY!! 😀

      • Maryam

        To Me the guy on the far right looks Korean.

        • Donald Ash

          I had a hard time with my own quiz to be honest, Maryam. I didn’t do very well.

      • bluestar52281

        the middle one is actually a very famous taiwanese/chinese singer(entertainer in general) in asia-his chinese name is Wang Lee Hom but he grew up in America so hes and ABC(american born chinese) and his english name is Alexander Wang…plus he didnt know how to speak fluent mandarin till he was in the chinese music business…hahaha im sorry for this long post but i just wanted to confirm and elaborate upon the indecisiveness…

        • Donald Ash

          Thanks for the info bluestar52281, I aprpreciate it 🙂

          • bluestar52281

            youre welcome! happy to help! (^w^)

  • BUT you forget. almost 100% of the celebs you posted and those u see on tv, movies have had surgery…

    what’s ur email, i’ll send u a shocking link.

    (but i don’t like to post it publicly for it will surely be taken down)


    • Donald Ash

      Quite true, Vivian. Maybe that’s what makes it so hard for me to distinguish. My email is [email protected]. I’ll have to take a look at the link. Thanks!

  • Ceci

    Not a clue. But I’ll play the game and take a guess so my ineptitude can be *completely* public. 🙂

    left to right
    Men: Chinese, Japanese, Korean
    Women : Japanese, Chinese, Korean

    Erm…waitaminiute….I have several female acquaintances that are Chinese and they look a lot like picture 1…..aiiiieee! …not a clue dude…not a clue.

    • Donald Ash

      LOL! I’m glad you gave it a try. It’s not easy, right? I got the vast majority of them wrong, and I made the quiz! LOL
      The answers for the men are different.

      But you were spot on for the women. Nice work, Ceci…you freakin’ rock!!! 😉

  • yaz

    From left to right MEN: Chinese, korean, Japanese
    From left to right WOMEN:Japanese, Chinese, korean.

    Pls I want to know wether I’m correct or not!

  • kris

    the ones on the right is Japanese, middle is Chinese, left is Korean. its the faces dude.

  • rushika

    ma gues men (left 2 right)
    chinese ,korean ,japanese
    women(lft 2 rht)

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks for posting your answers! Please be sure to check the answers that I posted to the quiz to see if you got them right.

  • la diferencia entre chinos japoneses y coreanos
    yo puedo decir mas o menos, se encuentra a
    simple vista en los ojos y el pelo, los chinos
    tienen los ojos mas pequenos y estirados y la
    inmensa mayoria deja caer su pelo naturalmente
    y casi siempre es mas largo y sin tintes, tambien son
    fisicamente mas delgados que los otros pero los
    coreanos y japoneses son mas occidentalizados
    tambien en sus rasgos faciales y sobre todo los
    japoneses mas norteamericanizados ya que se
    identifican mucho con esta cultura, el pelo japones
    casi siempre esta tintado de un color caoba y
    lo estiran mucho hacia arriba, como autenticos
    sayajin que son, y sus caras son mas variadas que
    la de los coreanos o chinos. para mi es facil reconocer
    japoneses de lejos ya que vivi mucho tiempo entre
    ellos, por dato curioso les digo que mi esposa japonesa
    decia que todos los latinos les parecian iguales, para
    ella era dificil diferenciarnos.


    I got 100% of the answers correct. But that’s cuz I’m chinese myself and I know who the Chinese people are (female-Fan Bingbing and male-Wang Leehom)

    • Donald Ash

      You are definitely the first one to say that. That’s cool! Congrats 🙂

      • Elvinci Chen

        thanks for that..

    • female is gong li please..

  • Zoe

    little Tip:how to separate Chinese and Japanese and Korean from English pronunciation? Japanese and Korean can’t pronounce “R” they pronounce like “le”, Chinese can’t pronounce “th”,we pronounce like “ze”. that’s our obviously difference. would be easier recognize than our similar east-Asian face. but, how to separate Korean and Japanese? honestly, i always confuse as well.

    • Alanviation

      No..japanese can’t pronounce “L” so they pronounce it as R instead. That’s why you ll find no japanese words which using L example…” light” they will say it as “raito”(japanese katakana style) ……meanwhile korean can’t pronounce R and pronounce L instead… Well… Asians languange is very unique.

      • NYNY

        Zoe is correct. Japanese usually can’t pronounce “R”, but depends on words, they mixed-use “R” and “L”.
        And, Asian don’t have an unified language. I feel you using that expression, “unique”, interesting. I understand Asian languages are very different from Western ones, but that is not just Asian, but African, Polynesian and native American as well. You’ve just lived in Western circle. And why Western languages are so alike is because they were developed within a relatively smaller region, whose area is almost equivalent to China’s, just a single country.

      • Anne Liu

        or its just their accents .-.

  • JoeW

    Whoo I got them all bang on 🙂 (Checked other comments).

    Here’s how I did it:

    Korean people have wide, flat faces and very pale complexions. The man on the far left and the girl on the far right both have these features very clearly. The guy has very small Korean eyes, the girl appears to have had eye surgery, very popular in Korea!

    The Chinese girl has a double eyelid, which Japanese people almost never have, and her hair is worn in a very natural style. Layered bangs are very Japanese, as is the sideways camera glance.

    Between the other two guys: the guy on the far right has a small boyish face and very western style. Again, the layered, styled hair gives it for Japan. 🙂

    The Japanese have a very distinctive style that is Japanese, and not just east Asian. I would have a harder time telling Korean and Taiwanese than Korean and Japanese.

    • Guest

      Haha, you have a point. However, about the eyelid, I disagree. Many Japanese have double eyelid and many Chinese don’t. Actually that feature is originated to north eastern Chinese, Mongolian and Manchurian.
      Looked at the pic. Both of the Japanese still have double eyelids although they are not clearly detectable.

      • Truthsayer


    • NYNY

      Haha, you have a point. However, about the eyelid, I disagree. Many Japanese have double eyelids and many Chinese don’t. Actually that feature is originated to north eastern Chinese, Mongolian and Manchurian.
      Look at the pic. Both of the Japanese still have double eyelids although they are not clearly detectable.

      • Sudsinid

        Many Southern Chinese and Southwestern Chinese have natural double eyelids.

      • I’m not being racist..

        No. Ur wrong. Everyday citizens that are Chinese have double eyelids and wide eyes. Japanese people do too. But Koreans have single eyelids and tinier eyes but they look really natural tho!!!
        ~coming from an American who has lived in all three countries and traveled to different cities in the country

      • Truthsayer

        No. Many Chinese have double eyelids and big eyes in the southern provinces. Koreans have the smallest eyes. Beady eyes is a northern trait.

      • Tiffany Cheng

        Koreans, Mongolians, Manchurians, and Siberians have small eyes on average.

        Japanese people of Jomon-Yayoi mix tend to have larger eyes

        Chinese people from Southern area of China have larger eyes too.

    • ugh

      The Korean woman did not have double eyelid surgery, she’s a famous actress known for her natural beauty, you ignoramus. It is popular but among celebrities (which all six people are), it is very looked down upon to have a lot of surgery. Although Korean women do have a lot of plastic surgery, it is normally very noticeable, but you can see that her eyelids are natural. Koreans are also darker in general, while not as dark as Chinese and Japanese people are quite pale. Korean men generally have small eyes with no double eyelid.

      • Truthsayer

        I know many more pale Chinese than Koreans.

  • JJ Cho

    Even as a Korean, I can’t tell always unless they speak their own mother tongues. In fact these three countries have a long history of immigration, war and trade. Many of them are mixed ethnically. I myself is a Korean of Chinese descent belonged to the Chao(Cho) Clan. According to our family record, my first Chinese ancestor came from China with his other three brothers at the end of Song Dynasty and settle down in Seoul.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      There was a historical record also said that there were Korean immigrants who came to Japan because of what happened during the Imjin war. There were Koreans who came as immigrants to Japan and being hired by the Japanese to make the porcelains for the Japanese (see the history of Japanese porcelain and Yi Sampyong).

      And then, if you go to Jilin region of China, you would see there are Korean settlers live there and they are included as one of the official ethnic groups of China.

      • K

        not immigration but practically forced you mean.

  • Dex Jerkon

    It’s a bit late but I wanna make a guess too.

    For the men: Korea, Chinese, not sure he’s Jap at all.
    For the woman: Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

    I most of the time can tell which one is which but I’m not always correct. For me it’s most easy to recognize the Jap. Or it’s just the gut feeling the way they look at me.

  • the number 1

    men:il primo è cinese il secondo è giapponese il terzo è coreano.women: la prima è cinese la seconda coreana e la terza giapponese

  • the number 1

    men:chinese japanese korean. women: chinese korean japanese.

  • Sharon

    Men: Korean, Chinese, Japanese
    Women: Japanese, Chinese, Korean

    I’m Dutch (Netherlands, Europe). I had a little more trouble with the men than with the women.

  • Sharon

    Men: Korean, Chinese, Japanese
    Women: Japanese, Chinese, Korean

    I’m Dutch (Netherlands, Europe). I had a little more trouble with the men than with the women.

  • Men : Korean, Chinese, Japanese
    Women : Korean, Japanese, Chinese
    I’m Indian but have a few chinese friends. . . but i’ve never been to any of the three countries. . .

  • Men : Korean, Chinese, Japanese
    Women : Korean, Japanese, Chinese
    I’m Indian but have a few chinese friends. . . but i’ve never been to any of the three countries. . .

  • Te-Shandra Haskett

    I definitely love this post! I hope you do not mind, I had to share it on my website! I enjoy learning about different cultures…this was wonderful….
    I posted this on:

  • Joe

    Wild guess. But in truth there is no way to tell apart what is in fact the same.

    men: Korean, Chinese, Japanese.
    women: Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

  • Ronel

    men:korean, taiwanese, Japanese
    women:japaneses, taiwanese,korean

  • Rosa

    Women: Same as men? (not sure about the first two but the girl on the right is definatly korean)
    For me, i notice that Japanese men usually have either a “feminine” jawline or a very square chin,Chinese men usually have a longer,straighter nose and their mouth is a little different too, and Korean men are usually a cross between chinese and japanese XD but they have high cheekbones most of the time. I’m not sure about the women other than they have about the same features as the men >_<

    • JoYe

      um… I sorry I think its
      Men: Korean, Chinese, Japanese
      Women: Japanese Chinese Korean.

      like some of the comments above, I also know the actors and actresses : P

      Btw: If I didn’t know them, I’d probably could not tell any of them apart 😛 and I am Chinese, we are suppose to be able to tell, hehe, oh well

  • emma

    women: Chinese, Japanese, Korean
    Men: korean, chinese, Japanese
    I can usualy tell korean and japanese men appart because of the eyebrows and eyes ( I have a majour thing for eyes and eyebrows)
    the women are much easier..because not only is it the eyes and eyebrows but also the natural complexion.. korean women mostly look like angels 🙂 and soooo adorable

  • Epy

    The guy on the left is Japanese , Satoshi Tsumabuki .
    and the girl in the middle is a Chinese , GONG LI .

    • Epy

      im sorry , i mean the guy on the right side =) the most good looking guy among them .

  • Derp.

    Men looks Chinese, Korean, Japanese. Women looks Japanese, Chinese, Korean. I am in no way Asian, but really my speculation is that Japanese tend to have a less flat nose (nose bridge sticks out more), Chinese tend to have smaller eyes and a very flat face (the Asian stereotype), and Koreans are usually paler with a sort of hybrid between Japanese and Chinese facial features. It’s hard to describe.

    • NO! actually if your talking about girls, maybe (I just know which is Japanese, Korean, Chinese yadadada, but if you’re talking bout guys, I have to disagree. They are indistinguishable (bunch of japanese people and chinese people think i’m their race xD)

    • -.- ur fuckin stupid

      Not really Chinese people have bigger eyes than Koreans usually. I’m white and I kno this fact bitch.

    • Lillie

      Wrong. The Chinese you see are Chinese-Americans, who are dark and have slanted small eyes. But back in China, there are many pale Chinese people with large eyes and tall noses (around Qingdao/Shanghai maybe…but China is too big). It’s almost impossible to differentiate them, because Korea, China and Japan has been mixing together for centuries now.

    • Truthsayer

      Chinese are the ones more frequently spotted to have large eyes and Koreans are the ones with the beady eyes most commonly. Big eyes are common among southern Chinese ancestries -Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guangdong, Hainan.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      Chinese people from Southern area of China (Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, and Chongqing) have bigger eyes. Koreans and Chinese people from Northern area of China (Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Gansu) have small eyes.

  • Varun

    For women: Korean, Chinese, Japanese
    For men: Japanese, Chinese, Korean

    • Varun ka bhai

      Writer of article is dumb. Should have clearly mentioned who’s who in the picture.

    • Truthsayer

      You got both sets wrong.

  • Varun

    BTW, I mix up Korean and Japanese faces. I got both the Chinese right!

  • DUDE

    left to right
    korean, japanese, taiwanese
    eyelid on left korean, nose, eyes of japanese, right guy has typical face of taiwanese
    japanese, korean, chinese
    look at the eyelid of the chinese
    look at the chin of the middle korean
    the japanese in the left has yamato japanese features

  • Korean_girl

    I’m Korean!
    (from left to right)
    Women: Japanese, Chinese, Korean
    Men: Korean, Japanese, Chinese

  • Roy

    Men: Chinese, Japanese, Korean
    Women: As The Same

  • Nik

    This is so lame. Let’s get some photos of English, Irish and Scottish and ask Asians to distinguish them.
    General guide line. Koreans are more uniformed in their skin tone which is pale.
    Japanese and Chinese have more variations, Pale skin to tan.
    Koreans are taller as a rule than Japanese or Chinese.
    Besides that fashion wise Japanese and Koreans dress better than Chinese especially mainland Chinese. Also, I much prefer the sound of Korean and Japanese to Chinese.
    Actually I can’t stand the sound of Chinese but I like Chinese food.

    • jake

      Irish, German, and Italian would be more fair.

      • Dwi Prad

        How about Indonesian, Malaysian and Bruneian? 😀

        • ;)

          Include filipinos

        • ararar2

          there is a multitude of ethnicities in those countries so if you pick random people you may end up with two chinese guys from indonesia and malaysia and it would be impossible to tell them apart.

      • Derek

        Irish , german and italian would be even easier than chinese japanese and Korean

        An average italian will have typical roman nose, darkbrown black hair and darker eyes.. skin would be olive. mediterranean looks

        German would be darkblond/lightbrown hair, strong jaw with square face, blue/gray eyes and light warm pinkish skin. Germanic looks

        Irish would be round faced, darkbrown-black or redish brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin with cold undertone. Celtic looks.

        Europeans have more variation, specially in hair, eye color but also facial structures.

        All asians have very black hair and darkbrown eyes, and skin tones in the case of average chinese, korean and japanese are very similar too.

        • Kenny Kenny

          well said on the Irish, German, Italian comparison. I am German and you hit it right on the nose! Now how about telling the difference from Russian, polish and Ukrainian ?? LOL

          • Gordon

            Polish are sexy, the others aren’t.

          • garrett


        • Wandras

          Not trying to offend you, but it would not be easier. Here is the reason:
          The genetic difference between all the Caucasians including Indo-europeans, Semites, and Afro-asiatics (excluding the ethnic groups mixed with other races ie: Indians, Nubians, Turks, etc) are closer then the genetic difference between the ethnic groups of Eastern Asia (Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, etc). This is because of the regions mixture of Altaic, “Khmerosine” (This group does not have a defined name), and Australoid races.
          Most Koreans are genetically 85~95% Altaic and 5~15% “Khmerosine”. The Japanese are 65~80% Altaic, 10~20% “Khmerosine”, and 10~15% Australoid. The Han Chinese (Mandarin speaking people) are 50~60% “Khmerosine” and 40~50% Altaic. The Southern Chinese (Mostly Cantonese speaking people) are 90~95% “Khmerosine” and 5~10% Altaic.
          In Europe, the people are entirely Caucasian. Even when you divide this race into three smaller groups, they are still mostly Indo-european.
          In fact, the Altaics share a much closer common ancestor with the Caucasians and Amerinds (Indigenous Americans) compared to the “Khmerosine” and Australoid groups.
          see image: http://anthro.palomar.edu/vary/images/DNA_tree.gif

        • Shannon

          apparently you have no idea that northern Italians are blonde and blue eyed, lighter complected and lacking Roman noses. You lumped all Italians in with Moorish or Roman ancestry. Fail. Also, blue is NOT the most common eye color of Irish descendants it is green, though more blue eyed people were historically found in all of Britain when it was not divided into England, Scotland, and Ireland. Germans have more brown eyed people than any other predominant eye color. Brown alone is over 50% The further north in Germany the lighter the hair coloring the further south the darker to almost black.

          • Radek

            Northern Italy isnt mainly blonde. Id say 40% of north italians have light eyes, meanwhile 60% are dark or mixed eyes so majority doenst have blue or light eyes. WHen it comes to fair hair its only like 30% of north italians are fair haired, and if we count strictly blond then it would never be over 10-15% of the people, its clearly darker than Austria, and more so than southern germany. North Italians as a While look much more like southern french people than like their neighbours in germanic or slavic lands..

      • Sarah Lebowicz

        I wonder if someone would be able to tell the difference between American and Canadian…

        • Canuck5a

          Yes, it would be very difficult to tell the difference between white, Anglo-Saxon Americans and Canadians. It’s really only when the person is speaking that their regional accents will give them away.

      • Sigourney Di Blasi

        Please! I would love to take that quiz!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve seen Koreans having skin tones like Filipinos and many Korean women are known to extensively powder their skin. In addition, it depends where an Asian person came from because most Chinese people in other countries are from the South and speak Cantonese and southern dialects, which is why they tend to be darker and have uglier languages. If you hear someone from Harbin or present day Manchuria ( near Russia), they will speak proper mandarin and have nicer sounding tones.

      • Im not Chinese LOL Im Mexican

        Cantonese-hi(sounds like lay hoe)
        Mandarin-hi(sounds like knee how)

        • Zoe Yang

          Actually in Cantonese it sounds like Lei Ho and in Mandarin it sounds like Ni Hao. If you don’t know how to pronounce things maybe you should look it up before you type it in. So stop teaching people the the wrong way of saying this. Btw I am Chinese so don’t think your right.

          • Miss Nay

            The poster was giving the phonetic pronunciation of the words. In the U.S., we pronounce lei to sound like lay. And I believe the phonetic version of ni hao is totally correct. At least that’s the way I was taught to say it when I was in China.

          • Krister

            They were just trying to get the white people to understand how to say it, as Lei Ho and Ni Hao can be pronounced a number of ways in English, depending on the accent. When saying Lay Hoe and Knee How, however, it is easy for us to figure out how to say them

          • Terra

            Why only white people? Try non-native speakers.

          • Boris Yeltzin

            Why whinge about it? Ohh you’re forgetting the poor brownies and blackies. I know! let’s include everyone so we can all feel happy and safe and included. Good God.

          • Boris Yeltzin

            Why is it that African American people are allowed to call themselves niggers, Indian people are allowed to call themselves brown etc., but Caucasians are not allowed to make a joke about most of them not being able to distinguish pronunciations?

          • ararar2

            he cited the english spelling, you’re using the proper romanization that is understood by non-anglophone europeans but not by americans.

        • MrKevin

          dude that’s awesome, i’m cantonese chinese and i love mexicans.

      • Zoe Yang

        Actually the southern dialects have more tones. In Cantonese it has about 9 tones. So therefore there will be more fluctuations. In Mandarin there are about 4 tones. If you want to learn a easier language then you should go with Mandarin. And don’t be a hater I bet you can’t even learn the proper way to speak Cantonese. Cause not everyone can learn how to speak fluent Cantonese.

      • Truthsayer

        The southern vs northern Chinese skin tone is BS. All Han Chinese are born with the same skin tone as birth with slight variations. Check out the untanned torso of women in Hong Kong. What you see in some southern Chinese is the result of sun exposure and much shorter winters. This is a southern Chinese woman. http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/en/celebrity/buzz/asia/article.aspx?cp-documentid=4494501

        There are lots more in Singapore and Malaysia. Certain southern Chinese ancestries like ChaoZhou migrated from central China in more recent times and are known for being pale.

      • chink

        Mandarin has the most ear piercing tones amongst chinese dialects especially when it’s spoken by a northerner. I speak fluent mandarin myself and i think its very high in pitch. When spoken by rural villagers, its totally incomprehensible.

        The best sounding mandarin are spoken by taiwanese. Not the chen sui bien hokkien mandarin but the tv presenter type. They sound a lot more refined compared to that annoying Beijing screaming accent.

        I can also manage a few southern dialects like hokkien/taiyu, teochew and Cantonese. The tones are lower and more pleasing to the ears.

        • shiromori aoshi

          not gonna take you seriously just because of your name.

          • holl

            Its only racist if you make it up to be. if you react badly to it, it just encourages the perpetrator to use it more on you just to get a reaction. When you are cool about it, it takes the fun out of the racist intent of the person. Seriously what is so offensive about the word? We call white people here red haired monkeys in our dialect for their incomplete evolution but none take offence to it (probably cos they do not understand). between being called a chink and a monkey, id choose the former. Anyway statistically, East Asians have the highest avg iq, so why get bothered by a word that doesn’t mean a thing? We are way better than that.

        • Tiffany Cheng

          No, I personally think that Suzhou language sounds the best among all the other Chinese languages. Suzhou language to me has more soft-sounding words and the pronounciation is smoother compared to Cantonese and Mandarin.

      • AaChaaInHK

        Absolutely disagree with the statement that Southern Chinese dialects are ugly-sounding. Cantonese or Hakka are better sounding than Mandarin 100 times over!

        • shiromori aoshi

          well obviously you’re gonna give out a biased answer since im assuming your from hong kong because of your name. most westerners think mandarin is far better sounding than cantanose (hell that where the whole ching chong thing started from).

          • Sooyong Ra

            TOTALLY agree. Since Cantonese immigrants were the first Asians to mass migrate to America, they were the ones who gave basically all Asians the bad “chingchongchang all Asians are short/dark/ugly” stereotype – which unfortunately, still persists today. Had the first Asian immigrants to American been from Harbin/Northern China, the Asian image would have turned out COMPLETELY differently.

          • Tiffany Cheng

            Not only Cantonese, other people from the Southern area of China like Fujian and Hainan also migrated for the first time to the other countries. Here in where I live (Indonesia), most of the Chinese ethnic here could trace back their ancestors from the Southern area of China (such as Fujian, Hainan, and Guangdong).

            I myself a Southern Chinese person from Indonesia, I could trace back my maternal ancestors from Fujian and my paternal ancestors from Hainan.

        • Sooyong Ra

          see my answer below

      • Tiffany Cheng

        No, I find Suzhou language (a language which is spoken at Suzhou) tend to be much better sounding than Mandarin and Cantonese. Even I find Shanghainese (a language which is spoken at Shanghai) to be better sounding than Mandarin and Cantonese.

        Mandarin people often have very small eyes, bulky build, tall stature, squarish face, small nose, and light skin. Wen Jiabao and Chen Guangcheng are examples of typical Mandarin people look.

        Cantonese people often have bigger eyes, skinny build, shorter stature, roundish face, slightly broader nose, and darker skin. Joshua Wong and Sun Yatsen are examples of typical Cantonese people look.

    • fuck you reply back noob

      Im Mandarin you dipshit

      • Anne Liu

        Count me too

        • Zoe Yang

          There is no such thing as Mandarin but there is such thing a Chinese.

    • Sapphire Jones

      Um, there are plenty of tan Koreans. All the way from light to medium tan. You’re mixed up since they’re obsessed with too light makeup, skin lightening creams and laser whitening treatments.

      • tuk

        yes, koreans in thailand have tan or darker skin than white thai girls whose ancestry is white Dai/Tai race of altai mountains and white mon-khmer. a lot white people in thailand do not have any chinese blood.

    • Alice

      It is nice to know the difference. I doubt you get a million people coming up to you asking what kind of “Asian” you are. Most people in america are European, although they do not have purple coming up asking often.,..

      And I wonder, if you like legit Chinese food… Hmm

      • Anne Liu

        I bet 95% of the people who eat “Chinese food” wouldn’t enjoy legit Chinese food like you said. The sesame chicken or kung pao chicken aren’t even in China for a fact! People say it’s Chinese food because american food aren’t so different as “Asian” food. Yeah people that aren’t let’s say chinese say Chinese people eat dogs and cats and mice and junk like that. Thats all false. It WAS true when numerous amounts of the wild animals were roaming the lands, so the emperors and royals ate them. I mean, who would eat their own pets now?

        • Korukoru

          Koreans were the first to come up with eatin dogs.
          I’m sry… I’m kinda well Japanese and I hate Chinese people and Koreans…

          • Ryan Hu

            agree with the first part

          • Truthsayer

            They hate you more.

        • Miss Nay

          That is not completely false. Even people in China admit there are some areas where exceptionally diverse food is eaten. A resident of Shanghai (native Chinese) said he believed in the Sichuan province there were many people who would eat anything that walked, crawled, or flew…except an airplane.

          • Meow

            I thought it was guangdong that ate anything that has four legs except for tables lol

      • martin fennell

        for the womem
        1,japanese.2.korean. 3.chines
        for the men

      • martin fennell

        Oh Dear. I only got one them right, the japanese lady, which was the only one I was totally confident of. It would have been totally embarrassing if i had got that wrong. I did not recognise any of the personalities even though one of them was Gong li, whom i had only seen a week or so ago in red sorghum.

    • Y.

      I think it’s easier to distinguish with everyday citizens (non-celebrities). After living in an Asian country, I think you can easily identify features that can help you distinguish if someone is Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, even Singaporean, etc. even if they have the same skin tone.

      For me, I would not easily be able to identify Westerners if they had the same hair color. For Asian countries, maybe we look at eye shape, nose shape, face shape, height, even hair styles… For me, I got number 2 and 3 wrong for the men. I think — this is just my opinion — that Chinese men have more pigmentation, and sometimes have a slightly different face shape than general Japanese and Koreans. I think Thai faces are also more distinguishable. This isn’t meant to sound racist!! Of course, everyone is different. I live in an Asian country and sometimes you can spot someone and think, “Ah. He must be Japanese or Korean.” Because his cheeks have a high arch or something. A few minutes later, you’ll hear that person speak (Korea).

      And in many Asian countries (including Korea, China, and Japan), the further you move from the cities, the more tanned (and maybe unfashionable) a person usually becomes… especially elders and farmers.

      As for European countries… I’d have no idea. Our eyes are trained to look for different features.

    • Danny Kang

      ㅎㅎ really… I kno I’m Korean but well that isn’t true. U really don’t kno true Asians so shut up please.

    • mikion king

      shut you mouth you racists scum bag, before I… you know what it’s not even worth it. tien wo dan!

    • Truthsayer

      Hong Kong and Shanghai women dress well.

    • Learn more

      There are a lot of variations in Chinese sound and dialects. You may even hear two people speak the same dialect just in two different ways. As a Mandarin speaker, I’d say Cantonese sounds terrible and it may have left bad impression to people since in early years most of Chinese expats are Cantonese. Mandarin especially with dialects from certain area sounds actually pretty nice to me. I think Japanese and Korean sound good too but not comfortable when Japanese female host talks on some programs. Koreans are not necessarily taller than all Chinese but depending on the people of certain area you are comparing to. Koreans have the same height as those Chinese from Northern China. Fashion wise, it’s up to the place you go to. In cities like Shanghai or Beijing it might be more fashionable. But still, i’d say HK is more fashionable than any mainland city.

      • Tiffany Cheng

        Actually, I find Suzhou language to be the best sounding among all the Chinese languages.

    • Nikki

      uh you are so wrong, there are lots of chinese and japanese with uniform and pale skin tones, it just depends on that person’s genes and environment. i know koreans who are short compared to japanese and chinese and fashion wise it depend on that person’s style. also since the koreans and japanese came from china, they’re all pretty much similar looking people except that now china is ethnically diverse so there’s people with drastically different faces

    • Nikki

      oh yea, i forgot to mention this but most koreans get lots of plastic surgery, bleach their faces, etc.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      Japanese and Chinese are mixed with other type of people. Japanese people are mixed with Ainu, while Chinese are mixed with either Mongolians and Manchurians at the north or Southeast Asians at the south.

    • Jenfer

      dumb ass. Mandarin is national language of China. There are many dialects spoke in China today, so how you are so dumb not to know
      Korean in general are taller, but have much higher population of ugly people.
      Japanese split in between Chinese and Korean because they have genes comes from peninsula and mainland as well as Southeast Asia. THis has been proven by DNA.
      Koreans ugly faces are from inbreeding and not enough gene flow. Inbreeding is what caused Prince Charles of Britain to look eeekkkkkkkkkkkk!!

      • Jenfer

        The thing about koreans being pale is wrong!!!!!!!!!
        I seen many yellowish skin tone to light brown…….
        However the most uniform part of koreans are they are taller on the average ,small eyes with no eyelid creases,and look more mongoloid than other Asians. You see those faces also in Parts of China near the Korean Peninusla because same people. Same goes for Japan too. KOreans had migrated into different countries. Check the DNA and you will find they carry Korean DNAs……………….. Plastic surgery cannot remove DNA ……… HOw are these korean people gonna explain to their offspring why they look so mongoloidand their parents do not??? They will force plastic surgery on their children??? I bet some of these korean celebrities gonna do that. Especially the ones that refused to admit to plastic surgery when you can clearly see big chances in their before and after photos. Nothing to do with maturity. Maturity does not make a flat nose with no nose bridge into an adult nose having a strong nose bridge OR very mongoloid looking eyes into a big wide eyes with double eyelids either, also the facial shape do not change into an oval one when the korean kids clearly have round and square jaw lines…………………………… It’s not possible………………… Even some claimed that is possible. Their are korean high school photos of their celebrities clearly had plastics…… Faces do not change that much from early teens into adult hood, but only for koreans’ child’s mongoloid faces magically mature to a non Korean face LOLs

  • Eric

    The answers are:
    For Men: Korean, Chinese Japanese.
    For Women it is Japanese Chinese Korean.

    100% sure because I know the actors/actresses.

    • lucy

      hell yeaah i got the guys correct. for women, i mixed up japanese and chinese

      • Boebekar

        I got them all right.
        How can you mix up the Japanese and Chinese? The Japanese woman clearly has obvious Japanese features: the hair, eyes, nose, mouth.

        • Stewie Griffin

          selling EXO chen and Kris autographed sweater! http://www.ebay.com/usr/tsmtheoddone

        • Eolien

          Plus their styles. The first woman is definitely Japanese because of their typical hairstyle and light-brown dye; the second has the Chinese celebrity kind of facial features with high cheekbones. The third, who actually isn’t that typical for Korean women, doesn’t have much characteristic (hairstyle or facial feature) that tells you she’s Korean. But in this case, she has the typical lighter makeup and that famed (…) white skin so she’s Korean.

          • Anonymous

            Its obvious between chinese and others…the not so attractive ones are generally chinese .I have never failed in identifying by this method and cute one is Korean and little mature beautiful women are japanese

          • Tiffany Cheng

            Sorry, Japanese and Koreans are ugly for the vast majority. I have been to Japan and I didn’t see any Japanese that I find attractive. Koreans are unattractive, I never met or see any Koreans that I find attractive.

          • Jing Wei

            it’s always funny to see peninsular asian claim they are the best looking when the continental Asian had always beaten them in look, hands down.

          • Tiffany Cheng

            All Asian countries have their own share of beautiful women, not just Japan and Korea. Beautiful women could be found everywhere.

          • Jenfer

            Japan first to practice plastic surgery more than 90 years ago.
            They were first to use silicon into prostitutes breasts.
            Scarry They just shot it into them.
            South korea begin to love plastic surgery after their recovered from their last economic crisis in 1998.
            Many articles written about how plastic they are by other countries worldwide. They have the highest plastic surgery per captia…
            Most korean people get double eyelids done.
            THere plastic surgeon stated that korean people have very high single/mono eye people. CHinese is about 60/40. Double eyelids are more in southern China naturally…………. NOrth has higher single eyelids.

          • Jenfer

            Japan and South KOrea has high percentage of celebrities that had plastic surgery but I think south korea has way more than Japan. Some South korean celebrities utltered their faces beyong recogniition.
            Chinese celebrities done some minor work. Fan Bing bang had her eyelids done to make it more attractive. She was born with double eyelids but I think they were tapered eyelids and not parrellel as she has now.
            Angela Baby is cute from the start. She had her nose, eyeids done too. She was born with double eyelids but had something done to make her eyes better, she had other things done which she denied. She is from the North. People in the NOrth often tie has Mongoloid/Tungus gene and cannot naturally look like Angela baby. I saw a pic of her chin. I know she went to court about it. I read an article several years ago that korean plastic surgeon can use plastic screws in jaw surgery and the plastic screws can melt down and xray cannot show anything….. Definitely Angela Baby is plastic but her real faceis not mongoloid either. I think She has gene flow from the South. I seen many southern chiense looking like her, but not with all those refined features.She was a model since early teen and I can see some of the things she done………………………..
            Most of the Chinese females that some idiots tried to use to represent China is stupid…………….

          • Jenfer

            I think there are more oval face among Southern Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai than Koreans If you go to korean and you can see many young girls has big wide flat faces or long chins that needs double jaw surgery.
            THis is features of Tungus people………………………….

          • Jenfer

            Koreans had a lot of plastics.
            All there celebrites are plastic.
            Park si yeon had many nose jobs,eye jobs and facial bone reshaping. See her 2000 photos as contestant for Miss korea and look at photos afterward. A different nose, her eyelids or done, her skin is bleached pale, her facial bones are altered through jaw bone shaping. A very painful procedure I read.

          • Jing Wei

            I agree, peninsular asian tend to be very ugly when compared to the continental asian. Chinese consider Korean as “periphery” people who squat on the edge of the continent, therefore these periphery people tend to be inferior and ugly. There’s a reason, throughout the entire history the continental asian the chinese had always been considered the best in look.

          • Jenfer

            all plastic surgery women and it is shameful that they tried to hide it.
            Miss KOrea beauty pagnent Park Si yeon had plenty of plastic plastic.She looks nothing like her birth face anymore.SHe had many nose jobs(fake tall nose bridge), eye jobs, chin , jaw,and checkbone augmentation.

          • Jenfer

            Even Kim Tae hee had it . Eyelids, nose,and forehead. Someone posted her before surgery pics. Her eyes are way pluffier and with new double eyelids job you can see the crease ,her nose got refined, and her forhead got rounder using probably a gortex implant…….She wasn’t ugly before either. A better looking korean woman opted for plastic to compete with all those other plastic surgery korean women. If u look at their beauty contestants in 70’s and before none of them have the same face as it happened with Miss Korea 2013. It is not the makeup. It is all those chin, jaw plastic surgery, same eye job and same nose jobs.

          • Dave

            i do agree. South korean beauties are mostly fakes. Even Kim Tae Hee had plastic surgery,, Song Hye Ko or Go. And the only one as someone had stated on the internet that is 100% natural is Lee Young Au (actresses in “Jewel in the Palace series or it is called Dae Jang Geum” The rest of products of a lot of plastics.

          • FUHZ

            lol you are very close minded stop being biased to Chinese people those are opnions not the truth and no Korean are unattractive they are the most best looking asians out there you just aren’t opening your eyes

          • Tiffany Cheng

            Well, I am very sorry about my harsh and unpleasant comment. The reason why I made that comment is because I was narrow-minded and short-sighted, I was ignorant about the Japanese and the Koreans. But after I made more research about the Japanese and the Koreans, the more I appreciate them. For once again, I am very sorry and I hope anyone would forgive me.

            Thank you

          • Tiffany Cheng

            I am very sorry, now I don’t think Koreans are as unattractive as I used to say. After I made more research about Korean women, I also realized that Koreans can be very attractive. Just look at Song Hye Gyo, Lee Young Ae, and Kim Tae Hee (three of my favorite Korean actresses) they are very beautiful in the traditional Korean way. And I have also met Koreans that I find attractive.

            The same thing could be said for the Japanese, I don’t think the Japanese as unattractive as I used to say. After I made more research about Japanese women, I also realized that Japanese can very attractive. Just at look at Kyoko Fukada, Utada Hikaru, and Erika Sawajiri (three of my favorite Japanese actresses) they are very beautiful in the traditional Japanese way. And I also have met Japanese that I find attractive.

            After I made more research about Asian women, I finally realized that all Asian countries have their good share of attractive women.

            Now, in order to atone my sin and my unpleasant behavior here, I now appreciate a lot Asian women from any places.

          • Jenfer

            korean women are mostly people that had plastic surgeon.
            All their celebrities had plastics including their men.IT is laughable that they
            don’t know I can see the difference of their before and after photos.
            Many had purchased a complete new face.

          • Jenfer

            Song Hye Gyo, Ara Kim tae hee had plastic surgery to enhance their looks. Kim tae hee had made her eyelid creases deeper, a slight nose job and forehead surgery to make flat forehead round.
            Park si yeon purchased a whole new face
            Lee young Ae is the one that probably didn’t get anything done.

          • Tiffany Cheng

            For once again, I am very sorry. I hope you could forgive me.

          • Jenfer

            koreans had isolated themselves for a long time leading to many inbredding genes is the reason why they have very mongoloid features.

          • Jenfer

            But of course there are the exceptions.
            Most korean celebrities had plastics. Even Kim Tae hee got it, Park Si yeon, Lee Dae Hae(spelling),and countles others.

          • Lisa 2018

            best looking???? if that is true than why so many had plastic surgery to look more like Southern Chinese, Southeast Asians, and mix race people?????Look at Park Si Yeon’s fake face. She had so many eyelid surgery procedures to widen her eyes and also she lengthen her eyes She had too many nose jobs. At one time she had her nose bridge between her eyebrows and she had surgery again to correct that obvious botched job. Look at her Miss KOrea 2000 contestant photo and you her facial shape changed, her eyes change, her skin bleached ot pale white, and her nose is talller and taller. Koreans are known to be more mongoloid looking than other Asians. They looks like eskimos with very flat faces and small eyes with no eyelids creases, and these are typical korean faces before plastic surgery. Korean faces are not gentle looking. Not easy to the eyes, therefore korean plastic surgeon had developed ways to improve korean’s looks. DNA need to be altered is the better choice than facial plastic surgery. Mixing outside of your people will eventually stop the inbreeding look. Look at the royal family of european in history. All inbreeding cause the ugly face of Prince Charles of England.

          • Pieter Kaan

            Everyone is beautiful to someone, it depends on what you look for and when it comes to love, you see the person beyond the image. Unfortunately humans see with judgemental eyes and we grow up conditioned to decide what is or is not beautiful. I am a European Westerner and I have been dreaming of being married to an Asian partner for many years but not yet achieved. I am attracted to the gentle spirit and politeness and wisdom and yes, also the appearance but what is perfect? there is no such thing. To be happy in your heart is the most beautiful because the happiness will shine out from you!

          • Tiffany Bang Bang

            because you a self ugly chinese

          • Jenfer

            koreans are very ugly, then second Japanese .. Chinese are divided with the south people looking better than the north. North are way more mongoloid looking

          • Jenfer

            Koreans are more ugly because they isolated themselves for a long time.

          • Jenfer

            Koreans are the least attractive.Many are getting plastics these days.

          • Mandy

            Korean the ugliest, then next japanese. Why?? koreans isolated themselves for a long time, not enough gene varieties.
            Japanese the next, why? they aren’t as isolated but they have korean blood in them too,
            Chinese least ugly because china has more varieties of genes which is good. survival of the fittess depend of this (Darwin’s theory) then more genes mixed in, for mutation of new population .New population with better everything. No doubt, fact is fact.

          • Cynthia Lee Watkins

            I disagree, Ms. Cheng. One of my friends, who happens to be of Korean ancestry is absolutely gorgeous. Men…white….black….Asian….hit on her all the time, although she is happily married.

          • Katy

            It is her sex appeal. Most Men lean toward what is considered sexy to them but not necessary what is the ideal beauty. Sexy is separate from beauty. Some women are sexy but not necessary gorgeous. THey are okay but the sex appeal makes me men go after them. I remember see ugly korean women with good figure gets men interested in them. Those non Asian men has the myth that women with small slanted eyes like koreans are good in bed……..That is what they are only interested for………..Other than that ,they won’t be interested.

          • Dave

            you are right, it is the “sex” appeal. U know what those men are thinking about.

          • Tiffany Cheng

            I have ever met a very attractive Korean stewardess on the airplane when I flew from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo. She had a great body, great skin, and she was very friendly.

          • Dave

            I lived in S. Korea for over 20 year. I am a white man. I agree with you Tiffany. Most off them had plastic surgery. Number one surgery for korean people are their eyes. They have mostly single eyelids (mono lids ) in their population and my high school students get eyelid surgery to put the creases in. You can see over at least 80% of korean young kids 10 and under for no eyelid creases and then you see those around 16 and 18 have eyelid surgery. They aren’t great looking , but most are slender, smooth skin and of course I think of “sex” and have have “sex” with them in the dark so I don’t have to see their faces before the Korean went crazy on plastic surgery. Nowadays you see most look the same. Same pointy chins, surgery to put in eyelid creases, and some even do nose surgery. It is about 8 x cheaper for Korean nationals to get plastic surgery than foreigners….. Not all surgery goes well in S. Korea. Too many doing it a lot of botched jobs too!!!

          • Robin Btba

            because chinese tend to be poorer and less sanitary, but by default they are all the same

          • Jenfer

            I think you are a super retard.

          • Jenfer

            My polish friend think korean food sucks. He thinks you guys all smell like kim chi and refuse to eat korean food with me.
            I love all Asian food. The peope that live in NOrtheast CHina are all relatives of Koreans. Lucy LIu is related to koreans.

          • Jenfer

            Look at south korea so poor if it wasn’t for foreign help they still be looking a like the sewer of the world.

          • Jenfer

            Look at pics of south korea in early 1900,very dirty poor and poor hygiene.

          • Jenfer

            Go to Korea and you will see dirty places there too. HOw canyou say Chinese tendto be poorer and less sanitary??? YOu stupid or what??? U go into every Chinese person’s home and watch them??? You are obvious a retard to make such a dumb statement. The whole Korea was super filthy before foreigners came and helped you people out. Korea has been a tributary state to China for centuries,so you dont even know history. All koreans are rich???? THere is approx 50 millions of them in S. Korea and the NOrth????? Stupid idiot posting his own opinion without facts……………

            Koreans do have have harsh facial features that I do not see other Asian population having . Like KOrean men having tons of bones on their faces, Very mongoloid features is usually Korean people due to inbreeding genes…………

          • None of ur business

            ur wrong, not all chinese are unattractive or ugly. if you don’t believe me, just google up the person Fan Bing Bing or Ruby Lin, Tiffany Tang Yan, and Yang Mi. And not all korean are cute. some of them have fat faces. and same goes with the japanese women.

          • FUHZ

            no offense but chubby faces are cuteeeee

          • Monica

            Fan bing bing I don’t believe is natural beauty either. If a photo is really her in younger day as an actress. I also saw another pic of hers posted on the internet from a movie clip. If those are really her and not look alike actresses, then I can say Fan Bing Bing is not a person without surgery. Just like Angela Baby whom is a quarter german was born with good looks , but I can tell she had surgery to alter her face to look more european (look more of a mixture than pure asian). If those pics of her modeling days, then I can say she had her chin altered . Braces do not alter the length of your chin. And had double eyelids and had it enhance using surgery to make her eyes bigger and wider looking. Her mom also had eyelid surgery when I compared her younger age photos to the most recent. As we age we gain more fat everywhere and the eyes is no exception Her mom seem to have a more defined eyelid than in her younger days. Also Angela had a bit of nose plastic surgery. I don’t care what those doctors had examine her said. South Korean plastic surgeons can use a special plastic screw that dissolves into your tissue as you heal from bone alteration surgery. I had to dig deep and I found that information. So looking into her mouth for signs of surgery sound stupid to me. Pics do not lie and there is no natural way of a chin getting elongated that way either. If those pics online placed by former classmates and/or aquintances is really her, then I can say she had plastic surgery of at least 3 kinds to enhance her already very cute and attractive face. The enhancement turned her face into more refined facial features……

          • Jenfer

            koreans are fugly. Most have plastic surgery to look better these days. KOreans in general are very mongoloid looking that is why nowadays over 95% of south korean women had plastic surgery. It is scarry that they changed their whole faces and have to lied and dump their childhood photos aways. Their genes are still there and their kids will inherit them.

          • Jenfer

            funny. I never seen a good looking korean before. ONly on magazines………. Most korean celebrities had plastic surgery. what is the point when their kids will still inherited the typical mongoloid features of koreans. Koean isolated themselves for a long time. This is why they have higher natural population of mongoloid looking faces.
            Park Si yeon had so much plastic surgery to alter her face. Her before face is considered a cute korean face, but why over 96% south korean women between 18 and 36 starting 2005 had plastic surgery to get double eyelids, Some fake nose bridge and nose reshaping, and many opt for reshaping facial bones to make oval faces. Miss korea 2013 all look a alike due to plastic surery. Check out korean beauty contestants in the 70’s and before. None looks like the plastic surgery korean celebrities

          • Jenfer

            funny most are not good looking.Nowadays many had plastics surgery. EVEn kim tae hee had eyelids,,nose,and forehead plastic surgery.All fakes.

          • Mandy

            koreans the ugliest due to not enough gene varieties leading them to having plenty of plastic surgery to fix small eyes with no eyelid creases, big face, flat faces, big facial bones. Many south koreans had their eyes done, then their facial bones, then some get nose jobs and fake nose bridges (silicon sticks) . Park si Yeon is very famous for having too many surgery. She had so many nose jobs and her nose if she is not careful with fall off her face. South Koreans have plenty of fake faces. BUt their genes still produce those faces that they don’t like. In order to fix their faces, they need to move outside of their korean bloodline, then surgery may no longer needed.

          • Jenfer

            KOreans don’t all have light skin. THeir skin color comes in all shades like like Chinese and Japanese people.

        • Jas

          It’s only obvious if you know!! Lol

        • Robyn

          Honestly they all look the same

          • Jenfer

            It is hard to tell.I see those faces everywhere.
            To put up Lucy LIu to represent all Chinese is stupid.
            My older sister has large eye, narrow tall noe with a tip and oval face, and she doesn’t have a flat face.
            She looks like those Japanese Anime. BUt we are Cantonese . My ancestors are from Canton , China.
            My brother has a small face (on the narrow side), tall pointy nose and he is the only one in my family that has monolids.
            My younger sister has oval face, triangle shape nose with a tip, medium size eyes with double eyelids. She is light borwn. I am
            very fair skin, round face, medium size double eyelids, I have a strong nose bridge but I have no tip on my nose. People mistaken
            me as Mix all the time. You name it, I got mistake for it. No big deal for me…………………
            I used to have Japanese thinking I am one of them because I don’t look like their stereotyped Chinese so they don’t think I am Chinese. I hardly get mistaken as Korean. People told me because I have gentle facial features.

        • Lisa 2018

          Never heard of an obvious Japanese feature before………… You must be so blind or not known enough about Chinese, Japanese, and Korean people to make such a statement. They can look the same with the exception of Koreans having the most mongoloid facial ffeatures than the rest………………………

      • ShiroP

        The Japanese have that same kind of aire as the first girl. Knew right away.

      • Jenfer

        The one we considered beautiful all look the same.
        Oval faces, small nose that are refined looking.
        Big eyes.

        Who is real and who is not.
        Japan practiced plastic surgery more than 95 years ago
        Koreans started to alter their faces in 1998 and by 2005 it is common thing to do in South korea. They throw away their
        baby to childhood photos after plastic surgery
        Most of their celebrities had eyelid surgery.
        And it is shocking to see some that changed their faces completely…………
        Plastic in general south korean population is high.
        Plastic among Japanese, and Korean celebrities is high. NOt all Chinese celebrities had plastics. The more gene flow into the country the less plastic one person will need. It is good to have genes coming in . China has ovr 56 ethnic groups and that explains why chinese is not in need of plastic as much as koreans, Look at how Northern Koreans look like. Very mongoloid because they cannot afford plastic surgery like South koreans……………….. Northern Koreans are the real faces of Korean poeple = The Han people….. Different from Han Chinese……………… Orginal China was very small. Located more of northeast of China……………… One king divided and conquer the rest of what is called modern day China………… China made of over 100 kingdoms.

        The korean and Japanese gals look very similar in these photos. But are they really natural????????????..

        • Educhess

          You must excuse me but I see racisim in every word you write. I don´t like those kind of comments friends. I hope you change your mind becuase I think personal (racial) appereances should be respected.
          You shouldn´t have to hurt the other ethnic group´s sensibility guys.


    • Stewie Griffin


      for men the last one is korean
      for women the last one is korean

      im korean i dont need to know what language you speak to know what type of asian you are
      all koreans have this 1 look

    • Kelsee Barton

      I always get Japanese right, the other two I failed on both men and women

      • Nikki

        same haha 😛

      • Jenfer

        China has Koreans especially North and NOrtheast. Japan also have korean looking faces because they are Korean DNA people.THe emperior of Japan had admitted he has korean blood in him. Google it.

    • jordan

      i got 100% right 🙂

    • Sarah Lebowicz

      I got the women right. But the men I mixed up Japanese and Korean.

    • curlyasian 87

      I agree!

    • Marcelo Gurgel

      I got the girls. Oh, yeah! 🙂 The only man I got was the japanese.

    • Guest

      For men: Chinese, Korean, Japanese. No. 1 is the Chinese actor Lou Jin.

    • Jenfer

      I have not seen that Many Japanese looking like their models or celebrities.
      Most of their models are mixed japanese with white.
      Japanese don’t like to use their pure japanese model because they like the mix model faces.
      They also do not like typical Japanese faces and that is why most models they used are not pure Japanese.

      I think more of the natural pretty one are vietnamese.Not the ones that have the negrito blood.
      There is way less plastic in their people than among korean being highest in fake faces due by tons of plastic surgery.
      It used to be japanese in Japan celebrities that get plastic surgery to alter their looks.
      Chinese is the least due to them being communist and it was against the law to alter the face due to the fact that they are afraid of
      criminals doing that to change their identify. CHina, however opened up to plastic surgery around 2001.SOuth korean have opened plastic surgery clinics there.

      I can understand why many korean may need it due to their Tungus genes = Northern Asians has heavy bone on their faces and very mongoloid looking. They need double chin surgery because their chins are too long and cheek bone surgery to reduce the height of it. Too high make their faces looking very flat.
      Northeast people of China typical looks like koreans and some population of Japanese people.

      People of Japan that has soft facial features usually have blood of Southern Chinese. Same goes for Korean. Southern Chinese has gentle facial features. Easy on the eyes…………………… That is why back in ancient history, northern Chinese Soldiers married Southern Chinese women. They are more feminine looking than women from the north.

    • Jenfer

      korean faces are the most mongoloid and that is why so many in SOuth korea got plastic surgery.This is due to them isolating themselves for a long time leading to these kind of faces.

    • Jenfer

      most koreans are not good looking. NOwadays many of them get plastic surgery to make their faces soft and gentle looking. Their real faces are in general very harsh looking.

  • rodelie castillo

    Actually, when you will look out to their face, you i identify if who is the japanese, the chinese and who is the korean because of the differences of thier facial structure.

  • rodelie castillo

    for the men: korean,chinese and japanese
    for the women: japanese,chinese and korean

  • hello form vietnam

    for men(left to right):japnasese,chinese, korean
    for women(L to right)japanese, chinese, korean

    I think I like the korean facial features most,

  • For Women: Japanese, Chinese, Korean.
    For Men: Korean, Chinese, Japanese.

  • Sachiko

    Women: Korean, Chinese, Japanese
    men : Korean, Chinese, Japanese

  • R. Srinivasan

    My guess is Chinese, Japanese and Korean for both men and women in that order.

  • There are big differences between the three that can “usually” help distinguish the difference. Japanese are usually easiest to tell apart, they usually have longer squintier eyes but yet a somewhat more western facial structure in the sense that their faces are more defined and dimensional high cheek bones, triangular, etc. Sometimes they will have taller noses. Japanese also are much more “stylish” and hollywood-like than any other Asians, so you will see some wild hairstyles anime-like sometimes and their dress is less business-like and more modern. Japanese have no problem tanning or letting their skin get dark whereas Chinese and Korean’s are much more worried about keeping their skin out of the sun but to protect it from rays and keep their white skin. Japanese also dye their hair often both guys and girls. Koreans are more of the opposite from Japanese in many ways, though they also have squinty eyes, (they are not long or wide, they are usually the smallest of all Asian eyes) they do not have much dimension to their facial structure. They usually have much more round flat faces and sometimes high cheek bones, usually little or no double eye lid (Japanese too), are usually quite pale and don’t often dye their hair. Koreans dress much more business-like and will wear collared shirts and suit jackets, slacks, nice jeans, fashionable business attire, but not very modern-hollywood-wild style. Many Korean girls cut their bangs (fringe) straight across and often pull their hair back or flip it in but hardly ever out. They wear big loop ear rings, baseball caps, lots of pink and pastel-bright colors and a lot of striped clothing. Most Korean men, wear a shaggy hair style that almost looks like Leggo hair. Chinese are somewhat of an in between in a few ways. Chinese facial structure varies as there are MANY different ethnic groups in China and it is so large and ancient, whereas the Korean and Japanese areas are much more dense and mostly of one origin or ethnicity. For the most part the Han Chinese (which makes up the majority of China) are a more rounded face with flatter wider noses and also much more round and less-squinty eyes. Many Chinese people have double eye lids and bigger eyes, though there are of course several with small eyes too. Chinese will sometimes dye their hair however they are much more conservative with styles. Chinese don’t usually have wild or crazy hairstyles, in fact for the most part they have more clean cut looks, but aren’t as into fashion, so they will wear jeans and flannel shirts and t-shirts and seem to be more moderate that way, but again it depends if it is in the city or country, western China or eastern China, north, south, etc. Taiwan is a blend of Chinese and Korean clothing style, which sometimes confuses people, but their facial features are very Chinese and not Korean. HongKongese tend to let themselves tan as well and have a more southern Asian look mixed with their Chinese look, they also dress very business-like, but with some wild-styles too and currently are very into black rimmed glasses.

    Hope that helps. I have spent much time with all 3 of them for years and that is only a drop in the bucket as to their differences. It takes being around them a lot to notice, but I can tell them apart from a mile away unless they are American-born or mixed, which can sometimes throw things off.

    The above example pictures are not the ideal for showing their major differences, but are still good examples of many Japanese, Chinese and Korean people out there.

    • Robert

      So you’re basically saying the less Caucasian a group looks the less attractive? Wow…it’s pretty sad if you really think that way. Your description of the three groups is not really accurate. I’ve never seen western looking Japanese , and I lived in japan. It’s just the way they dress and Japanese women on average wear more makeup than other East Asians. It’s hard to stereotype china, too because it’s such a big country. You’re actually more likely to find “western” looking people there than japan because of the many different groups that have mixed with the Chinese, yes including Caucasians especially in western china.

    • ugh

      you are so wrong. this information should date to 1990

    • Tiffany Cheng

      The “Han Chinese look” that you have described is not a Han Chinese look, it is a typical Yue Chinese tribe look. Yue Chinese tribe look could be found at Southern area of China like Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, and Guangxi. Even the Han Chinese at the Southern area of China are also mixed blooded with the Yue Chinese tribe.

      The pure Han Chinese look would be slightly rounder eyes, long nose, tall stature, slender build, slightly squarish face, and light to medium dark skin. People from Central area of China (such as Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, and Shanxi) often look very purely Han Chinese. Zhang Yimou to me looks very purely Han Chinese and he is from Shaanxi.

    • troyjay

      Except some of what you say is really inaccurate.
      Here’s an article about an experienced cosmetic surgery doctor: http://www.docshop.com/2006/07/20/big-eyes-small-eyes-difference-laser-eye-surgery
      In the doctor’s opinion, “There is a higher percentage of patients among those of Japanese ancestry who have smaller interpalpebral fissures —that’s the distance from corner to corner.” He also states that Koreans have more shallow eyes.

  • Danny

    This was a topic of discussion when I was back in college. Many Asians (Mostly foreign students) thought that “Americans” were racist since couldn’t “Tell” Well one of my friends made up a page of 30 different Asians (Showing only faces, and cropping hair styles out as those could be hints to ethnic group, clothing, and jewelry would give hints) of Men and Women. The test was given to Asians during college club hours to Asian clubs. To make a long story short ALL the Asians scored lower than non Asians on the guesses. And most only got a few right. As an afterthought my friend did a 2nd study showing Asians different “Caucasian” pictures. Italian, Greek, Russian, etc. No one got even one right. 🙂

  • Sp4rKz

    My girlfriend is chinese and was raised in China. I asked her this question once and was surprised to know that even her or her family couldn’t tell the difference most of the time. Unless you have a name or you actually hear the individual talk, it’s quite hard to make the difference. Just like it’s hard to make the difference between Canadian, Australian or British just using a picture.

  • min.hyun

    Men: Japanese , Chinese , and Korean
    Women: Japanese , Chinese , and Korean
    I’m 100% really sure ..

  • lovin’ japan

    the answers for the quiz for men:Japanese,chinese,Korean

    • Truthsayer

      Your answers are wrong for both! Lol! Please don’t post nonsense and mislead other idiots. The correct answers are in another blog post by this blogger.

  • Whitey

    I got the ladies all correct, and only switched the Korean guy with the Japanese. No random guess work. I’m white BTW.

  • Mocrosaen

    For the men i can tell by their hairstyle
    korean- their hair tend to be down and wavy
    Chine- same as korean but split in half
    Japanese- tend to be messy sometimes

    • Anne Liu

      How could you tell? What if the other race had the same hair as the others? I mean hair is HAIR. You can style it anyway you can .-.

  • Edbert Primus

    Men : Chinese, Japanese, Korean
    Women : Japanese, Chinese, Korean

  • Mishka

    Nope, to me it’s like saying here’s someone rom oregan hers someone from Ohio and hers someone from Connecticut, tell the difference just by looking at them

  • Matts

    Korean is peculiar. They have peculiar eyes.
    But I can’t tell between Japanese and Chinese. They look alike to me, Japanese.

  • Tadlette

    I was out at a bar in Japan with a Chinese friend who speaks Japanese well, but with an accent even I can hear, and a couple of Japanese people that we talked to thought that she was Japanese. One was drunk and didn’t notice until I pointed it out, the other asked part way through the conversation whether she was Japanese or not, so she must have noticed some difference

  • berengere

    as said in the article, natives struggle to visually identify who’s who. a bit like comparing Europeans. for instance, trying to identify a french person (which i am). we are so mixed that unless you are french (or lucky) you will usually get it wrong. we can be identified by “cultural behaviors”, not sure how to put it.. because of my decent, people think i’m spanish/italian/greek/latin… because of my english accent, people think i’m a dark haired girl from somewhere in scandinavia. however i will automatically be recognized as a french and recognize other fellow countrymen just by the way of walking, of moving, etc… i bet it’s the same for a japanese/korean/chinese!

  • asianThropology

    men : left to right : korean (kwon sang-woo, eye surgery), taiwanese (Wang lee hom), I guess Japanese
    women: japanese, chinnese, korean (she had plastic surgery on eye, nose and bleach her skin)

  • Kim Chow

    yes a bit hard to distingusih..my fiancee is half chinese half korean..but he looks more of korean coz of his eyes..no eyelids..but it’s still cute though..haha

  • Kelvin

    My answers are…
    For Men: Japanese, Chinese, Korean
    For Women: Chinese, Japanese, Korean

    These are just what I feel. A Southern Chinese who has been living overseas for generations. Its just my guess since I do see quite a number of Chinese, Japanese and Korean people around. And personally, I feel that people who come from Northern and Southern China look slightly different, we Chinese can usually differentiate it among ourselves. For example, the stereotype “Asian-Eyes” are usually used to refer to Northern Chinese. Southern Chinese have slightly larger eyes on average. And people from Japan, and Northern parts of China look very similar in my opinion o_O

  • Sapphire Jones

    A quiz like this should only use people without plastic surgery.

    • Donald Ash

      Hahaha, I totally agree.

    • lbh

      What makes you think the quiz didn’t? Don’t make assumptions you ignorant, racist cunt.

      • I live in Korea and see plastic surgery all day long. I know what it looks like. But you, my dear, need to calm down. Apparently I struck a nerve.

  • leekonghian

    The following appear to be general findings:
    1) Koreans are tall, square-faced (high flat cheekbones with square jaws), with small eyes (with single eyelids) and pale faces. Think Frankenstein.
    2) Japanese are short, oval or diamond shaped faces (prominent cheekbones, pointy chins), with large eyes and pale faces. Think Yoda.
    3) Chinese have round faces, and average shaped eyes. Think Buddha.

    • leekonghian

      Check out this website about Yoda and Japanese:


    • smileyboston

      Lol, leekonghian, I kept laughing in my bathroom in t middle of night, reading ur comment. U got it right, well, most of it, I think! I really enjoyed Yoda’s JP lesson link. I nearly killed myself again, laughing too much. I am Japanese, by t way.

    • curlyasian 87

      ROFL! I’m Japanese

  • Ho

    I’m a Chinese, and honestly I can’t tell… But these people are pretty, and they’re not general Asians, so they all look like the same.

  • Hawaii

    Koreans have lighter skin and their eyes are a little different in a way that’s hard to explain. Chinese people have weak cheekbones and rounder faces. Japanese people have very strong cheekbones.
    After living in Hawaii for a couple years, I’m pretty good at figuring out who is what. If the kids are mixed (part Japanese, Chinese, caucasian, etc) all bets are off.

    • Truthsayer

      The three nationalities are mixed to begin with

  • Sally

    So? Why? Fuck off! Time wasters!

  • Takeshi

    Writer’s got wrong answers for the Men. Eric is correct. Man on the right is Satoshi Tsumabuki, a Japanese actor.

  • Emily Rose

    Koreans: broad cheek bone, small mono-lid eyes, big jaw, flat nose, pale-yellow complexion, large face
    Chinese: broad cheek bone, small double-lid eyes, big jaw, flat nose, pale-yellow complexion, medium face
    Japanese: medium cheek bone, small double-lid eyes, medium jaw, small-non flat nose, pale-yellow complexion, medium face

  • tasya dias

    1 korean man 2 japan man 3 chinese man
    1japan women 2 korean women 3 chinese women

  • Evan Loveless

    I am sure that no one can tell with 100% accuracy. If you take men from all over China, Korea and Japan shave their heads and put them all in the same military uniform in a group photo, there is no one would be able to guess correctly 100% of the time. Asian or not.

  • wangkon936

    Man #3 can pass as Korean.

  • Anne Liu

    To tell you the truth, I can tell only a Korean from Chinese because I’m in fact Chinese and i can just tell. I know it sounds weird and uncanny but it kinda true for me. I could never tell Koreans from Japanese people though so… Yeahhhhh

  • Esther

    Well im Korean myself.
    Koreans usually haves single eyelids and they have more of a round oval face.
    Chinese people usually have double eyelids and have a round face.
    Japanese people could have either but the double eyelids are usually creased in and they have a oval face.
    Not all the actors/actresses tell u if they are true Koreans/Chinese/Japanese because some of them went through plastic surgery

    • hopelight

      Yes, I heard that plastic surgery became quite popular especially in Korea and Japan. I learnt that very often they want to have their eyes correct so that they look more European. Dear Asians, don’t. Be proud of your special looks and cultivate your natural beauty. That’s what makes you interesting in the eyes of non-Asians.

  • Ryan Hu

    Basically Chinese people are more better looking in general (u can find that by walking on the streets in the 3 countries) because of the variety and population. However, China also has the biggest number of ugly ppl also because of the population. Ethnically, Koreans and Japanese are more similar to each other, they are closer and they speak the same system of language(but a lot of Chinese words and u know why). However these two countries also had many Chinese immigrants too historically.

    • ugh

      chinese are actually the ugliest of the three lol idiot

      • hopelight

        I think – in general – the Japanese men are the most attractive of the three, then Korean and only then Chinese. Chinese, however, very often have beautiful women. I travelled Japan, Korea as well as China, so I think I can at least express my personal taste. In Japan I once saw a guy on the street looked really gorgeous. Tall, slim, high cheekbones and long hair, that nice shiny black hair almost all Asians have .. just wow. I was in the mood to nosh a bit in order to try how “Japanese man” tastes like :-D. But I guess the girlfriend that walked with him would have torn me into pieces and you never know if these people know Aikido or not … ^_^. Greetz from Germany

        • winsun wong

          Nah Chinese men have superior facial features. Also when were Germans able to talk about beauty? Their women are considered to have the most masculine features in Europe lol

      • Truthsayer

        What an ignorant loser. You must have never traveled. Lol. I’ve lived in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore for 25 years. Chinese has the highest number of good looking among all three by virtue of population, which would be just logic if you knew anything about math.

    • Claire

      That’s your biased opinion only because of your Chinese heritage (looking @ your surname). From what I’ve noticed a lot of Japanese people (both genders) are more attractive than their E. Asian “cousins”.

    • lbh

      Chinese people are ugly as fuck, you delusional idiot LOL

  • hopelight

    It’s hard sometimes to see the difference between Korean and Chinese. At least for me. But I think Japanese look quite different from the other two. So I guess: Japanese woman: 1, Japanese man: 3. Chinese woman: 2, Chinese man: 1. Korean woman: 3, Korean man: 2.

    I am only quite sure regarding the Japanese, however. As to my taste as a woman (I travelled the 3 countries): The Japanese are the best looking, then Korean, then Chinese :-))). But there also beauties in China and Korea, of course. It’s just a general statement. Greetz From Germany.

  • Guy Forget

    well it’s actually very easy to tell them apart, but these days with all the god damn plastic surgeries, they all pretty much look like filipinos.

  • Maison Margiela The 23rd

    I’ve been having this discussion in my mind for a while and how I have gradually learned to tell the difference, and seems as if I got it correctly with the pictures,

    I find the Japanese to have longer faces in height and there eyes and noses are very noticeable,

    Chinese can vary in looks with there noses, some have wide nose other have regular thinner noses, yet it’s shape of there faces, and the eyes, also hair and wardrobe hold a big part,

    and Koreans?…It’s just gotten easier to noticed, it seems as all the men are pretty boys, they love the k-pop trends so they will most likely dress very metro-sexual, hair done like a pop star in a magazine, very anime looking, the women also, they seem to be into beauty or trend…even in the music videos the men seem feminine not say they are but it’s just for show the look to look very pop

  • Jack Brown

    Since Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are all basically the same people how can there be any difference? The Korean peninsula was settled by people from what is now China. Japan had aboriginal people, the Ainu, Yamato and others before the arrival of people from the Korean peninsula. However today few Japanese can trace their ancestry to the aboriginal peoples of Japan. Modern day Japanese are essentially Koreans who have been in Japan for about the last 2,500 years. Koreans in turn are descended from people from China.

    What all this means is that people from China, Korea and Japan are the same people separated by a few thousand years. Far too little time for any meaningful different physical characteristics to develop.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      Koreans ancestors are originated from the Northern area of Asia located which is at near Mongolia and Manchuria (today’s Northeast China).

      Japanese ancestors are divided into two types, the Jomon and Yayoi.
      Jomon: The native Ainu Japanese tribe, originated from the Northeast area of Japan near Russia (today’s Hokkaido)
      Yayoi: The immigrants from Korea, China, and Mongolia.

      Chinese ancestors are quite varied because China has a long history of invasion, conquest, and immigrations. But the original Han Chinese ancestors are originated from the Yellow River area of China (Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, etc.). There is a summary of Chinese ancestors bellow:

      China prior to the Qin conquest consists of small kingdoms inhabited by different tribes with their own culture and civilization. But then, Qin Shihuang conquered many kingdoms and the Han Chinese civilization from the Yellow River area of China spread to the areas that Qin Shihuang conquered. When Qin Shihuang conquered many kingdoms, the people from the conquered areas were either killed or mixed with the Han Chinese immigrants or replaced by the Han Chinese immigrants from Central areas of China. During Qin dynasty period, the culture and civilization from different areas got homogenized by the Han Chinese culture from the Yellow River areas because of the Qin conquest although there are noticeable amounts of assimilation/absorption with the native culture of the pre-Qin conquest. The Qin Dynasty also did numerous military campaigns which further spread the Han Chinese civilization and the Han Chinese settlers, there were noticeable amounts of Han Chinese settlers who were mixed with the natives from the conquered areas by Qin. Then, the Qin collapsed because Qin Shihuang died, there were Han Chinese who migrated to the Southern areas of China to avoid the chaos that occurred after the Qin collapsed.

      After that, the Han dynasty established, Han dynasty was the first golden age of Chinese history. Han dynasty reached its peak of glory during the rule of Emperor Han Wudi, Emperor Han Wudi conquered many areas within China and the Han Chinese culture and civilization spread again at the areas that Han Wudi conquered. Han Wudi also did numerous military campaigns that further spread the Han Chinese civilization and the Han Chinese settlers. Again, there were noticeable amount of Han Chinese who were mixed with the native settlers from the areas conquered by Han Wudi. When Han Wudi conquered different areas within China, the culture from those areas were homogenized again by the Han Chinese culture with noticeable amount of assimilation/absorption with the native culture from the areas that Han Wudi conquered. Then, the tribes from the areas of China that conquered by the Han Wudi were also either killed or mixed with the Han Chinese settlers. And there were also Korean, Xiongnu, Xianbei, and Jurchen tribes that settled at the Northeast areas of China During the Han dynasty because of the conquests and conflicts that happened during the Han dynasty period.

      Tang Dynasty finally established, during the Tang Dynasty period there was a noticablue amount of ethnic admixture at the Northern area of China that happened between the Han Chinese with either the Xianbei tribe or the Xiongnu tribe. Xiongnu and Xianbei tribes started to inhabit at the Northern areas of China during the Tang Dynasty period. There is a Tang Dynasty record said that there were Arab, Turkic, Korean, Central Asian, and Persian tribes that came and settled at China because of the war and the migration that occured during the Tang Dynasty period. Arab, Turkic, Korean, Central Asian, and Persian tribes also brought over their culture to China during the Tang Dynasty period. Another Tang Dynasty historical record also said that there were Tibetans who settled at China because of the war between Tang Dynasty China and the Tibetan kingdom occurred during the Tang Dynasty period. When Tang Dynasty collapsed, there were Han Chinese who migrated to the Southern areas of China to avoid the chaos that occurred when the Tang Dynasty collapsed.

      Song Dynasty established, there’s a Song Dynasty historical record said that there were Jews who came and settled at China. There were also Arabs and Persians that came and settled at China during the Song Dynasty period of China. Then, when the Northern Song Dynasty collapsed, there were Jurchen who came to the Northern areas of China and settled there because of the war between the Northern Song Dynasty and Jurchen Jin dynasty. And then, the Mongols conqured Northern area of China and the Mongols settled there.

      Then, when the Mongols conquered China and established the Yuan dynasty, there was a depopulation occured at the Northern areas of China. There was a depopulation occurred at the Northern areas of China because the Han Chinese who settled at the Northern areas of China either migrated to the other areas of China (mostly to Southern area of China) or got killed by the Mongols. There were Mongols who finally settled at the Northern areas of China and there were also people at the Northern areas of China who were mixed with Mongols. As the result, the culture at the Northern areas of China has noticable amount of assimilation/absorption with the Mongol culture. Then, there is also a historical record from Ibn-Battutah said that there were Egyptians settled at Hangzhou, China during the Yuan Dynasty period.

      Ming Dynasty established after the Mongols got defeated by the peasant rebel named Zhu Yuanzhang, Zhu Yuanzhang became the first Ming Dynasty emperor under the title of Hongwu. During the Ming period, there were still Arabs and Persians that came and settled at China.

      When Manchus conquered China and established the Qing dynasty, the Han Chinese from the Northern areas of China were either mixed with the Manchus or moved to other areas of China (mostly to Southern area of China) or replaced by the Manchus. The culture at the Northern areas of China again has noticable amount of assimilation/absorption with the Manchu culture. And there were also people at the Northern areas of China who are mixed with Manchus.

  • Hródric Al-Funs

    men : korean, japanese, chinese
    women: korean, japanese, chinese

  • Hródric Al-Funs

    well, to the guy who said he knows these people: give the names of each.

  • jeffhill2012

    Men: 1 Japanese, 2 Korean, 3 Chinese.
    Women: 1 Japanese, 2 Chinese, 3 Korean.

  • Kaimoka

    I got them all correct, but only because ive spent a lot of time living in Tokyo and have many Chinese and Korean friends. There aren’t any features that can hold true to an entire race, and honestly it’s hard for many people (Asian or not) to tell people apart. The best guess is based on language, or just asking the person straightforward. I dont think it would be offensive at all to ask where someone comes from. I get the question often, as I look somewhat exotic in America. You can’t say “japanese always look like this, and chinese always look like this.” because even though I’ve been in asia for a long time and have friends from many countries, I could have been completely wrong. I believe I was both knowledgable and lucky in that I got all of my answers right. I admit, there are some distinguishing differences between all the races, but it is hard for anyone to truly get it right every time.

  • xue

    men: k,c,j
    girls: j,c,k
    Chinese are ethnic groups, Japan and Korea are one-nation-country. so that if you know one is j/k, you could tell it more easily.
    another tip, those six pics are famous stars in c/j/k, but not what their ordinary people look like. They do have a same fascination for women, so you could find much more female stars who look like each other between those countries. The chinese woman here is not a typical chinese star, though famous.
    If i do not know pic 3, i would treat her as japanese. & pic 1 of the three girls is my favourite=.=
    For men, firstly, you could pick pic 1, it’s just korean looks like. The c/j DO NOT look like him, even though there are so many Chinese… second, pic 2 is from taiwan. May be japanese men have a longer face than pic 3, or maybe not.

  • asian expert

    Men : 1) Chinese (smaller eyes and chinese wider cheekbones),
    2) Japanese (nose bridge is give away)
    3) Korean (eye and mouth give away)

    Women: 1) Japanese
    2) Chinese (has the typica northern/central asian looks that only chinese can have)
    3) Korean

    • Truthsayer

      Koreans are immigrated Northern Chinese. Jilin province is right by the Korean border, where the Chinese actress used in this quiz is from.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      Gong Li is a Chinese woman from the Northeastern area of China, some people from the Northeast area of China could be pass as Korean.

      People from the Northeast area of China have Mongolian and Manchurian ancestries. There are even some Han Chinese people who have mixed blood with the Mongolian or Manchurian.

      During the Yuan and Qing dynasties period, there are many Mongolians and Manchurians came and settled at the Northern area of China. And during the Yuan and Qing dynasty periods, there were noticeable amount of Han Chinese people who are mixed blooded with Mongolians or Manchurians either because of intermarriage or rape.

      Koreans ancestor was originated from the Northeast area of Asia near Mongolia and Manchuria (today’s Northeast China). So I am not surprised if there are Chinese people from the Northeast area of China who could be passed as Korean.

  • Jason Lee

    one thing for sure is you cant distinguish Japanese chinese and korean’s kids.. they look alike even myself cant distinguish in between them

  • Bubbha Whatchamean

    Isn’t it cheating to use the same guy and girl?

  • Soo

    I am a Korean. As a Korean and Asian, I can distinguish between them by based on their fashion, hair and makeup style. However, only depending on face of us is actually very very difficult even for me or another Asian maybe. But depending on theur style like above, it would make it much easier if you understand their style. Whenever I have a trip to abroad, I try to distinguish who’s Korean, Japanese or Chinese with my GF, but many of the times were wrong. it mad me fun myself. For now, I have a question for the white. Can you distinguish between Italy, American, Australian, Russian and Bulgarian ?

  • Ex K-Pop Fan

    Real Koreans have square face shape. 70% of them that you see on TV have had cosmetic surgery. Go to Soul and you’ll show what I mean.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      People of Northern Asian ancestry like Koreans, Mongolians, Manchurians, and Siberians tend to have either square/round face.

  • ghazal

    men: 1 chinese ,2 japanese ,3 Korean
    women: 1 Korean ,2 Chinese ,3 Japanese

    • Truthsayer

      You got both wrong

  • Daron French

    I always believe Japanese people tend to have pailer skin and thinner noses than Chinese people.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      Some Japanese people I met are darker than most Koreans and Chinese. Kenzo Takada and Makiyo Kawashima all have darker skin color, I even almost mistaken Makiyo Kawashima as being a Thai.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      No, Japanese on average are darker than Koreans. Koreans are the lightest skin Asians.

      Japanese of Jomon type or Jomon-Yayoi mix type tend to be darker skin on average. Look at Makiyo Kawashima and Kenzo Takada, they are rather dark-skinned.

  • George

    Yeah, I got it all right haha. Maybe because I am half japanese half chinese? o.o

  • no ba

    for men
    1. korean 2. chinese 3. japanese (1 & 2 are actors)

    women 1. japanese 2. chinese 3. korean

  • Hibiki Itano

    Actually this is so easy since I’m mainly an Asian. But look, these people are celebrities, that’s what makes this quiz more and more easy for everyone. But in fact, it’s not easy to tell apart Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese.
    So like, where do you think I’m coming from?

  • japanese guys

    Men. 1 japanese. 2 korean. 3 Chinese
    Woman 1 Chinese. 2 Japanese. 3 korean

  • Kathi Neubert

    I think the more important point here is not to be able to tell the difference, but to know there IS a difference and to look at the person, not their racial ethnic group. After a while it is easier to see differences, but appreciate them, don’t catalogue them. We were at the Grand Canyon years ago when a Japanese tour bus made a stop. We approached a couple to offer to take a photo of them with their camera and greeted them with Konichiwa, to which they politely thanked us and said they were Korean. I blame the bus, but we got a really nice photo for them!

  • Melanie Kompradith

    i got the 1st guy mixed with the 3rd guy but just saying differences in facial features in cities like hong kong to so it cant be out right chinese and yay the girls were right huu huu i know a korean and a japanese when i see one unless there guys keke

  • Tellit Likeitis

    I can’t tell the differences at all. Before you call me a racist, all white people look alike to me too

  • jon

    Gong Li (Chinese Female) does not have typical Chinese facial features, especially her nose. A better representation would be Zhang Ziyi or Tang Wei.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      Women that looked like like Gong Li could be found at the Northeastern area of China.

  • Jessica

    I knew that the middle ones were Chinese (partially because I recognized Wang Leehom) but the Japanese guy really looks Korean.

  • che

    An interestingly trollish exercise in exposing stereotype.
    Certainly the author should specify whether he’s talking about nationality or ethnicity, both of which in this context are problematic: because there are several different races in each nationality, you cannot distinguish nationality based on racial characteristics.
    Likewise, because there are several different ethnic groups in each country, which have mixed with others to form homogeneous racial features, you cannot distinguish ethnic group based on racial characteristics.
    The only thing that you can distinguish based on racial characteristics is race.
    And all of the people in the pictures above are East Asian.
    Thus, the joke is on the more than hundred of you in these comments who have insisted otherwise!

  • Serin

    lol. I’m Korean, and got the guys wrong!
    guy3 looks Korean to me.

  • Lisa

    Men: Korean, Chinese, Japanese.
    Women: Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

    But I guess I’m sort of cheating because I recognize most of the actors/actresses lol.
    Men: Korean-> Kwon Sang Woo, Chinese-> Wang Lee Hom, Japanese->Satoshi Tsumabuki.
    Women: Japanese-> I don’t know who she is, Chinese-> Gong Li, Korean-> Han Ye Seul.

    But if I didn’t already know who these people were I would identify them (using generalizations and stereotypes, I know not everyone fits these descriptions):

    1. Koreans tend to have single eyelids. The best way I can describe it is like it looks kind of ‘hooded’ over their eyes. They also tend to have more square shaped faces. For women it’s a little different and it depends on the person. It’s very easy to recognize some Korean women because they all have the same features because of plastic surgery, and I’m not even trying to be racist or anything. There’s something about the eyes, nose and jaw/chin that looks the same. And they have more prominent eyebags or ‘aegyo sal’ than Japanese and Chinese women. Their makeup style also usually give them away – it’s usually straight thick (and kind of soft/fluffy?) eyebrows filled in with the color brown, SUPER WHITE skin because of BB cream, a ton of white highlighter in the corners of the eyes, and either they go heavy with the bright pink blush and bright pink lipstick/lipstain for the doll look, or they stay clear of blush and stick to a natural lip color. Usually not heavy on lip gloss, likes stains or the smooth lipstick look instead. Rarely do you see Korean women with heavy, dark and bold colored makeup. Fashion wise – think Forever21, that’s the best way to describe it lol. Hair style – both bangless and bangs. If they have bangs it can be side swept like Japanese or thick and straight across. They seem to have more women who like short bob cuts too. For guys, their hair tend to be medium to long length with long side burns that’s usually either in a bowl cut style or swept up. I notice they tend to wear glasses more often than Japanese and Chinese men too. They’re usually wearing solid colored polo shirts with the collars (think Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger) and I see them wearing skinny jeans more often than Japanese and Chinese guys. Also I think they are taller on average than Chinese and Japanese.

    2. Japanese faces vary a lot so I rely more on their fashion/makeup styling to identify them. Some have narrow, angular faces while others have round, oval faces. Their noses tend to be smaller unless they’re one of those Japanese that has more Ainu blood because they sometimes legit have a white person’s nose LOL. Some of them have natural double eyelids and some have single eyelids. Some of them are naturally pale while others are super tan like a SE Asian. So I have look at their styling like for women – they usually have bangs that are side-swept or straight but layered, not straight across like Korean. A lot of them tend to dye their hair some variant of brown/red/blonde too. Of course Korean and Chinese women also dye their hair but I notice more Japanese women with dyed hair than the others. Eyebrows tend to vary, some can be thick and straight but it looks very different from Korean because it’s usually not noticeably filled in with a pencil. On average they seem to have more people with thin, sharp (and sometimes arched and penciled in) eyebrows than Korean too. They also tend to be more liberal with makeup than Koreans or Chinese: a lot of black eyeliner and long fake lashes, heavy with the blush, their powder or foundation tend to have more of a bronze undertone too instead of the straight up white like Korean, for lip colors they usually stick to light pink/nude colors and they love lip gloss. Fashion wise – they like really girly looking clothes, like frilly dresses/skirts usually in pastel colors, they like wearing short skirts/dresses paired with knee length high heeled boots even in winter lol. For men, they usually have long hair (by guy standards) with bangs. Their hair can be either stick straight and super layered/texturized (think host club guys) or fluffy and natural. They also dye their hair more than Korean and Chinese guys. Fashion wise they’re a bit all over the place – they can either be the ‘herbaviore’ type that likes loose shirts, CARDIGANS, baggy pants, and funky shoes, the ‘basic’ type that wears extremely plain looking clothes (as in they don’t like clothes with big designs and logos, they like simple, solid colored stuff. Think Uniqlo), or the super fashionista types that go all out with accessories (like scarves, man bags) and jewelry LOL.

    3. Chinese faces vary so much because their country is so big and so obviously depending on the region some people will have features that resemble similar to the neighboring country. Like Japanese, some people have super angular faces while others have round faces. Some are naturally very pale while others like in Southern China are very tan. Their nose tend to be a little bigger on average than Korean and Japanese. Some of natural double eyelids, some don’t. Style wise – for women they tend to have natural hair styles (long and black) and they tend to be bangless. But the layered bob cut also seems popular. Eyebrows – varies, can be thick and straight but unlike Korean, almost always black; or arched but not as thin and pointy as Japanese. Makeup – out of the three, Chinese women tend to have the sheerest makeup. They go for the natural/mature classic look over the young doll look. It’s hard to describe but they like earthy colors, like bronze, black (but not heavy on the eyeliner at all unless you’re talking about those ‘net idols’ type of girls) and golds. Lip colors – sometimes it looks like they don’t even wear lip color lol. It tends to be very light pink/nude/natural lip/skin tones. Sometime they have lip gloss but it’s nowhere near as glossy as Japanese. If they do wear bright lip color, it’s usually a dark scarlet color, bright ruby red (for special occasions) or a reddish color with orange/gold undertones. I see Chinese women wearing bold red lipstick (again, only on special occasions, not normal everyday wear) more often than Korean or Japanese women. They are super light with blush. Sometimes it looks like they aren’t wearing any blush at all, or if they are, it’s usually very faint. Compared to Korean and Japanese women, their blush usually isn’t bright pink but a dark, brownish/gold/scarlet color – kind of like they only use bronzer instead of blush lol. For men – they tend to have the shortest hair out of the three, especially how the sideburns are usually shaved in short and buzzcut top or the top hair is like fluffy and sticking out everywhere. Some of them have long, smooth hair like Japanese guys. Some of them have kpop idolish style hair cuts but with stiff, choppy bangs. For both men and women fashion – it’s hard to say exactly what type because it’s all over the place. Some look like they’re wearing a whole year’s worth of college tuition in single outfit while others looked like they don’t give a hoot about fashion and just put on whatever from Wal-Mart lol.

  • Dave

    I guessed all the women right. Completely bombed on the men.

  • BNB

    They all look Korean and Japanese to me 0_o

    Chinese people have darker skin and fatter noses

    • Lisa

      You’ve obviously only seen Southern Chinese people then.

    • JohnnyMangoes

      Lol Chinese people are so diverse you can’t claim to know what they all look like. In the north you get all white skinned Chinese people.

  • john minamoto wang

    i can’t tell what race i belong, because in my father is filipino-chinese and my mother is a korean-japanese….

  • jonny

    for men: korea,japan,chinese
    woman: japan,chinese,korean

  • GoogGirl

    I’m sur for Women but for Men i failed ( Korean & Chinese )

  • weaboojones

    Women: Japanese, Korean, Chinese
    Men: Korean Chinese Japanese


  • khans

    MEN: (1) Korean, (2) Japanese, (3) Chinese
    WOMEN: (1) Japanese, (2) Chinese, (3) Korean

  • Blanca Lee

    I am a Chinese girl, it is very easy for me to tell the difference,
    For men, it is Karean,Chinese and Japanese.
    For women it is Japanese, Chinese and Karean.

  • Roger

    I think they are distinguishable, to some extent. Hair styles, the way they dress, and the way they act are some of the most important clues. Without that, it would be way more difficult to tell.
    I often got mistaken for Japanese when I was in Japan, Korea and even in the United States by Japanese people. They assumed I was Japanese and came speaking to me in Japanese. Do I look Japanese to them? Maybe. But I’ve never ever once been mistaken for Japanese in my home town.
    I am ethnic Chinese from Macau by the way.

  • santa

    I can usually tell by the hair. With chinese people, their hair is usually normal and natural. Korean people are good with hair, so if the haircut or hairstyle is good and professional-looking, it’s probably korean. Finally, I love japanese people but I have to say that their hair game is pretty darn weak. It seems like their hairdressers are stuck in the early 2000s.

    The faces give it away if the hair doesn’t – japanese people tend to have weaker jawlines and lower, more hooked noses (I know this doesn’t sound like much of a compliment but it actually looks really nice in real life. It suits them). Also I’ve noticed that a lot of japanese people have natural double eyelids. is this just me?
    Korean people (celebrities definitely not included) generally have hooded, almond shaped eyes and wider faces. it’s not rare for them to have wide jaws or have quite tanned skin (I only point this out because it’s shocking how far away the average korean face is from the general standard of beauty over there.
    Finally, since I don’t know a huge amount about chinese features, it’s usually process of elimination.

  • santa

    wait… Your cow-workers…

  • Nigel Anthony Smith

    I would say look at the hair, Japanese have extremely straight hair e.g. completely lacking in any deviation and to a slightly lesser extent the Chinese, but the Korean have more of a deviation and is more westernised type of hair and also the skin colouration is slightly more pale. Either way they are very good looking people.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      The hairdresser that worked at my favorite saloon told me that Japanese people mostly have very straight and stiff hair like needles, while Koreans tend to have thick and silky hair. Chinese people have more varied hair type, ranging from thick and silky to coarse and stiff.

  • tuk

    thailand has white people whose ancestry is not chinese as fasely claimed by chiese immigrants who were forced by thai army to stop speaking chinese. A lot of white skinned people in thailand have white blood from white Dai Race of Altai mountains and white mon-khmer. many northern thai girls have milky skin (almost like paper) and a lot brilliantly lighter than chinese and they are girls of Tai/Dai Race from above china. but they are the minority. thai chinese are generally dark because chinese immigrants were refused by white thai girls but had to marry black women without white ancestry. White dai/tai, white mon-khmer defeated blacks and colonized blacks but chinese people never could rule blacks.

  • Hello86

    I’ll try

    2. Korean
    3. Japanese

    1. Japanese
    2. Korean

  • curlyasian 87

    I got them all right. I’m Japanese/Brazilian and I can definitely tell the last male and the first female are Japanese. I guessed on the other two. I’m going back to Japan this year an don’t want to piss them off. Honestly, I’ve never met a Korean that looks like the one in the photo. Eyes are small and cat-looking, high bridge, high cheekbones, flat forehead covered in bangs. If you look to the side you can place a piece of paper to crop their nose and it actually goes straight down (my friend stationed in Korea taught me that). With the Chinese, it’s hard to tell because northern and southern Chinese look way different. I often mistake them for other countries because they are such a big country and not as homogeneous as Korea nor Japan. However, I’ve me some people in Hokkaido who look white as heck! This dude was a political leader there when I went last, he doesn’t look Japanese to me.

  • JohnnyMangoes

    What a stupid quiz. Most Asians can differentiate on appearance almost immediately without such nitpicking. I’m half Chinese and I get immediately pegged as Chinese by some of the most discerning Chinese people…. and most white people think I’m white.

    That’s how accurately people within an ethnicity can tell others. It has to do with mannerisms, facial features, even subtle things like nose shape, jaws, cheekbones.

  • ThatOneGirlWhoLovesJapan

    For the men: Korean, Chinese, Japanese
    For the Women: Japanese, Chinese, Korean

    I’m confident that those are yhe right answers.

  • Minn

    I am Southeast Asian but I only got 2 pics correct, and both are Japaneses! It’s funny how people on the comments argued about which country have prettier girl than which. I ust wanna say, stop watching dramas! Lol, pardon my English 🙂 but hey, China-Japan-Korea are not only Beijing/Tokyo/Seoul. See, China mainland is just as wide as from India until Japan Sea. China is not only adjacent to Mongolia and Russia in the North, but also Vietnam and Burma in the South . So, not all Chinese-Japanese-Korean citizens have a similar facial features, especially Chinese. China has many provinces and each provinces has a typical face features. However the most standout are Southern Chinese people like “Hong Kong”, “Taiwanese”, and “Macanese”. They look Southeast Asian!

    As an Asian, it’s easy to tell that Ariel Lin and Andy Lau are from Southern part of “Chinese”. 🙂

    In my hometown I often see Korean expats I believe didn’t do plastic surgery. I could easily distinguish them from Japanese expats because they have rounder face, high cheekbones, and more slanted eyes than Japanese people.

    And do you know Okinawan people? Well, Okinawa is Southern Japanese. They have rounder face and rounder eyes, also some of them have tan skin. Actress Yui Aragaki, Yukie Nakama and Yu Yamada are from Okinawa!

    As Southeast Asian myself, I distinguish between Chinese-Japanese-Korean people with no standout characteristic by their fashion style, especially girl. Without such “style”, we will probably always mixed up.
    PS: I am talking about Chinese-Japanese-Korean people in general (probably only from big cities, lol)! NOT their well-trained and selected CELEBRITY BEAUTIES! 🙂
    Korean: – Wide face, round on top, square on bottom
    – Hair is pulled back straight
    – up and down eyebrows (but Korean celeberities today make it “straighter” by makeup)
    – Dark brown eye shadow
    – Very thick eyeliner on top lid only ( with curved end)
    – Small mouth, dark red-brown lipstick
    – Small nose, not big on end
    ==> see: Song Ji Hyo 🙂

    Chinese: – Round, flat face
    – Hair combed in long waving pompadour over forehead
    – Eyebrows in natural curve
    – Upward curving eyes
    – Blue, green, red eyeshadows
    – Eyes lined top and bottom
    – Bright red lipstick
    – Bigger mouth (especially lower lip)
    – Flatter nose
    ==> See: Liu Yifei 🙂

    Japanese: – Narrower face
    – Curved bangs
    – Very soft eyeshadow colors (Pink, orange, purple, brown)
    – Very thin lined eyes
    – Pink and orange lipstick
    – Hair is curved at end or African Braids ( Dyed light brown)
    – Wider mouth
    – High pointy nose (Men’s nose are longer and bigger)
    ==> See: Nozomi Sasaki 🙂

    *PS: ignore the pics I uploaded below! :p it’s a mistake lol

  • Minn

    I am Southeast Asian but I only got 2 correct, and both are Japaneses! It’s funny how people on the comments argued about which country have prettier girl than which. I just wanna say, stop watching dramas! Lol, pardon my English 🙂 but hey, China-Japan-Korea are not only Beijing/Tokyo/Seoul. See, China mainland is just as wide as from India until Japan Sea. China is not only adjacent to Mongolia and Russia in the North, but also Vietnam and Burma in the South . So, not all Chinese-Japanese-Korean citizens have a similar facial features, especially Chinese. China has many provinces and each provinces has a typical face features. However the most standout are Southern Chinese people like “Hong Kong”, “Taiwanese”, and “Macanese”. They look Southeast Asian!

    As an Asian, it’s easy to tell that Ariel Lin and Andy Lau are from Southern part of “Chinese”. 🙂

    In my hometown I often see Korean expats I believe didn’t do plastic surgery. I could easily distinguish them from Japanese expats because they have rounder face, high cheekbones, and more slanted eyes than Japanese people.

    And do you know Okinawan people? Well, Okinawa is Southern Japanese. They have rounder face and rounder eyes, also some of them have tan skin. Actress Yui Aragaki, Yukie Nakama and Yu Yamada are from Okinawa!

    As Southeast Asian myself, I distinguish between Chinese-Japanese-Korean people with no standout characteristic by their fashion style, especially girl. Without such “style”, we will probably always mixed up.

    PS: I am talking about Chinese-Japanese-Korean people in general (probably those from big cities, lol)! NOT their well-trained and selected CELEBRITY BEAUTIES! 🙂

    Korean: – Wide face, round on top, square on bottom

    – Hair is pulled back straight

    – up and down eyebrows (but Korean celeberities today make it “straighter” by makeup)

    – Dark brown eye shadow

    – Very thick eyeliner on top lid only ( with curved end)

    – Small mouth, dark red-brown lipstick

    – Small nose, not big on end

    ==> see: Song Ji Hyo 🙂

    Chinese: – Round, flat face

    – Hair combed in long waving pompadour over forehead

    – Eyebrows in natural curve

    – Upward curving eyes

    – Blue, green, red eyeshadows

    – Eyes lined top and bottom

    – Bright red lipstick

    – Bigger mouth (especially lower lip)

    – Flatter nose

    ==> See: Liu Yifei 🙂

    Japanese: – Narrower face

    – Curved bangs

    – Very soft eyeshadow colors (Pink, orange, purple, brown)

    – Very thin lined eyes

    – Pink and orange lipstick

    – Hair is curved at end or African Braids ( Dyed light brown)

    – Wider mouth

    – High pointy nose (Men’s nose are longer and bigger)

    ==> See: Nozomi Sasaki 🙂

  • Shivani malli

    For men:1.japanese, 2.korean, 3.chinese
    for women: 1.japanese, 2.chinese, 3. Korean

  • jj

    is it after the koreans have surgeries first?

  • A

    “Chinese faces” lol what a joke. China’s way too heterogeneous for any one distinct look. I can tell the difference between a Taiwanese and a Fujianese despite them having a common ancestor.

    Korea’s the most homogeneous, followed by Japan. So guess by process of elimination. If not Korean. then Japanese or Chinese. If not Japanese, then Chinese.

    • Tiffany Cheng

      Taiwanese ancestors are consist of Aboriginal Taiwanese tribes, Chinese, and Japanese.

      The Aborginial Taiwanese are the native population of Taiwan, there are numerous sub-group of Aboriginal Taiwanese alone.

      The Chinese are the immigrant population from Mainland China. The first wave of Chinese immigrants that came to Taiwan were from Fujian, there were few Chinese from Fujian who migrated to Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty period. The second wave of Chinese immigrants that came to Taiwan were from many parts of China, the second wave of Chinese immigrants to Taiwan were mostly consist of KMT loyalists and anti-communist Chinese people who migrated to Taiwan after the KMT being defeated by the communist in the Chinese civil war.

      There are few Japanese people at Taiwan, the Japanese there were the immigrants from Japan who came to Taiwan when Taiwan was colonized by the Japanese.

  • 島風

    1.Korean (Eyelids and eye shape, bone structure) 2. Chinese (ps type, eyes) 3. Japanese (imo being japanese, he’s not the best example)
    1.Japanese (High eyes, slender face) 2. Chinese (full face) 3. Korean (Eyebags, PS, skin)

  • Yazaki Kensuke

    for men, 1. korean, 2. chinese, 3..japanese : tsumabuki satoshi

  • dan

    i dont know.. but japanese are very obvious in the eyes…

  • dan

    japanese woman is beautiful than chinese and koreans….

    • Tiffany Cheng

      Not all Japanese women are beautiful, I have ever been to Japan and I only saw few beautiful women there.

  • 次郎陳翔一

    Us Asians look alike don’t we? Funny thing is , so do the whites .Can anyone easily tell the difference between Europeans from Americans? Like Russia , France , Spain , Ukraine , United Kingdom (England, Ireland , Scotland and etc.) and the United States Of America , all these races from each other can anyone tell them apart easily? I don’t think so

  • Ryoma Nishigata

    That’s easy. cuz Im also japanese

  • taocheyeol

    interestingly enough, I can tell all East Asians apart about 85% of the time. But once they past 50 years old, they all look the same to me :S..However, I do realise Japanese and Koreans elderly (especially women) look more well kept most of the time.

  • jake blowjob

    Try the quiz on http://alllooksame.com/ and I bet you can’t tell the difference. It’s always funny how people like to generalize races and try to categorize them through physical features.

  • ken

    The answers are:
    For Men: Japanese, Chinese and Korean (Korean – too much plastic surgery involved)
    For Women: It is Japanese, Chinese and Korean (Korean – too much plastic surgery involved)

  • christinanolanXD

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese
    Korean Chinese Japanese

    I fucked up lol

  • christinanolanXD

    Who’s the japanese male actor?? Whats his name? I NEEED to know…

  • Tiffany Cheng

    Koreans usually have round/square face, light skin, small nose, small eyes, and their bodies are often tall but bulky. Lee Kun Hee (Samsung’s CEO) and Ban Ki Moon (UN Secretary General) look quite typically Korean.

    Japanese mostly have longish nose, longish face, thick eyebrows, crescent-shaped eyes, thicker eyebrows, skin color ranging to light to medium dark, and they bodies are often shorter. Shinzo Abe (Japanese Prime Minister), Akio Morita (Sony’s founding father), and Kenzo Takada (Japanese fashion designer) look typically Japanese.

    Chinese look varied, depends on which areas of China they are from. Different Chinese from different areas of China have distinctive look. I would classify the Chinese look on the following categories:

    Chinese from the Northeastern areas of China mostly have squarish face, smaller eyes, light skin, small nose, and their bodies mostly are taller. Wen Jiabao, Gong Li, and Chen Guangcheng look quite typical for the Chinese from the Northeastern areas of China.

    Chinese from the Southern areas of China mostly have darker skin color, slightly broader nose, slightly rounder eyes, rounder face, and their bodies are mostly shorter but skinny. Joshua Wong (although he is a Hong Konger), Chen Shuibian (although he is a Taiwanese), and Lee Kashing (although he is a Hong Konger) look quite typical for the Chinese from the Southern areas of China.

    Chinese from the North Central areas of areas of China (such as Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, etc.) mostly have usually have longish face, longish nose, somewhat darker skin, thick eyebrows, somewhat larger eyes, and taller bodies. Zhang Yimou looks quite typical for the Chinese from North Central areas.

    Chinese from the South Central areas of China like Jiangxi, Guilin, etc. mostly have rounder face, rounder eyes, small button nose, shorter bodies, and slightly darker skin. Ang Lee (although he is a Taiwanese-American of Jiangxi ancestry, Ang Lee’s family members were from Jiangxi but Ang Lee’s family members moved to Taiwan from Jiangxi after the communist took over China) looks quite typical for the Chinese from South Central areas of China.

    Chinese from the Western areas of China like Sichuan, Chongqing, etc. mostly have somewhat rounder or squarish face, light to medium dark skin color, somewhat rounder eyes, small button nose, and short bodies. Chiung Yao (although she is Taiwanese, but she was born at Sichuan and she moved to Taiwan after she finished her school) looks quite typical for the people from Western areas of China.

    Chinese from Eastern areas of China like Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang mostly have smaller eyes or slightly round eyes, medium bodies, somewhat longish face, light to medium dark skin, and longish/small button nose. Tsung Dao Lee (a Chinese-American Nobel laureate) looks quite typical for a Chinese from Eastern areas of China.

    Chinese from the Northwest areas of China (Qinghai, etc.) look rather similar to Central Asian or Arabic people because they are Uyghur population living there. There are also Hui ethnic people living at the Northwest

    Chinese from Yunnan region of China look rather similar to Thais, Cambodians, and Burmese people.

    Chinese from Guangxi region of China look rather similar to Thai and Vietnamese.

    Chinese from Inner Mongolia look similar to Mongolians.

    Chinese from the Sichuan region which borders with Tibet look similar to Tibetans.

  • kurisul

    I watch so much japanese porn that i could instantly tell the first woman was japanese 🙂

    • Tiffany Cheng

      Sorry burst your bubble, I have been to Japan and I didn’t find the people attractive there. Even the people in Tokyo are not that attractive, Japanese for the vast majority are unattractive.

      Koreans are also not that attractive on average.

  • Cheryl Love

    The answers :
    Japanese, Chinese, Korean
    Japanese, Chinese, Korean… I think.
    I’m only interested because I believe I have Asian somewhere in my genealogy.

  • None of ur business

    Men: Japanese Chinese Korean
    Women:Japanese Korean Chinese

  • Jean

    All I can say is that Japanese people have the ugliest faces.
    I am sure that Japaneses are the ugliest people on earth.

    • トオーイグッボイ

      Seems like this account is inactive, but I gotta say, I vehemently disagree! They’re top tier in my book.

  • Jack Ace

    Women : Japanese, Chinese Korean

  • トオーイグッボイ

    I could identify the Japanese confidently, but that was it. I guess it’s something?

  • moritz saabel

    For the women I had everything right. For the men it is sometimes difficult to distinguish
    japanese from korean but I would say that the middle one is also a korean one.

  • Tomtalker

    I believe Koreans have broader noses then Japanese or Chinese folks. That just may be my observation but that’s usually how i can tell between there physical differences. Plus, Koreans have a more prevalent oval shaped eye compared to Chinese and Japanese folks. Some Japanese folks eyes are very Caucasian looking in my observation. But i’ve never found this to be the case with Koreans. Again just my personal observations nothing stated here is meant AT ALL to be bigoted just for the record.

  • Melaikah Grandeur

    Sometimes due to some surgeries…You can never tell…haha…

  • Jas

    Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same!!

  • Kpop

    women 1. Japenese 2.Korean 3.Chinese

  • F Dannn

    Japanese women are the sexiest.

  • Krystal Phoenix

    I think koreans are obvi the prettiest who can disagree? korean celebs r way prettier than chinese and japanese. my mom is korean and she was beautiful when she was younger, she wore no makeup and was still pretty. i’m 100 percent korean and my whole family is all korean and i think korean celebs are the prettiest because look up jennie kim, naeun son, hayoung oh, seolhyun kim, suzy bae, and way more. So pretty and naeun, hayoung, jennie and suzy had no plastic surgery.

  • yoon

    Chinese people (sometimes) tend to have bigger, flatter, wider noses.

  • Genia L

    Are you kidding? Japanese Women are so narrow for facial shape. Much, much narrower than what I am. I’m glad you brought up this subject, and made me feel so good!!!

  • Nina James

    I cant tell lol I think the last guy is Japanese they seem to have thick hair. And the last girl Korean as its obvious she fixed her face. Her eyes and nose are done im sure she did her chin too. I thought Koreans looked like that then I saw a documentary when they ugly they very ugly but re-do their faces.

  • Ishihara San

    LOL! only 50% what a shame!

  • Jenfer

    China is huge with 1.3billion people. Korean north and south 120
    Japan 120 million
    NOrth koreans look very mongoloid because plastic surgery is not allow there
    China has all the different looks because in truth some people from the North are related to mongolians
    Koreans in South KOrea , most women had altered their faces with plastic surgery
    Japanese celebrities had altered their faces with plastic surgery but koreans have the higher count
    Chinese has some celebrites that had plastic surgery but they didn’t get a new face as you can see Japan and South Korea have.

    KOreans are more mongoloid looking due to them isolating themselves in the peninsula for a long time leading to mostly
    monolids and retained their mongoloid features gene from Mongolia and Tungus people
    Japan has genes from Southeast Asia .
    So where do you think Asians path out of East Africa is.There is two paths. Both path crosses what is called modern day China.
    So why are there so many dumb asses out there. Why is there articles stating korean best looking? Go to South korea and you see all the
    young children are very mongoloid looking than you see their mom looks completely different.
    Plastic surgery cannot alter DNA.
    nothing wrong with mono lids. Just hate people lying about how good looking koreans are. I have not seen one so far that is
    not mongoloid looking in my neighborhood. I shop in koreatown and I have not seen anyone that has oval face and big eyes yet.
    I have not even seen a good look korean man such as Dr.Paul Song (LIsa LIng’s Husband). He is monolid. A hunk..

    That is the handsome tungus look. Not all tungus looking people are like that. His face is gentle but he is so well buiilt like the
    tungus people

  • Jenfer

    Lucy LIu ancestors are from Bejing and Shanghai. These are people that are related to Mongoloids and Koreans.
    Lucy’s look is typical of Northern chinese, korean and Japanese people …….. Her genes aren’t the representation of the whole CHhina
    Korea =Han gook, China = joan gook (translation) = middle kingdom or centralize kingdom = all different ASIAN ethnic people which is why 1.3 billion people. That is why you see very mongoloid chinese in the South and you see less mongoloid looking ones in the SOuth. North and Northeast are people that are either mongolian, mixed people with all kinds of Asian genes, people that are tungus that is related to mongolians. They look like those typical korean faces.

  • Jenfer

    check out about koreans before and after plastic surgery photos.
    harisu korean male to female transformation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzZD9AuoJk0
    /www.dramafever.com/news/11-korean-celebrities-whove-admitted-to-plastic-surgery/ ( this is only very few koreans admitting to plastic surgery
    many had it done and they threw away their before real faces photos.
    korean population have mostly no eyelid creases just like this korean girl in the below link. why these them saying they have chinky eyes They are koreans and I see those types of eyes on mostly koreans They do have those eyes naturally and altered them

  • Jenfer

    Japanese woman that had plastic surgery

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    view these typical faces of Japan.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    this link shows you the amazing work of plastic surgery. There are korean and japanese plastic surgery people.

  • Jenfer

    koreans are the biggest in changing their faces since 2005

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    Koreans best looking?????who say so. Many had plenty of plastic.Here are how general population of koreans look like without plastic.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    see what I mean if they have nice noses, usually they have very mongoloid looking eyelids. This gal is a natural korean face.
    Nowadays ones that look like this get their eyes make big and wide putting in eyelid creases. KOreans do not all have slim faces either.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    korean before and after plastic surgery. These are the typical faces of koreans.

  • Jenfer


    korean before and after plastics they have high percentage of mono lids and they tend to have more harsh facial features than other Asians.They are related to the MOngolians, north asians. Some Chinese, Japanese, are the same people………………… They are go by their nationality but not their asian specific ethnicitiies.

  • Jenfer

    here is the issues that many koreans , mongolians, Tungus , and some population of Chinese people have to deal with. but it is highest among KOrean, NOrthern Chinese,and MOngolian people. I believe there are some of these faces in Japan too. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6578ab32fbfd52f19a9d9d5e3b58d4d5cde89506f5c87fff46318082b5b3edd6.jpg

  • Jenfer

    Now you can always tell. How can you when so many koreans and Japanese had plastic surgery???
    I think way more for koreans because it is the hip thing to do. I see more koreans with very mongoloid features than other Asians.

  • Jenfer

    Most of the photos you posted are not typical of the Asian population. Most of these women had some form of plastic surgery enhancement.
    Even the Japanese models that may look very Asians to you are 50% caucasian blood people.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    here are some Japanese transformations
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13e67ec23220a843436333a2079fe2df382c015a80b7bf58e9ffe24d1e9fae89.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ea3b8beb476db077e4d026d673c096b593fb266a4ad71e0e6ce4612997b30cf.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ba43345e2fc711ed90374eea4002770dcd3aa864c17090f7a525aa3b9c62d171.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/30f3b4968eb15df9a79dcb23964fdd8ca3a7a3a6c3c8767a0aa8bee78acb6f58.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d5700e7752652b7955e956e4461412f65bb1a5709ffc837f41864890f53856b3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/910f72a41f427c00e4084fb44e7e012b4bf58132c05bcedfae0df5530e74fb77.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22901039c990987f91dbb90614ec8cd6686c90a1bb472fe0f32ac2a7541fb5de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/288e565ccfdea0e10ff2953fe89df9cac2703e344116930a68ad0f56a138da5f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39378b8fc93a50358193134125ccdf6279ecc79a055d90a42030f4aae7870a4c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7676d97313c8e29bac66aace31b19a188349b642f5fd97b52d33fbd7078c3fb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a63752199e936a8687e3f9cc44e9e286886569725685d3cd22dd41d44ecbdfc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3467886f0ab84b5af11f591f67875c1b9db5d9a86ded479708d51dec38ed83e4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1fedf2e8088df88e877891fe8d34516deb73e2884f6a34c320a8d5cf07a2f7de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c42132cb9a9a16d850d25080070d8ecb40569238aaeabba39c2c3c5c311746a0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3090b6d88a7a2c4f4af74758a3290fd216a5a01ac99ba42da49a96cf6b04202d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ca17b90d98cdf5f1973dd63ee849c87decf2745d97d02f8fca03a9281530ecb.jpg

    all photos are typical korean faces before plastic surgery.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    just google japanese plastic surgery and you will see how they also got their faces transformation.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    So who is best looking now??

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    Pretty much u can see some japanese and koreans are from the same ethnicity = north asian = very mongoloid looking =Mongolia = southern Siberia,North Asians . They have faces of nomadic and tungus speaking people.

  • Jenfer

    Lee Da Hae before and after.Look at her eyes. Very typical Northern Asian,MOngolian, Southern Siberian,Tungus speaking and nomad tribe eyes. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/60deaa93faa53480917a8421b5663ee0ad4ba7235a578356f183c7baba1ecdaf.jpg

  • Jenfer

    So u guys can tell Asia apart???? Most of the KOreans that looks with not small eyes and double eyelids are creations by south korean plastic surgeons. Lee Da Hae eyes are very typical of many koreans eyes.

  • Jenfer

    Some population of Japanese are same ethnic group of people as KOreans so they too have those kinds of eyes. Japanese women do get plastic to open up their eyes and they tend to look like what Lee Da Hae have after plastic surgery. So if you wanna know if any of the Asians are natural ask for their baby pics to when they are 10 No eyelids doesn’t become double when one ages. wide noses still wide as one grows, Wide faces stay wide and never slims up when one age. Many koreans had their facial bones reshape. They get jaw and cheek bone surgery From this pic lee had a nose job too
    Her nose bridge got a silicon stick and also she got pointier tip..

  • Jenfer

    all miss korea 2013 look alike. It is not because of makeup. It is because they are all made by south korean plastic surgeons.
    here is one of the miss korea’s real face because plenty of plastic. She has the typical korean face. miss korea 2012 http://www.koreabang.com/2012/pictures/miss-korea-2012-dubbed-plastic-queen-by-netizens.html
    kim yumi’s real face. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7bbf1372acc5c82047cf3ca3f7a39153fb87a03a0eb3abc48baa0d648eb07938.jpg

  • Jenfer

    there japanese people that has these typical korean faces and in the north and northeast part of China.China to me is like a europe that got all the nations linked together as one nation. So to say that you can tell chinese, korean, and japanese is very dumb……………. Idiots don’t even know enough history to make stupid statement like that…………………………….. These mongoloid features are usually from Tungus speaking , mongoloids, southern siberian people…………… Japan, korea and China all have these people and some had intermixed with other asians. Koreans had not enough gene flew into the peninsula therefore they had retained heavy mongoloid facial features……………………………….

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    this celebrity is cute but she also had plastic
    can you guess her name?? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e4c5e6d8fa1a0aa3b4badece802e274e60fb290fa8b0f4aaf3ea40ebc8dd7839.jpg

  • Jenfer

    korean music group girl’s generation. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90e7af0793973116ff3f62ddda02101caf1eb8046e27b4d1985eaa336af81c41.jpg
    look at the eyes. they are different now.

  • Jenfer

    Seo woo’s plastic before and after.Check out those typical Korean eyes.

  • Jenfer

    gee the list of korean fake faces goes on and on.
    check out another zillions of their plastic faces. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/256dcd326643cc1f8b71b10046691d4f814c0a34644f10bd964733b3c8b6a146.jpg

  • Jenfer

    so koreans are not mongoloid looking??? They are very mongoloid looking before plenty plastic surgery procedures.
    Mongolians, Tungus speaking people, Southern siberians, North Asians , and part of North and Northeast China has these faces.
    Also Japan has these faces, so you guys are telling me who is the best looking??
    Both Japan and Korea has a lot of plastic faces with the highest since 2005 in korea.
    Koreans in USA are in denial of their people’s true faces. Many korean girls had plastic surgery to their
    eyes in USA. Some goes back to South korea to get it done.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    korean plastic beauties.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    The list goes on and on. All fake faces.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    korean fake faces impossible to tell anymore.

  • Jenfer

    funny and stupid at the same time.

  • Jenfer

    koean plastic beauties and there are almost a whole south korea of them.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    more koreans before plenty of plastic.check out their real faces. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4d3f6627860b5b2356ad916a5f618edab684ff7d3a271a3e89a0a6cc9732c7c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f051d3f00ce80366a85528487fefd3464481a67b41d87dc8c0859f54a44c18be.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/00aeffa26c95c08263f03f10bc6cbd05f8bbb2e513ee9490dd77fc9898af68da.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3cf217d61ba85203b498fe3a84c19e79cd965364c7ab3e6e2a6a33629f1dfc94.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9130090a1a693fad1058baf433a5bf46fc93c7201a27c5adbfafb7d9017c7f6b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e2338cf1dcaddd2b9caf76f7d16de8294e58ac65d7c243fb599c8f315b9f2e9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/037ed5f13e7cceffadc19eaa984ba78ff50832a95c4bb16f6a664db736a3bcbf.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ba7a99466dd83201383a40ec1abcb504de4c5c05e2bf7f36b2c09a1c950c668.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb96123ede5290bf0737be52efb6d1f9d8c9604cda43a3e9e8d22304509e9b76.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa8c7823cdb1ee13eb2bdc9852eef66996db2106c682bec484d48be0bda0d0a5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6578ab32fbfd52f19a9d9d5e3b58d4d5cde89506f5c87fff46318082b5b3edd6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ea3b8beb476db077e4d026d673c096b593fb266a4ad71e0e6ce4612997b30cf.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3cf217d61ba85203b498fe3a84c19e79cd965364c7ab3e6e2a6a33629f1dfc94.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/adaf78bb253b99125a467f6517619f9cfd7b821b1e87ca7f6a0bfe94ef8e15f9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7bbf1372acc5c82047cf3ca3f7a39153fb87a03a0eb3abc48baa0d648eb07938.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/96e7760d1d4fcd7b69f5ec4819a69866b76a90eb64ca81b30cc7f09c5648c755.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad794f397eb79ca39603f07fdcaad7020229756de6dd77f86c60b3846b92d058.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/688cbecb186b025460b559966ca9fee48315b08e639fb557aea3ff9500f041e5.jpg

  • Jenfer

    more koeans real face and after plastics https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39378b8fc93a50358193134125ccdf6279ecc79a055d90a42030f4aae7870a4c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d07bd5da07bef57af042e066e65e1e5e7555b9446d329bec0e5b970737d3773c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f051d3f00ce80366a85528487fefd3464481a67b41d87dc8c0859f54a44c18be.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7aa8524360a1e77bff65db872c0e30b13f344d0c63f639c31c64723bcca8945.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/00aeffa26c95c08263f03f10bc6cbd05f8bbb2e513ee9490dd77fc9898af68da.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/68f8900189ea531aad3b70848c9122f1e8c9470d0ede8e503d0b5e8504a136fb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/88a7bba157d859a2e7b70598439d8ebe0e46fd9c60e334d372c4bbc9b638de27.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e5a85a9183eb016e12ee0e72ccdcb943c12505b4546946ca4c1d869ce543fa5c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/288e565ccfdea0e10ff2953fe89df9cac2703e344116930a68ad0f56a138da5f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/796df42c55dfa5f6fc4b114dcb44cbb5ddb4fe75acbf368caf23244d5fce7ee6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/910f72a41f427c00e4084fb44e7e012b4bf58132c05bcedfae0df5530e74fb77.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13e67ec23220a843436333a2079fe2df382c015a80b7bf58e9ffe24d1e9fae89.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a63752199e936a8687e3f9cc44e9e286886569725685d3cd22dd41d44ecbdfc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa8c7823cdb1ee13eb2bdc9852eef66996db2106c682bec484d48be0bda0d0a5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90e7af0793973116ff3f62ddda02101caf1eb8046e27b4d1985eaa336af81c41.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0dda6515700079d0921f68576120b8e53820df99934d38c90400f2c606f881dc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6578ab32fbfd52f19a9d9d5e3b58d4d5cde89506f5c87fff46318082b5b3edd6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2ed5e7dcebfd85cb882248f5c5943496bff5985501dc31d34712d18d49b891b2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/274f69bf7d592766232f705328e9c77fa9c98b10a3ecda1f316015aae0dbc7cc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/910f72a41f427c00e4084fb44e7e012b4bf58132c05bcedfae0df5530e74fb77.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2ed5e7dcebfd85cb882248f5c5943496bff5985501dc31d34712d18d49b891b2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f3be85ebdc432fe4c057a72be48d291564b1c4eab1374647c9771a1a83d09cb2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7197195767f79d41acb7d1de39795a00137ef8eb7e51c9cbf2214060d393244f.jpg

  • Jenfer

    koreans are usually very mongoloid looking. THey are related to the North Asian, mongoloids, Soouthern Siberians,Tungust speaking people which can be nomads. Nothern chinese people can be mongoloid or korean people. Same goes for Northeast China and some are mixed Asian blood. Not enough gene flowing into the KOrean Peninsula causing many of them to retain their very mongoloid facial features . but those heavy bones on their faces and small eyes with no eyelids are very much North Asian genes…………

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    MOst south korea celebrities and the general south korean population of people 60 and under had plastic surgery.. Japanese celebritie also got plastic surgery However they are not as high as into fake faces as koreans. However some population of koreans, chinese and japnaese all look the same like these before plastics photos due to their genes are from mongoloid, north asians – southern siberians, and any of those Tugus speaking people. They have heavy bones on their faces, small eyes with no eyelid creases……………………………. Japanese was the firtst to create fake faces in Asia.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    so who is best looking??
    south koreans being number one in getting fake faces since 2005 at alarm high percentage.

  • Jenfer

    Japanese also get fake faces before Japan was first nation in Asia to practice plastic surgery more than 90 years ago. They were the first to inject Japanese prostitutes with siiicon gel. Korean women also got that injection to have sex with american GIs.That that time they were also getting double eyelid surgery that was so unnatural looking. Koreans are the easiest to tell due their no eyelid creaes like Lee Da Hae type of eyes.

  • Jenfer

    Too many Japanese pron star have unusally large boobs. And there are plenty slender ones that have up to DD which are fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Japanese plastic surgeon has a way to make those fake boobs look real compare to surgeons of other countries.
    Boobs are fat and slender people cannot naturally have that much fat………………….These porn stars goes through a lot of trouble and pain to get them looking that way.

  • Jenfer

    oops here is another example of korean faces Too many looks like the after plastic photo but they cannot alter their DNA.How are they gonna explaiin to
    their kids about why their mommies face don’t look like their very mongoloid faces. Koreans like Jon and Kate plus 8’s kids look very Asian and they are1/4 korean.

  • Jenfer

    KOrean first in fake faces
    Japanese second
    then rest of Asians is last.

  • Jenfer

    so who can tell me that they can tell by eyes, noses, or facial structure.
    The rule of thumb is most koreans arev very mongoloid looking and that is not a lie…….. They look like North Aisans with the ones that don’t look mongoloid had lots of plastics or they have genes from neighboring countries.

  • Jenfer

    So korean’s real face scare some of you????

  • Jenfer

    Look at how north koreans look compare to South. N. koreans cannot afford plastic surgery and don’t have access to South korean plastic surgeons therefore most wears a real korean face………………………….

  • Jenfer

    now here is a pic of 1/4 korean kids still look more mongoloid than koreans that had plastic surgery to alter their real faces. What is so wrong is they say they are best looking and put down other Asians than aren’t even as mongoloid looking as their before plastic surgery faces. To add to insult Koreans need to accept the fact that they have the highest population per capitia on mono lids (no eyelid creaes)…….. Ask korean plastic surgeons and they willl agree with this known fact. Koreans like to think other Asians put in fake double eyelids……

  • Jenfer

    whoever said that they can tell the difference and that korean is best looking is “KOREAN”………. Maybe they like their oriiginal faces that much . If that is true than why many Koreans altered their faces entirely?????

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    korean singer ayumi’s current fake face. She is also below showing the different stages of her fake face transformaton. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e865f2f781e46971a8fedd858efefda34489ae8a1a3148937a100404cb57be80.jpg

  • Jenfer

    why are you deleting all my posts???? They are facts …………. I posted many fake faces koreans becuase they are number one in getting fake faces among asians, the I stated that Japanese also get plastic surgery but not as high rate as koreans.

  • Jenfer

    Without plastic surgery faces,koreans are the easiest to detect due to their small eyes with no eyelid creases. Less genes through in and out of the korean peninsula causing them to look the most mongoloid leading to most getting plastic surgery to look not korean.

  • Jenfer

    In truth Koreans real faces are the worst looking among any Asians. They have way more
    harsh looking faces than other Asian population due to not enough genes in their population leading to many very mongoloid faces.

  • Jenfer

    South KOrean has the highest per capita of palstic surgery.
    Most of their plastic surgeonns or any other docs. that do plastic surgery do not belong to
    ISAPS, therefore leading to much lower percentage of population getting plastic.With ISAPS South Korea is highest , but it is wrong data too, It is way higher than that.
    South Korea has too many plastic surgery clinics and hospitals. At least two full cities with many blocks of plastic surgery businesses. Number one surgery job is eyelids in Korea
    They get nose jobs and facial shape reconstruction. Very low number of korean docs are members of ISAPS. South Korea is the highest per captia. Most women between 18 and 36 in big cities had plastic surgery starting 2005. Parents giving their high school grads gift of plastic surgery.

    It is their choice but lying about them being best looking Asians is laughable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenfer

    Not the complete list of korean plastic surgery celebrities. The list is huge and cannot fit into one vid.Requires volumes of it.


  • Jenfer

    check out real korean faces.Not a vid on plastic. Just show north koreans having real faces of korean people.South koreans good looks are mainly heavy plastic surgery.


  • Jenfer

    All miss korea 2013 contestants have same eyes,nose,and face shapes,pointy chins due to plastic surgery and not comestic.Check out miss koreas in 1970’s………

  • Jenfer

    Korean plastic celebrity very common. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ba599f8a522347217f9aef0cc74bddac35b899e9cf322ff76e7117b7ed1d19e9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c6abd32507963344afc03a4499a78dd96e80f05676583fc50b8f54de17f209f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f68c52c85bd0cf27ae2730c4cf71e23c508efa532201731f557083bc8b058af.jpg
    middle and last photo very common korean faces. North koreans and south koreans same people.Why north koreans look way more mongoloid than south koreans??? South koreans get plenty of plastic.NOrtheast chinese,and north china has a lot of koreans living there. So to say China has those faces is incorrect. North Asians and NorthEast asians have plenty of mongoloid facial features and that includes some population of Japan.. Japan and China has more varieties of genes so better looking people naturally.
    Inbreeding is the problem with lack of varieties of genes causing koreans to mostly look like the 2nd and last photos.

  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer
  • Jenfer

    This is gal is considered a natural korean beauty with no plastic surgery. Her face shape and facial bones are typical of korean people. Usually if they have slim faces,tall narrow noses they have no eyelid creases. This girl has no eyelids but she has big eyes. Most typical koreans have small eyes with no eyelid creases. Not all koreans have oval faces. They have many round big faces, big square faces…………… That is their general population facial shape. In south korea many korean opt for cheekbone, jaw bone, and chin surgery to create a smaller face and some achieved an oval face with a skilled korean plastic surgeo. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/42ba2f66b228ac4c8a9eb7d592a91b9cea6fff8de237f496b55c090043878cd7.jpg

    • Jenfer

      I meant to type this gals facial bone structure aren’t typical of korean people. She is an exception. If she gets double eyelids she will
      look like a half white kid. But I am not too sure she is not a mixed child or carry white genes. She looks like those North asians (monogolians and siberian mixed people. I am not saying all those mix people look like this either. Most still have wide faces , with light skin, and light hair when they have white blood in them in Mongolia and Siberia.

  • Mark

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  • Mark

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  • Mark

    DO you teach them to say AXE instead of Ask? LOL

  • Cynthia Lee Watkins

    Why any Asian woman would want to dye her beautiful hair, or have plastic surgery on those beautiful, almond-shaped eyes is beyond me. Such beauty..

  • Emma

    typical korean face is this for female

  • Emma

    typical korean korean women look like this.

  • Emma

    typical korean face look lke this.

  • Pieter Kaan

    One must consider some history in this exercise….The Chinese were in Japan at some stage and so too were the Japanese in China. The Chinese went into many lands including the Philippines and Malaysia, Indonesia, just as the Indians did. This caused genetical fusions and so it is not surprising to see many people with a generic asian appearance. In the Phillipines you’ll get quite a diversity or genetic origins. The Asian nations as a whole are genetically purer compared to Europeans who interbred and considering Roman, Norman, Celtic, Spanish, Germanic etc etc..there is a lot more diversity as a result. The Mongols during the time of Genghis and Khubla spread to the west and spread their seed in the process. Im not a full bottle on this subject and I am sure there are others reading this that know a lot more on this subject. So yeah it isn’t all that easy to be able to say if a person is Chinese or Japanese however, many of us can identify a distinct difference between Japanese and Chinese genetics to some degree.

  • John von Shepard

    I only get 3 correct.