Quiz Time! Can You Tell The Difference Between Asian Women’s Faces?

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Asian Women Faces Quiz Time

Am I making a Asian faces quiz because I'm racist?  Or maybe I'm making this quiz about pretty Asian women because I'm extremely chauvinistic? Hell no!  Could it be because I'm into dating Asian women? NO WA...wait.  Okay, that one's true, but that's beside the point.
How did the idea for this quiz come about, you ask? Cue the fuzzy flashback vision...

I remember having lunch with my AEON coworkers one day (during my extended eikaiwa stint).

I was struggling to use Japanese with the Japanese-speaking teachers.  I was enjoying the process of bombing. But while I was “bombing,” my ears did catch one part of a conversation.  My coworkers were discussing how they had hard time telling the difference between Asian nationalities.  They all, almost in unison, turned to me and asked if I could tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean faces.

I was honest.

Sometimes I can distinguish Korean faces and Japanese ones but not all the time. If a Korean person has strong facial features it’s a little easier to tell (it’s not really the eyes so much as it higher, more defined cheekbones, and a stronger jawline (in men). When the Korean person has softer features I have a MUCH harder time. Truth be told I still struggle to tell the difference between Chinese faces and Japanese faces. People say there’s a slight difference in the eyes, but I really don’t see it.

Just like my coworkers did to me, I'm going to pose the question to you.  Are you able to tell the difference between Asian women's faces? If so, how can you tell?

I know for sure that some people are just saying they can see the difference, when they really can't.

If a table full of Japanese natives admitted that they struggle to distinguish Asian faces, then that's all the evidence I need.  But it's still a lot of fun to try.

Let’s make this a bit more interesting, shall we? Let's do a bona fide quiz!  This quiz is in two parts. The first one shows 10 different Asian women, some are Japanese, some are Chinese and some are Korean. Can you tell who is who?

Scroll down and choose the best answers. GOOD LUCK!!!

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3


Number 4

Number 5


Number 6



Number 7

Number 8

Number 9


Number 10



Whether you did great or did terribly, it's always interesting to see the differences between people.  Were you able to see any subtle differences in Asian facial features in this quiz? If so, I tip my cap to you, because I certainly couldn't pinpoint anything other than my gut feeling.  

Looking at so many different, beautiful Asian faces made me think about another post I did about "The Eight Standards of Japanese Beauty."  Seeing how the faces so many of the "glamorous" photos in this quiz are eerily similar, I wonder if the list of Japanese beauty standards I observed, applies to Chinese and Korean beauty as well.  Food for thought.

At the end of the day, we all have different faces, different cultures and even different imperfections. In a world where so many people get caught up things as trivial as race, hair color, skin color, or a host of other silly differences, I like to think it's those differences make us beautiful. We should celebrate them, and let those differences bring us together.  

Now, it's time for part two of the Asian faces Quiz! In part two, we take a look at men's faces. Care to give it a try? Click the red "Go To Part Two" button, and you're on your way. GOOD LUCK!

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