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I've broken this page into four sections to make this a simple & straightforward as possible: 

  • 1) I'm Learning Japanese,
  • 2) I Want To Teach English In Japan
  • 3) Make My Life Easier in Japan,
  • 4) Popular Posts,  and
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Choose the section that best applies to what you're interested in really knowing more about.  It's my deepest wish that you'll be able to find EXACTLY what you need to move forward.  If not, contact me and I'll do my very best to get back to you.

I'm Learning Japanese...

Whether you're just getting started, an intermediate, and trying to take your Japanese to more advanced levels. I've done some really in-depth reviews of some solid Japanese products that will get you where you're going. Here is compilation of must-read reviews and articles related to learning Japanese.

I Want To Teach English In Japan.

Thinking about teaching English in Japan? Odds are you're not alone. Nearly every foreigner that I've come across has taught in Japan at some point or another.  Even if it's not what you end up doing forever, teaching English is the ultimate gateway job to living in Japan for longer periods of time.

Make My Japan Life Easier.

Here are posts that I created to help you do a few key things more easily in Japan. These are things we might take for granted if we were in our home countries but become a bit more of a challenge living abroad.

Popular Posts.

Here are some popular posts, quizzes, etc. If you just wanted to come and browse for fun.

Contact Me.

Still got questions? Drop me a line.

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