You Find a Real-Life Death Note. What Do You Do With It?

By Donald Ash | Anime Corner

What would you do with a Death Note?

I don’t mind being an otaku, but I DO mind being a laggard otaku sometimes. I don’t know why I’ve never watched this anime. I’ve heard so many people talk about it, and just stuck to my same bread-and-butter animes: Samurai Champloo, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Cowboy Bebop.

One reason I stayed away from Death Note was because it seemed a bit dark for me. I admit that Cowboy Bebop is a darker, more serious anime, too, but Death Note is on a different level. With a name like Death Note, I’m sure you get the idea.

I watched the first episode just a few short minutes ago, and I immediately can see how people got so hooked on this anime, the premise of the show is incredibly thought-provoking. If you’re not familiar with Death Note, it’s the story of a young man named Light, who finds a mysterious notebook one day while he’s at school. We later find out the death god, Ryuk, dropped this notebook into the human world on purpose, to cure his own boredom. This notebook is quite special because whosoever finds this book literally has the power over life and death. How Death Note works:

Five Death Note Rules

1.The person’s name you write in the Death Note will die (with the exception of the Death God. I guess that makes sense).
2.You have to have the image of the person in your mind, when writing their name; this prevents people with the same names from being killed.
3. If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the aforementioned person’s name, it will happen.
4. If no method is specified, the person will die of a heart attack.
5. If you write down the name and cause, you have 6 minutes and 40 seconds to write the details of the person’s death.

Pretty eery, right?

I won’t go into all of the details of the first episode because I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. But it’s pretty intense, to say the least.

I want to ask a “Hmm…” question for the day:

If some death god dropped a notebook that gave you the power over life and death, and you were the first person to come across it, what would you do?

Would you pick it up? Would you leave it there?
If you picked it up, would you actually use it?

“What Would I Do?”

Well, honestly, I DO think my curiosity would get the better of me, so I would pick it up. Even if it was just to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. I would probably try using it once on someone extremely dangerous or someone who indiscriminately killed lots of people.

For example, there was Mamoru Takuma, who went into an elementary school and murdered 8 children between the ages of six and eight. He injured 15 others (which included both students and teacher) at Ikeda Elementary School in Osaka…true story.

In that case, I wouldn’t feel bad writing the name (he was later sentenced to death), and it would be a way to test if the book really works. If it actually worked, I might burn the book, because having that kind of power is incredibly dangerous and incredibly final.

Humans can be emotionally-driven creatures. What if you had a bad day, and just decided to start writing names in the Death Note just because? The clerk at McDonald’s that got your order wrong, that teacher you don’t like, that man that screwed you out of whole lot of money, that girlfriend or boyfriend treated you like crap. I have had my fair share of bad experiences, but wishing death on somebody…that’s heavy. Wouldn’t a simple a** whoopin’ be better?

What Would You Do With A Death Note?

Let’s get to the nitty gritty question.
If you found a Death Note, in real-life, what would you do with it?
If you would use the Death Note, please be specific and say how and why.
If you wouldn’t use the Death Note please be specific as to why not.

Cool? I hope to hear from you in the comments section below.


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  • Nanami says:

    Mmm.. I’d pick it up and then trash it.. like totally rip it apart. I’m a big pacifist. And.. while I always understood at the start what the character.. (i forget his name) was trying to do.. meh. I’d put it in the nearest shredder lol.

  • Ryan McGuinness says:

    I’ll be honest I’d start like Light does and would most probably end up like he does. (I won’t spoil it 🙂 ) I’d probably kill anyone who I thought had wrong done and deserved to die, then I’d probably get in over my head and kill anyone who ever wrong-doed. At least I’m honest 🙁

    • disqus_dGmZWbwXjp says:

      Light lost at the beginning because of his ego partly and also bad luck if he didn’t see the tv program L would have never got info or if he’d have ignored it, and kept on killing criminals, Everything would have worked.

  • Kurt says:

    My kid conned me into watching all those, which are surprisingly good. You might also look for Afro Samurai (tad gory) and Desert Punk (sometimes a bit too juvenile, but the artwork and general story were good).

  • Kayla says:

    Honestly, I can’t stand Death Note. I think it’s a horrible series with an even more horrible set of characters. But I’ll play along.

    If I found the notebook, I would take it. Then I would hide it away. I don’t think the power of life and death should be in a human’s hands. Ever.

    • IronZombie says:

      Not to put a damper in your plan mate but have you seen the entirety of the show? There are rules to using the thing. For one thing it’s pretty clear Ryuk dropped it on Earth in the first place because he was bored. If you weren’t using it and you didn’t relinquish it so Ryuk could just give it to someone else, then he would just write your name in his death note and you’d end up dead and eventually it would wind up in someone else’s hands. If you’re such a pacifist then hiding it away would be the worst thing you could do.

      Personally I would use it. I would create a new world order. And in real life, there’s no one like L or N around to stop me or to cleverly deduce who I was since it would leave no trace. I would start by wiping out every known terrorist in the world. Then I’d wipe out some of those crazy world leaders that keep their countries teetering on the edge of war. Then I’d hit up some most wanted lists and get rid of those guys. Then I’d find a list of murderers and rapists who really deserve to die and take care of them.

      Why not? I think a death note would make the world a better place if it’s used right. And I don’t mean by using it the way Light did, by creating fear and making people nervous. I understand that there will always be bad people and crime will always exist. I’ll simply get rid of those who decide to be evil. Eventually they’ll be fewer and fewer.

      • annonymouse says:

        Yes that is the right choice.Like what Ryuk said….”then u will be the only bastard left in this world”

  • devin says:

    I would burn it so fast it would be unreal and I don’t think I am as pacifist or as nice as Nanami. But one person should never be allowed to have that power.

  • Alana says:

    There was a shop in Chinatown in Toronto selling Death Notes. I thought this was creepy! Imagine using this at school. I would be so scared to write anyone’s name it even though I know it is a ll fantasy.

    • Donald Ash says:

      Umm, yeah…that’s creepy! I’d be worried that, just my luck, I’d get the one that actually works.

  • Anon says:

    I’d feel like a disgusting human myself and feel no better than anybody else in this world

  • Donald Ash says:

    OH SNAP! I guess I’ll be extra nice to you from now on, lol!

  • Henry says:

    Death Note was one of the anime series I ever seen, the only thing I hated was the end of light, poor guy, but I liked it.

    If by any chance I was to find the death note…would I pick it up? Oh yeah, you kidding me, I would get it and use it. I sort of have the thoughts yagami had. Ruler of this world.

    I mean, wouldn’t you use it to kill huge criminals and terrorists? There are many bad people that would deserve to die, and no, I wouldn’t use it to kill just a poor math teacher who gave me an F for not turning my homework, that’s st*pid.

    I wish it was real…..

    • Donald Ash says:

      Cool. I love the direct answer. I lot of people would be on the fence as to whether or not they should use it. If people knew your powers, though. They’d be scared to death (no pun intended) of you! LOL

    • Kira says:

      WOW! I 100% agree with you! But sorry….. there can only be one Kira >:)

    • Near says:

      Using something like death note requires high capability of self control because you would end up killing so many people. In the anime i liked Yagami Light but if somebody really become Kira, I would try to catch him because he won’t be as smart as Light.

      • David says:

        Have you seen the entire Anime? as SMART as light?
        Light was an arrogant, elitist douche who thought himself entitled to taking the lives of people HE thought deserved it. The only reason I felt for him is because he was loveable. Be it someone else I would fucking hate the protagonist. Plus there are a fuckton of weird people out there who side with the ‘Terrorists’ who kill all these civilians, do they deserve to die too, because of their values? Does the U.S. military deserve to die for killing countless civilians in all the wars it has fought?
        It’s literally all about what Light Yagami thinks, and therefore if I hade the book I’d use it to euthanize sick pets painlessly.

    • SmogBlock says:

      Damn you for giving me that spoiler! Now I’ll be watching the whole series knowing he’s just going to die in the end!

  • adrian says:

    Id take it. And id love the part of having my own shinigami!! XD… But is most likely never use it… 1 becuz I dnt wanna kill people… 2 I wanna go to Heaven… (If u write in it ul go to nothingless wen u die)… But if I wanna make the world a better place like Light, is ask my shinigami to write names of evil pllz down 4 me … That way I could still go 2 heaven.. I wouldn’t want another person 2 write them down 4 me cuz idk if I could trust anybody… I would want a shinigami more like Rem than Ryuk… Cuz Rem’s a lot nicer and would care about u… And killing pllz is wrong n stuff, but if the world as a whole would become a better place… I think all humans who are good pllz would do it… The power might be overwhelming, but… It’d sure be nice to live on a world that well,… Is just a better place… Think about thro Light’s point if view .. sure he made the sacrifice of killing pllz … But in the end the crime rate dropped 70%… So its not YORO humans… But wen given the power to kill others for the well being of man kind… I think wed probually all do it… Maybe even with out regrets… Sure killing is wrong … But don’t tell that to Light, tell it to all those pllz he killed… And also.. L… He let pllz die for justice and to solve crimes…. We’re all in the same boat here… The only difference between us is sheathed ur going to take that pen… AND WRITE WITH IT…. XD… (I’m sure a few of u guys got that joke…)..

    • Donald Ash says:

      It’s tough question because killing someone outright is something that most people couldn’t and wouldn’t do, but if all you had to do was write in a notebook in the privacy of your own home I wonder how people’s integrity would be effected. This cartoon would make the perfect debate topic. Thanks for sharing, Adrian!

    • IronZombie says:

      lol you’re already going to “nothingness” when you die. Do you really believe in heaven? But I suppose if a real death note did exist then you could assume heaven would exist but it doesn’t and the death note isn’t real. In that case I wouldn’t mind using it. Kind of a weird conundrum huh.

    • IronZombie says:

      And also, as someone else said, it’s heavily implied in the anime as well as the live action movie they made that Light turns into a Shinigami in the end. I wouldn’t mind being a Shinigami in the end. It’s not exactly “nothingness” and Light could still go around creating a new world order or whatever.

  • adrian says:

    Wow…. Auto correct.. XD… Idk wat YORO is salary to be but change sheathed to whether… XD

  • Luka says:

    I have two Death Notes. Believe it or not. I wrote 14 names in it. I… AM KIRA!!!

  • Luka says:

    Hey Adrian, it’s implied in “L Changes the world” that Light became a Shinigami.

  • THcutie54 says:

    ide use it for my entertainment *evil laugh*

  • HAHHA says:

    I will totally use it the way Light used it. I don’t think I’m smart enough to hide it but yeah I would totally do that.

  • ZS says:

    hmmm… I would pick it up and write “The Kraken, died on the shore of Tokyo…” lol but If it did happen I burn it…

  • Oli says:

    It´s a good question and I´ve thaught about it often *gg*. If I´d find a Death Note I would take it. I´ll be totally honest…

    My Plan: I´d start by making sure I kill nobody within my country !at first! or someone who is personally related to me to ensure that I don´t get caught. I would start by killing people who seem to be very famous and who commited horrible crimes. Therefor there will be a lot of attention and I would spread messages through my victims by telling them to write a text before dying. At first I´d just start with a important country like the US so others will see the consiquences.they won´t follow the plan within my messages and so I would start to cause panic through random deaths blaming their governments for not following my orders. This would cause lots of chaos but I´d use that and kill of the major politicans to ensure that they are weakend and can´t stop the rebellion caused by my killing sprees. After that a caretaker government would be created and they would follow my word because they are frightened. If other countries rebel against my new world order I´d do the same or think of a more complicated plan to ensure that they bow before me.

    Why I start my plan:
    I would like to stop the Capitalism and send humanity back to their roots. I think technology made our lives very comfortable but the price is to high. A little people get everything while others suffer and die. As a result they start terrorism to rebel against their situation.

    I could continue now, but this is just the first idea which came to my mind so there are mistakes and theories that woudln´t work out the way I explained them.

    • Luka says:

      And then through the rule of large numbers I could find out when you don’t kill and then use that find out if you’re a student, worker, no guy that has no life.

    • Donald Ash says:

      Whoa, you really thought it through. I must say that’s quite the detailed plan, but a little scary at the same time :O . It makes me wonder…does the death note work if I change my name? If I go to like my nearest government agency and change it, wouldn’t it be useless if the person doesn’t know my real name? Hmm…

  • Luka says:

    Dude first off, if you started killing everyone except the people in your country, then they could just look at the statistics and see which country doesn’t have mass people dieing. Now I just found the country you’re in.
    Also, I figured out everything in the anime and mange before it happend.
    I’m smarter than L or Light.

  • Blacksun388 says:

    Straight up? If I could kill every convicted felon with the notebook then I would. It would have to be for crimes that are felonies and not misdemeanors that are easily reconcilable. Rapists, murderers, pedophiles, psychopaths, terrorists, it does not matter. They are no longer human when they decide to destroy someones life. They all deserve to die like animals. By commiting these acts they forfiet the right to be alive.

    Would I use the Death Note? You are damn right I would. The only way to purify this world is to unleash holy fire on those who would dare threaten to defile it.

    • Luka says:

      Dude you sound like a idiot. Seriously.

      • Blacksun388 says:

        Don’t tell me you would pass up an oppurtunity like that. It would just be foolish and irresponsible to do any less.

        • Blue says:

          Only someone with a childish sense of right and wrong would think so. The world is filled with criminals, but you have no more right to kill them than they have the right to kill the innocent. This is not justice.

          • Abbie Asukisu says:

            Sorry to break it to you guys but…. I do have a working death note…

          • Sorrowmystery says:

            You do?

          • L. says:

            Please prove it then

          • Unknown says:

            Oh crap, he had better stay low :/

          • pachex says:

            Oh snap!

          • Draken says:

            I agree with L. Prove it.

          • anonymous says:

            Where did u get it

          • kira says:

            i will haunt you down wherever you are hiding and i will kill you i am justice!!

          • L. says:

            And I am…. board. But hey how’s the manhunt for me goin? Anyone in particular you think it is?

          • Laughing Man says:

            i already know your name L lawleit.

          • L. says:

            It may be or it may not be. The world may never know.

          • The Truth says:

            whats ur name buddy , lol i would not somthing stupid likebthat , its not your choice or decision to say when someone dies . and did you know murderers keep the population at a certain level . if u kill the “bad people” honestly everyone will end up dead . its just human to not be perfect . no doubt the killings do need to be stopped . but it shouldnt be handle by us . its just not right

          • L. says:

            You may not know my name but you could formally call me Mr, Enima but L.would work too.

          • L. says:

            P.S. If I was to get it myself I’d kill anyone and everyone I wanted. I would be the writer of this new story using words to create and an eraser to destroy, and everyone might just be my next victim… But I wasn’t the one to say anything about it. I just said prove it. But hey I probably gave you a chill there.

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            Okay no one has a right to kill criminals I could understand you saying that but how can you say something as cold hearted as murder keeps the population down do you even care when someone dies are you a sociopath

          • THE REAPER says:

            What is the government doing with the death penalty, a tooth for a tooth. An eye for an eye. Besides hes probably joking

          • Misa says:

            Are u sure it is real? Can hand it over to me? I desperately need it.. If someone really have a real death note, then please email me asap [email protected]

          • Marina Spohn says:

            its not real don’t be an idiot

          • gabriel prichard says:

            Thank you now I know who to place my suspicion on. I now have your email so if criminals start appearing dead I can trace you from there.

          • KittenFishing says:


          • deeznuts says:

            OH HELL NAW B*TCH

          • Justin Bieber says:

            Baby, baby, baby, NOOOO!
            Look at my hair.
            Look at my perfect, beautiful face.
            Would you kill this???

          • kira says:

            secund kira whrite look at your name

          • Cheese says:

            Wow, that made a lot of sense. I totally agree with you.

          • Kaminogan says:

            Humans can be reformed,

            like dogs, all criminals need is discipline, a sense of fear, there is no need to stoop to there level,

            however, there are some who just can not stop, psychopaths, they are practically void of emotion and understanding, those that they do have are simply there desires,

            ironically, Light showed interesting similarities between a psycopath,

            regardless, there is no need to kill them, its better to study them, have them locked up were they cant do anything, perhaps in the distant future we might come up with a cure,

          • Kaireigu says:

            I understand your point of view, that we should not stoop to a CRIMINALS level. That’s the key word there criminal.

            In order to be a criminal you must commit a crime. Which means we cannot prevent any psychopath who has yet to commit a crime from possibly killing somebody. Your argument also states that criminals need a sense of fear and that some humans can be reformed.

            Kira instilled fear into every criminal, which would prevent MOST (not all) psychopaths ever committing a crime to begin with and there would be no need for reform as that is pretty much a cure.

            P.S. Light isn’t a psychopath, he’s a higher functioning INTJ which are often portrayed as villains but are a necessary evil within the world.

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            that’s actually wrong because psychos don’t really operate by fear so more like no psycho would Fear Kira Incredibles face the death penalty anyways how come they still commit crimes

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            That’s actually so true and psychos would never fear the Death Note either because they are too crazy so he would have never solved the psycho problem the criminally insane wouldn’t think much about the Death Note are people dying they would just continue to do what they do so would he really have accomplished anything with the death note there would still be murderers from criminally insane people

          • Kira says:

            You, sir, are the foolish one. So ME Times The Law System Allows Criminals WHO HAVE Raped, Killed, Etc to go free are you saying that’s right. And if not there are handfuls eith really light sentences. You call THAT justice?! No the latter is closer to justice. Murderers deserve death. And this is certainly a better method than ours. This world needs kira. Do you judge a savior although he’s killed someone. No, this is JUSTICE! And you’re damn right I’d kill with the notebook every last one of them…

          • Ceceilia says:

            You do know by killing with the death note, you are a murderer. Therefore, in your opinion, you too deserve to die. (And to add, most murderers murder with reason.)

          • Anonymous says:

            An eye for an eye?

          • Anonymous says:

            If that’s your philosophy then wouldn’t you deserve to die as well? You ended their life before it was their time, without hearing their side of the story. Even if they WERE guilty you would still be a murderer.

            On the other hand I think that anyone who claims they wouldn’t test it would be lying. Everyone has a slightly different version of justice, but we all have our “unforgivables”. In addition you might end up saving an innocent by getting rid of the offenders. Our system has many flaws and loopholes (as they all do) and many evil beings roam free.

            I think we all would use it to some extent , but by doing so we would be turning into the very thing we were condemning.

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            Actually I pretty sure I would never use it if you want to be technical like became a depiction of the Antichrist that’s why I like death note so much it truly gave you a really scumbag of a villain i woul never want be like light so i would burn it and that is no lie at to the people on the site saying how foolish someone would be not to use it like still was not a good person he killed the cops in the anime so I had to tell everyone that you are straight up it’s still evil I’m not talking about the person I replied to I am talking about everyone in General on this site who saying how foolish someone would be for not using the Death Note it is people like that that is foolish

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            Man here’s the truth yes the law system is messed up in his flawed but I don’t have the right to go take another person’s life let me tell you something about lights character he’s basically the Antichrist in a way and he doesn’t just kill bad guys he kills good guys so if anything he’s a hypocrite and another thing if your mentality is always black and white what do you think’s going to if you had the definite and the guy you thought did the crime didn’t do the crime he really was innocent well then you just murdered someone for no reason light was a legalistic dictator the bottom line is Light Yagami aka kira is a scumbag like the criminals that he killed he’s just like them and in my opinion he’s the same near put it best when he called light a serial killer he’s nothing more nothing less

          • the real opinions says:

            Killing the innocent is different from killing vile criminals. The people who deserve to die are the people who harm other for their appeasement. Ridding the world of their vicious presence is doing humanity a favour.

          • WB97 says:

            Tell me what makes your sense of justice righteous? Indeed vile criminals do need to be punished but who should decide the punishment? Someone whom is ruled by emotion and sentiment, or logic and reason? I would choose the latter because due justice would be served. A murder is someone who kills with full intent, meaning he understands what he is doing and does so anyway. A soldier in the field is thereby a murder, but would it be just to sentence him to death? For merely following his orders and doing his job? Logic and reason must take the place of sentiment. Someone needs to be able to see things at face value regardless of his personal opinion. This is why I, for the most part, agree with the US justice system. If I had a death note, though, it would be interesting. I would have the ability to change the political landscape all by myself. It may seem self-serving; that’s because it is. I will not delude myself with a self-notion of righteousness and justice. I would use it to further my own ends, simple as that. I would not pretend that what I am doing is the absolute definition of justice, or that I am fair in my judgement. I have my own dreams of the future for humanity, and with a death note those dreams are a possibility (no I don’t want to be god-king-emperor, my ambitions are more complex than that).

          • Mikasa says:

            Are you stupid? What’s the connection of murderers with war? no one is stupid enough to say that a soldier that kills enemies in the middle of a war is a murderer!! Lols XD be more logical please

          • LOL says:

            “but you have no more right to kill them than they have the right to kill the innocent.”

            And that is why the killing continues.

          • Middle f...... says:

            Then i should write your name in death note for true justice asshole

          • forgorenwolf says:

            Not about Justice it’s about doing what’s right

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            and murder is not right let’s say you go out and get the death note to everyone who you deem to be credible and this is why I don’t like Light Yagami how many those people were probably innocent are framed are put in prison for something they didn’t do that happens all the time people get the death penalty yes crime does happen but did you know there’s another messed up part of the law where innocent people have gone to prison and they were too late to save them from being put to death when they were innocent because they were too late they didn’t prove their innocence before the day they were scheduled to die so actually the justice system is messed up more ways than one

          • forgorenwolf says:

            Actually Light Yagami made a point not to kill anyone unless the evidence was clear.

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            and I’m pretty sure he never really made it a point no offense

          • forgorenwolf says:

            He did he usually avoided killing people if they had a valid reason for the crimes they committed.

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            Not really he just looked up names of criminals who supposedly did something I had someone tell me about only 25% of people are innocent that are put to death in prison then I prove to that person how that 25% Rose because once you count all of the many countries he killed bad guys and supposedly bad guys not knowing if they were guilty that 25% would be higher than 25% at be more like around 50 to 70% because we’re not talking about 1 prison were talking about multiple different prisons where he runs a bigger risk of raising the percentage because he has more of a chance of getting more people that are wrongfully convicted statistically and every prison that’s what they’re saying 25% so if you multiply that by every prison the percentage is probably higher so it’s inevitable that he killed a lot of innocent people too

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            Then he messed up because everything he did was wrong

      • jayrollain says:

        this is the fucking internet and people have their own opinions. obviously there is no right answer to this question because we’re talking about a fictional topic. so seriously, you’re the one who sounds like an idiot.

    • curiouswanderingfeather says:

      that sounds a whole lot like Light’s original plan.
      you’re kinda scary.

      • Caspian Sunerton-Burl says:

        He may sound slightly scary however in some ways I agree with him… all human beings have their dark sides…. this would probably be mine and possibly his.

        • Taggart Romkey says:

          I too would use the Death Note to rid our world of corrupt politicians and their enablers. Yes I would use it to create a better world.

      • Cytriax says:

        This man is the non anime god! 😀 /bow

      • kira says:

        noo man hes cool i agree but be smart if u make one mistake everithing is over think about all the steps just like chess

      • djamer says:

        He has a point plus estimated over 200 people a day are so whats the deal.

    • Jesse Condrotte says:

      I’m not sure of the rules, but couldn’t I write that I die at the age of 10000 years old in my sleep, because with this I could make myself immortal, and all my friends too.

      • L says:

        You can only have somebody die before they are supposed to, you can not do it before

      • Blue says:

        The maximum duration a person can live after having their name written in the death note is 23 days. One of two things would happen. Either you’d die after 23 days. Or you’d die immediately as your request would be impossible to fulfill.

      • Jared Knight says:

        The death note cannot extend someone’s life under any circumstances.

        • Lucius says:

          No that is wrong sir,it can but not directly..

          • Sugou Nobuyuki says:

            wait a second, if humans with shinigami eyes can see other people’s lifespans, couldn’t they extend someone’s lifespan with the death note? for example, if someone were to die from murder, someone else with a death note can kill the killer and prevent the death from happening

          • Jonathan Mason says:

            I honestly don’t think it works that way

        • kira says:


      • Rosa Hijne says:

        no, the death note can only SHORTEN one’s lifespan, not lengthen them. thats why a shinigami dies if he saves someone using the death note. the lifespan the saved person gets has to come from somewhere, so the lifespan of the shinigami is taken and added to the saved person.

        • Rylex says:

          No no, wait, the shinigami only dies if he/she/it saves the life of a human he/she/it loves. Hence, when (spoiler alert) gelus saved misa, he died, and later rem. But, if rem were to save, say, light, then he wouldn’t die, because as we all know, rem hates light.

        • Andrew says:

          It can lengthen a person’s life span by killing an assassin. If a human writes the name of an assassin in the notebook, the potential victim’s life span would be extended.

      • jumanji says:

        No, it has to be within reason and something that is actually possible. If you wrote that down, you (and your friends) would simply die of a heart attack.

      • Coco says:

        Man I really wanna know if that can be done….. The only problem is that things written in the death note must be reasonable….. I’d they cannot be done the person will die of a heart attack in 40 secs as a defalt right?…. It’s a dangerous gamble 😛

    • Lovely Mae Caro Columna says:

      Uhm?? I have a death note since yesterday only..
      After i read all the rules i felt scared.. because all the rules are kinda scary..

      May i ask one seriously question. ..

      Is death note that i bought in comic alley is really real or not?
      I hope it isnt real.. because im scared of it.. even if i bought it.

    • markyo15 says:


    • Winner says:

      Hmh. Why do you sound a lot like Light to me? He was kira and im getting my suspicions about you now. Just so everyone knows, L never dies. L is the real justice and he is still working on the Kira case. Kira is a nonstop investigation but it will be solved. I can garentee that L will solve it and finally win the game. All of the real notebooks will be burned so no more Kiras will exist. Long live L the winner but losers shall be named Kira. Kira, Light, L #2, I will find you. And I will iliminate you.

      • N says:

        I’m sorry are you addressing N?

      • L. says:

        But light actually got exactly what he wanted, he became a shinigomi

        • tacopunchX3 says:

          the thing is theres an alternitave end, turns out you just dissapear after experiencing all the death you made with the note so light will try to make a deal with the shinigami king to get his notebook(the only one that can make someone die repetidly) and live forever as the shinigamiking(also let him live)(light killed alot of people so he has time) and still can become god of the new world so after he dies they just have to rely on luck and pray that he wont become the new king.

        • IvanUgresic aka Kira says:

          He sure did.But did you notice at the beggining Ryuk told him that the one who uses the Death Note does not go to heaven or hell.Tho he didnt say that he would become a shinigami but it was obvious

          • Michael Wright says:

            I think it said “you will expirence the torment of all the people you killed”, or something like that

    • Suki says:

      I totally agree with you

    • Zane Darwen says:

      You are one hundred percent correct

    • tacopunchX3 says:

      you sound like kira now
      CX CX CX

    • Ramsha says:

      I see your intention.. you just wanna remove the corrupt people from this Earth (just like Light), But we, humans have no right to decide someone’s fate, or whether they are worthy to live or not. It’s not a human’s job to observe someone’s deeds and punish them, it’s for God, he has the only right to decide someone’s destiny. And just like Ryuk said, that if you clear all the bad people from this world, the most evil one that will be left is you.. (Light) So, the same goes for you. But of course, it’s not like YOU’RE gonna get a death note, because it’s not impossible. But i just wanted to share how much i hate Light’s way of thinking, and I can’t even imagine a real person to be like this. Light is like a monster, not a human.

      • Draken says:

        There is no God Only The Demons of hell

        • Rosa Hijne says:

          Damn right you are! even though i think demons can also come from other places then hell, like tartarus or or the void for excample

      • Kaireigu says:

        I don’t believe in a God but even God created the Devil as a necessary evil that will always be needed.

        Let me put it this way, if someone you loved was about to be killed by a psychopath you have no right to kill them, but of course you would. That is all Light is doing preventing innocent people from being killed by instilling fear into criminals so MOST (not all) of them will never commit a crime to begin with.

        Religion does this by telling people if your bad you will go to hell, its this fear that keeps us in check but it no longer applies as most people like myself no longer believe in a God.

        If you hate Light’s way of thinking, you hate my way of thinking and you also hate your own God for creating the Devil.

        Never have faith in anything other than your family, friends and most importantly yourself, God like Light is FICTIONAL!!

        • Jonathan Mason says:

          But how is killing one Psychopaths going to scare all the other psychopath who don’t care and agree to disagree on whether God is real or not to me he is and I put my faith in God I respectfully choose to agree to disagree on that

    • OneLittlePrettyKitty says:

      Light…? o.O

    • trueinar . says:

      Here’s the problem. Studies have shown that somewhere around 4% of death-row inmates are innocent. With the kind of scrutiny that those cases were under versus non-death penalty how many innocent people would you kill? Someone being convicted doesn’t mean they are guilty. How would you determine that someone is actually guilty? If you killed innocent people you would be a murderer just as deserving of death as those you killed.

      • Kaireigu says:

        4% of death row inmates are innocent :S Prove it.

        I’ll entertain the idea that 4% are innocent. So lets say every 10 years we kill 4% of innocent death row inmates. That means 96% of inmates are guilty over 10 years. So 4 people out of 100 should not have been killed.

        Step 1: I Kill Every In Mate With My Death Note.
        Step 2: The World Finds Out That If Your A Convicted Felon You Die
        Step 3: Fear Instills So Crime Rates Go Down
        Step 4: More Innocent People Live

        The people who were innocent in Death Row were going to die anyway.

        • Valocis says:

          That is pretty damn good logic, less crimes “deserving” execution there are, the less innocent people will accidentally be convicted of them, so in the end you are actually saving more innocent lives in the end.

        • Kathleen Rhodes says:

          Then the only difference between you and inmates would be that you can walk outside.

      • Jonathan Mason says:

        it doesn’t matter if it’s 4% or 1% as many people is like killed he must have at least murdered some innocent people if he has murdered
        one innocent person then he’s in the wrong and he will be a murder and as many people as he murdered even if it’s at 4% he probably met that at least 200 times so he’s probably murdered over 200 innocent people he’s murdered more people a lot more than anyone has murdered anyone he pretty much almost murdered all criminals which would be a big chunk of the Earth’s population which would mean he had to have put in

    • Alex says:

      Hey, it’s Light. Quick, where’s L and Ryuk?

    • Kyle.doG98 says:

      im with this guy 🙂 i mean think about it if we leave the criminals to live they would kill innocent people so either way someone dies, so if I had to choose between leaving the criminals doing what they do and me becoming the god of this new world. then call me evil but I would choose the death note!!!

    • imtallerthanyou says:

      an eternity of nothingness isnt worth it. Its an eternity

    • Anton Hwang Peters says:

      So what about people who committed non-violent/non-sexual crimes like
      burglary/theft, drug offenses, or DUI. Those are felony level crimes but
      those people arent necessarily ‘evil’ and they don’t deserve to die. :S

      • Soundwave says:

        There was a theif who attempted to empty a drunk guy’s pockets at a subway station in my town. The drunk guy tried to get away from the theif, but fell onto the train tracks and passed out. The theif ceased the opportunity and emptied his pockets of valuables, but left him there on the tracks. As he left the station he walked past security and simply waved at them with a smile.
        Luckily, the train driver noticed the man on the tracks in time and breaked. Although he got stuck underneath the train and unfortunately lost the ability to walk. But he’s alive.

        His actions weren’t violent, but yet everyone considered his actions to be murderous.

      • ben says:

        they would be killed slowly with diseases or not killed at all

    • Loonutik says:

      You sound just like Light. He killed for the same reason, but eventually, he started killing anyone who he thought was a danger to himself. Anyone who could find out about him, was liable to die. Take L for example.

    • Marina Spohn says:

      dude….. thatss just frewaking awful i know this is just a tv show but if this was real u would be stupid to kill anyone for they could be forgiven thru god.

    • Charlie Davids says:

      I wouldn’t say all pedophiles. Just the child molesters. A pedophile is someone sexually attracted to prepubescents. That’s a sick, awful disorder to have, but I’m sure most of them know that and don’t ever want to hurt or “touch” a kid.
      To the monsters who actually DO touch kids…well, they made their choice. Without getting mad or hateful, it’s an objective fact that they NEED to be removed from society.

      • Charlie Davids says:

        And before you say, “Pedophiles ARE child-molesters!” That’s not true. Pedophiles HAVE attraction. Molesters ACT on the attraction. Saying “ALL pedophiles molest children” is like saying, “ALL straight men assault women.”
        I, personally, am not a pedophile, but I know what it’s like to be hated or afraid of being hated because I have problems most people don’t, even if I make sure NOT to impose my problems on others.

    • Jason says:

      I completely agree with you, i would clean not only my country, but the world itself. Kira is justice, and i believe that Light’s intentions were right. Sure, you cant survive in this world by doing what was always right, and nothing can be perfect (Light may disagree with that), but those who ruin other people’s lives should be cleansed from the world. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

    • Jason says:

      Even bullies. They can drive a person to depression (which I have) and suicide. They are no different from those who ruin other lives, ruining fragile hearts. It can be something petty, but still it is unforgivable and I will clean them too, if the note was real. You are damn right bro.

    • ZyriusZel says:

      “They all deserve to die like animals”
      Your the bad guy, the first target for Your death note, yourself.

    • Zane Grant says:

      your my hero seriously

    • Kathleen Rhodes says:

      I am sorry for you, because anyone who would inflict this obviously isn’t thinking about the pain a victim of a convicted person went through, and by saying you have no problem with it… You are say: “I haven’t learned anything from the victim, and I am tarnishing the memory of this person by inflicted the same/worse fate upon some else… Making me as bad as the convicted. Anyone who is bad deserves no chance, because revenge is what the victim wanted. Even if that is not true, I will make a perfect world. (aka a world where people fear to commit crimes) So techincally a world run by fear.” That is a contradicting thought seeing as a perfect world would be a world where people are happy with themselves, and do good to advance justice. Which you would be doing the opposite by fear. Thank you for your time.

    • Jason says:

      Uh.. Humans are animals. It’s in your genetics. If you kill someone, do your genetics somehow change? Also, rapists, pedophiles, and psychopaths don’t always kill people. In fact, a pedophile or a psychopath might not even act on their wants. Psychopaths aren’t even violent people. They just have no empathy, and feel nothing when killing. Next time, think before you post.

    • Sterling Wright says:

      that means that you are no longer human after using the Death Note even once… but does it make you better than human, or less than human…?

    • name says:

      what about the people who are wrongfully convicted you could endanger innocent lives and… then when they dont even have accosiation with the criminal in the first place…. so in which case…. you shouldnt use the dath note for EVERY convicted felon in the world…

    • The Heroes of Hope says:

      How daring but can one man who is by no means perfect and will have every chance to go wrong be judge and jury for world filled with people like him?

    • ben says:

      I 100% agree with you you are totally right

    • Adolf berkstresser says:

      dude i agree. i mean who wouldn’t kill the people who killed over 10 people. BUUUUT a world with no evil kind of cannot happen there will always be opposers who kill and kill and it will never end

    • starteenage asif says:

      I completely agree with you Blacksun388. We NEED to purify this world.

    • Gugu says:

      I just want to kill all bastard that choose L instead of kira
      That simple af !!!

    • Let’s say you accomplished this goal and “purified” the world of such people. Then, you’d be the last murderer alive. Would you take your own life afterwards?

    • Ceceilia says:

      “They all deserve to die like animals?” Animals deserve to die?

    • Jonathan Mason says:

      I’m a question let’s say you get the Death Note you believe that the news is right about this person you kill the person with the Death Note evidence come up and he was framed you just put an innocent man to death so you still think that sounds like a good idea to me it just sounds like an excuse to commit murder in my opinion I see it i am buring and yes light was evil he killed people that even accidentally got into its way I’m sorry to tell everyone this but yes light was not some antihero his was straight-up evil he had good intentions at first but then he lost himself in my opinion and no it was never right for him to kill anyone because like I said before let’s see light kills a criminal okay years later new evidence and that guy never committed the crime now Light Yagami has just killed an innocent person you don’t think that could happen you don’t think there’s a part of him that knows that his mentality is if he sees that you committed a crime you’re going to die regardless if you actually did it or not let’s say that happened he’s black and white if it shows you did a crime your dead if it shows you never committed a crime you’re alive but what about the gray area for people who are wrongfully convicted you tell me life is good oh heck no if anything he’s a dictator

    • jean-claude schwartz says:

      i would use that to write the names of Vladimir Vladimiroch Putin, Donald J. Trump, Rodrigo R. Duterte, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Kim Jong Eun,

  • I’m going to be perfectly honest… If I ever found the Death Note in real life, it would probably completely destroy any semblance of humanity I had. I would likely go down the same path as Light did. I don’t know of many people who are capable of effectively handling that much power without eventually going completely off the deep end.

  • GoddesOfReality says:

    Hello there.. What i would do with a book like the death note? Easy… I would do exactly as Kira.. Killing all evil that rests in the world… Until this world can be ruled by a SO called god of justice, people will start to know someone is judging them, and they will no longer try to do evil things

  • ProfPikachu says:

    If I had a Death Note, I’d so use it to kill Justin Bieber and loads of other annoying people in the world… I wish it were real!!~

  • AnimeHead says:

    I Would use it… Then right when i’m done i would shred it or something like that. i just wan Earth to be a better place. ^-^

  • Cameron Hammock says:

    I questioned myself through the entire show. Yes, I would do exactly as Light did. Probably end up like him too.

  • Enna says:

    I would do as Light did. Although, I would be more cautious than he. And he was pretty wary, aha.

  • Lucky* says:

    It seems kinda cruel of what he did and that only god should be judge of everyone but I would do the same thing that Light did. I hate scum bags.

  • dory says:

    I’ll be honest…i’d most lightly kill as many people as possable:D mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Taylor says:

    Well, if I found it, the book would already be full. There is so many people I wish to write in a death note.

  • Tea says:

    I would kill everyone that deserved it. Honestly. I’m an evil person, whatsoever.

  • utygu says:

    I would not really use it. I would write my own name on it to test it (I am that kind of person) and see if it works (and if it did, SAYONARA!)

    • taro kagami says:

      that wouldn’t work even if it was the real death note
      it says in the manga (and probably the anime too) that you can’t kill yourself with it

  • Allara says:

    Tbh I would very creeped out and burn it before I start seeing shimigami and If I did use it it surely wouldn’t be against criminals or against someone I hate only in a life and death situation like if I am kidnapped. Death note only has the power of death and that alone can not change any thing in a positive since because killing evil isn’t necessarily creating good. I have no one I hate enough to even consider killing them so I would probably burn it.
    Killing for justice is like fucking for virginity illogical. Those who would do the same as like are thanked for their honesty by me but I ill never understand what makes the murder of 100,000 scum bags who may have been falsely charged for their crimes any better than those he killed because no decent person can kill with no regret no matter what you do their will always be crimes and I honestly don’t think robbing banks should get you killed nor should any other crime accept for killing someone your self.

  • Allara says:

    seriously though if the deathnote did get dropped down than humanity is really fucked because as you see Light started killing innocents and anyone who opposed him is what anyone who used the death note more than 20 times would evantually become this corrupted and become psychotic. Its not my type of thing so I would be too creeped out to use it and believe that if someone person out of a few billion people of the world had very strong mental powers they could kill people or give them bad luck by writing their name down in any book with negative intentions.

  • Ando-Kun says:

    Well, I have given this a lot of thought as a teen, I would’ve said yes defiantly. But as I got a lot older I realized that killing (Like Soricho Yagami says) can never bring to happiness.

    However, here is the path I would take assuming that I would use it.

    1. Considering I know of the anime I would be skeptical but cautious if I found a real-working Death note, so I would determine if its real without writing in it myself so see if it works, so if I did back out I would still go to heaven or hell.

    .The plan would be to first cover the actual cover of the notebook with a fake one, like that brown paper some use to cover school books using tape, so it would be too much of a bother for the person I get to write in it to take it off, even if they don’t know of the Death Note, I still wouldn’t want them to know they have written in something called a death note nor would I want them to know that I own one.

    .I would (Which unfortunately would require an innocent person to die) go to some one I don’t know and whom I have no emotional attachment to and ask him to write the name of his favorite comedian or something (First I’ll ask him to make sure said person is famous enough for me to both know of his death and to have it news worthy in the first place) As for wanting the name written; and bullshit excuse like making an “opinion poll’ to see which name comes up most often for some kind of stupid curiosity or something should be a good excuse to give the person who’s gonna write the name. If it works, I’ll have to make a decision, personally I’d say burn it and live in guilt because I have just ruined the lives of the two unlucky bastards (The writer/tester and victim) However as I said we are assume what I would do if I did use it.

    2. My reason for using would be a mixture of (redemption which will never be satisfied and to make the world a better place, without the illusion of god-hood. My targets will be criminals, however my judgement system won’t simply be ‘list of names of suspects’ cause I can not determine that said suspects are guilty, I will only kill those I KNOW (indisputably) are guilty. Primary criminal targets will be people who harm/rape children.

    3. Another thing is, I would have the deaths be spread out, I would worry about amount in that case because on that scale I couldn’t humanly kill enough people per day (nor would I if I could) to make someone think “hmm… something is not right…” I will not kill out of hatred or anger either. I would space my killing times 2-3 days apart just for caution sakes. I will also not simply kill people just with heart attacks and repeating offenders won’t die of suicide I will be as varied with cause of death as possible and I will keep in mind deaths appropriate for the victims in terms with their situation and age (A young man shouldn’t die via heart attack a healthy man should die of disease, etc) this would be the system I would employ.

    With that out the way, what I WOULD do is test it (I’m a curious person) with the mentioned method and then destroy the notebook so the death god with me wouldn’t kill me out of boredom/irritation. I will probably hate myself for the rest of my life for ruining two innocent lives just to sate my curiosity.

    • A random guy says:

      If i were you i would simply disown the book, that way you wouldn’t live in guilt for the rest of your life and the death god would leave you and this world hopefully forever 🙂

    • Oryx Chi says:

      Remember that killing via only heart attacks helped Light shroud other of his crimes. I must say I admire both Light and L for their introspective thoughts.

  • TheBrainwasher says:

    nice article. I know im kinda late but Im gonna answer this. I had totally picked it. I should use it to make a better world. lights main problem was wanting to become a “god” so as he was saving this rotten world, he was getting rotten himself for so much power. So yeah this world is horrible, full of really bad people, people that doesnt deserve to live. I should only kill those who deserve it. I probably would use diferent methods instead of just a heart attack. Killing lots of bad guys may get people scared and maybe peace will finally become true. Yeah lots of deaths but peace. War’s goal should be peace but instead is just power. If the greatest power is in my hands i would became the greatest crimanal ever but I belive the world could handle the death of hundreds of criminals rather than innocent people. I may suicide at the end. Is legacy what matters.
    inb4 tl;dr
    I’m a little crazy isnt it?

  • tony says:

    i would use it for my own cost,and yes, i would probaly be crazy but i think its worth it,cuz there are people who doesnt deserve to live.
    and you ask who are the people that dosent deserve to live? is those person i hate,yeh,you prob find me already crazy but so what? if it helps my life its all good.

  • Roy says:

    First your article is very interesing. As a fan of the anime i already tought of what i would do with a death note.I would try to resist but i don’t think i could.I will star with eleminate only the most important criminal but at some point also those who stand in my way in life. I would probably be drunk of power and take myself for god. That ‘s why i think the power of deat and life shouldn’t be in mankind hand ( sorry for my english )

    • Donald Ash says:

      Thanks, Roy. I think most people, including me, think the same thing that you do. Yeah, the power of life and death is pretty heavy stuff; it’s definitely not a power I’d want to be in charge of.

  • kenshin says:

    I would pick the death note and keep it. I actually have one(fake,not with i would kill everyone ihate. Maybe end up like light yagami. I might become crazy, but i feel evil already, whoever pisses me off, i wish i could eliminate them. With the death note will be easier for me, maybe kill the criminals. Maybe a few, to send them a message not to mess with me, after that, whoever tries to stop me, they will cease to exist, no matter who it is. I would even make the deal for the shinigami eyes, makes things easier.

    • Julia8 says:

      Exactly the same as me ! I also have a fake death note , lol . I would also use it one with power for writing down the names of the people I hate !

  • MizuHann224 says:

    if i ever found a death note, i wouldnt know what to do with it, it would be very overwhelming at first and i would probably do the same thing a Light, try it out to see if it was real, then if it was……i dont know what i would do, it would be very powerful and extremely dangerous. not many people could handle such a power and keep it from going to your head, and not try becoming “God” (if there is one) (atheist)

  • asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf says:

    oh i use that and use it a lot!

  • Katelin says:

    Okay,Now I’m scared of bloody Mary, chuckee, Freddy Kruger, and I’m scared that someone I know is going to kill me with this death note.

  • anonymous says:

    I would take it. I bring it home. I wouldn’t kill quite as many people as Light and I would’t make it obvious. I would kill only terrible criminals and do it over a slow course of time. They would all be accidents or murder by someone else. There would be no proof it would be. And, I can die knowing that I’ve left my imprint on the world. Yes, I’ve killed a few people, but think about how many lives I have saved. Someone has to do it. And I am more than willing.

    • anonymous says:

      I wouldnt be proud about my power either. I would do it quietly and with stealth. People would end up noticing but they would never find me since I kill infrequently. I watched the entire series of death note. A few weeks after my friend and I were discussing characters. My friend said this: “Light was truly evil for killing that many people. Still, he made an excellent villain.” Then it suddenly dawned on me. I had never once though of Light as a Villain. I though of him more as a hero. I believed in what he was doing. Is it really evil to stop crime and rid the world of darkness? The people who stand in his way of creating a world of piece and harmony, they are truly the evil ones. I would use my death note without guilt, but with pleasure knowing that I am making a difference. And that’s what I would do with a death note.

      (BTW the comment I’m replying to right now is by me as well.)

      • Ryuk says:

        yea i never toke it in consideration that light was evil i thought i would of done the same thing kill the agents cus they could of killed me and the criminals because they hurt people or stole stuff etc… so in the end the criminals deserve it especially the murderers and maybe that could teach people not to be a criminal if they know they will end up dying anyway

        • J says:

          Ryuk, your a Shini-Gami, you can’t be killed or even seen unless someone touches your Death Note or a piece of it~J

      • Misael says:

        Wow!!, i guess am not alone after all!!

    • tacopunchX3 says:

      do my theory(get the eyes and save people who have like one as their lifespan by following them and keep them from death)

      • pandacorn says:

        Does the deathnote even work like that? I know that your philosophy would kill you if you were a shinigami but would it work for a human?

  • Dane says:

    Hmmm… In my case, I would probably take it. The only hesitance I would have about using it is that Ryuk even says the user can go to neither heaven nor hell when they die. If I did decide to use it, I would have to go all out, killing all the criminals I could. However, unlike Light, I would not make most of my first victims die of heart attacks, it would be more random. Maybe even play on one of the world’s spreading diseases.

  • TsukiyomiHinamoriAmu says:

    your post is very interesting…
    Actually I’m a fan of L and of course I hate Light! Some or most fan of L surely hate Light because he’s evil and such! but, I am different i dare to say… actually when first I read the Death Note manga, I was sided with Light… until L died in volume 7. *sorry if I’m spoiling stuff* well, since it’s Light vs Near, i really didn’t find it amusing anymore, but i still read it until end. well, i know it’s weird, but I began to love and fave L since i realized his death, well, to tell the truth I missed him! I like L vs Light more than Near vs Light… -_-

    Sorry for my rambling, anyway, back to your question… What if I found the Death Note?
    well, I’ll just be honest, even if I’m a fan of L, that doesn’t mean I won’t pick it up and just let it be, just because that is ‘device’ that killed my precious L. Well No. I won’t pass the chance, and I will pick it up and bring it to my home. Firstly, of course I knew that killing people is wrong, but… as a fan, of course It would be very interesting to try!
    well, firstly, I asked any other person to write one of his friend with the face in it, and… if that’s working, well, I wouldn’t burned it! I would keep it for myself, but I won’t killed criminals like Light, I will use it when I’m in deep trouble… when someone want to kill me or raped me and my friends and such.

    I do not wish to kill criminals because they also have their reasons to commit, what about they commit because to feed their families or the police just arrest the wrong person? the innocent would die and their dear friends/families would be truly sad… I know some criminals just kill or commit for their own amusement, but that’s why there’s LAW!

    but, if someone trying to kill me, I won’t hesitate to kill because I will just defend myself!
    That’s my opinion though, by the way I also have the fake Death Note 😛

  • payback1017 says:

    I’d either burn it or weight for its respective Shinigami to come so I could return it.

  • black blood shead says:

    hmmm… i would use it to kill obama but the only difficult thing is that ryuk said the user will not go to heaven or hell strange

    • Ajakskdkeosksmmx says:

      Haha, no you heard wrong. Ryuk said that HE would be the one to CHOOSE whether or not Light would go to heaven.

  • black blood shead says:

    how would i kill obama: he would die of killing himself with 5 nukes

  • black blood shead says:

    i mean dont get me wrong im a good person i would let it be but i hate obama hes destroying our country

  • black blood shead says:

    but after that i would burn it

  • Maree Not-Curie says:

    Pick it up and burn it. Without thought.

    Well, I’d look over it to see if it’s one of the imitation ones, I have one of those so I could compare them. I would not check by killing someone with it. Or I would wait to see if a Shinigami came for it, unless it took to long, then straight into the fire you go, book of Death and torment.
    I can say it easily because I’ve had the thinking time from watching Death Note and talking about the death penalty in a Philosophy class I did last year.

    The comments are starting to seriously scare me, so I’m going to leave, and hope that if a Death Note does exist and ever falls to Earth it either falls in my backyard so I can burn it, or L is around to stop it.

    • MrZAP says:

      Thank you for being someone else who shares my exact position. Take it without hesitation. Wait a specified time for shinigami to show up (a month is enough, I suppose) then if they show up or the month ends burn it, also without hesitation. Killing is wrong, end of story.

      Well, on that note if I did have confirmation that it was real I might try to get my hands on and destroy others, and possibly see if I could prevent shinigami from using them as well. I doubt either thing would be possible though.

      That’s only if I could be assured that such a thing was possible, though. In all honesty if I found a Death Note I would be convinced someone was screwing around and playing with merchandise unless proven otherwise. I don’t believe in the supernatural by default, and even if I did I would find it highly unlikely that it would mirror a work of fiction so precisely. I might just keep it a novelty item in such a scenario. I’d never write a word in it, however, just because the sheer sentiment of putting a name into it (feigning wanting to kill people or whatever) is so completely repugnant to me (and also because of that tiny voice in the back of my head that would go “just in case…”).

      • Anon A Moose says:

        “Killing is wrong, end of story”. Lolz.

        So, you only eat living things? (Even vegetarians eat dead plants)

        Or is that a racism thing? Its only wrong to kill other humans?

        So killing in self defence, or in the defence of an innocent, or to prevent even greater loss of life, is wrong, regardless?

        How jokes. Your sense of right and wrong is even more childish than Lights, and that’s saying something.

  • Alex Ștefan says:

    I would use it to draw in it…and take some notes…and take control of a mafia empire so I can kill the police, the criminals, after some time, the rest of the world and kill the mafia until i remain the only human in the world.

  • kira says:

    i already have one so….

  • gerjan says:

    i would turn one person in a prisson into a zombie 🙂 way faster than writing all those names. just kidding if i would find a death note then i would burn it. if you kill people then you are just as evil as the people you kill.

  • ledgespidey says:

    actually i didn’t recieve a death note…’s a comment that says>>>>>G


  • Sakujo says:

    I would eliminate the most dangerous world’s criminals in the world and then forbid the ownership of the note and get my memory erased.

  • Atl2011 says:

    Oh I would deffiently use it, I would take care of all those murdurous criminals out there, I wouldn’t be so stupid and continuously write names, I would like do it once a month or something so I wouldn’t get caught, but yeah getting ride of all those criminals that did wrong by killing people and got life on jail without paroll and the ones on death row would be good to get rid of.

  • reloaded103 says:

    I would pick it up and do what Light planned.

  • Kira says:

    I would kill as many of the world’s worst criminals as I could, in the same way, where they will be found. The whole point is to make sure people know what the consequences for murder and rape etc. are. Legacy is what matters.

  • Thee punk says:

    I would pick it up and use it if anyone tries to kill me if i know when am giong to die i eould burn it before i die

  • Light Yagami says:

    I would become Kira, Justice, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD!

  • Light Yagami says:

    Well I already have done it…

  • Kira says:

    I would kill anyone that stood in my way of becoming leader!!! I will kill anyone put in jail, i will even kill my friends if they get in my way!!!! I WILL BE GOD!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Not only would I start killing those who I deem useless, but I would also get the Shinigami Eyes the second I see a Shinigami (Just to speed up the process of killing people (I wouldn’t have to talk to them))

  • emocolten says:

    I would use the notebook the same way light did to make the world a better place and become god of the new world

  • Skrede says:

    Well if you burn it, after being the owner of it you’d die too …

  • Anonymous says:

    I Would Use it to Cure My Boredom…

  • J says:

    I would use it to get the ultimate revenge on all my enemies. And also a little of the killing the criminals thing. And Justin Bieber.

    • N says:

      i disagree that ur going to use death note just to kill your enemies.. but i agree that you will kill JUSTIN BIEBER.. haha :))

    • disqus_b8cB1sfYRU says:

      so, there is a second J, glad to meet you, and judging by the fact that some people forget you can kill with an accident, i will be looking for heart attack related deaths that happen, besides from bieber, he would be my test if i ever found a real Death Note~J

  • Raito says:

    I would become the God of a new world! I would become… JUSTICE!!!!

  • iamnobody says:

    eliminate all war inciting elements and end war across the globe. then, rain hell to those who commit intolerable crime that is potent to destroy people’s life, murderer, rapist, terrorist, psychopaths, fools, and many more. after the world is holy and clean again, I’ll destroy the note and terminate myself, and let punishment rain down on me.

  • renegade says:

    I’d use without a doubt, but I’d get somebody else to write names for me, that way I’d still be able to go to heaven or hell (which both apparently exist in Death Note according to the notes rules). I wouldn’t use it often, due to the risks involved with letting somebody else write names.

    The main issue would be preventing the person whom writes the names from knowing they’re actually killing, meaning giving them the note with instructions is out of the question. So perhaps I’d take a page from the note, then get a person to write a massive bunch of names in the page, all whilst they see photos of the people whose names they are writing. I’d give the person who writes the names a lot of cash to write these names and of course they’d write them. Once that’s done I’d get them to write their own name in the note, so that the person who wrote the names die before figuring out they killed people and report the note to the police or whoever. Then I’d take the cash I just gave them to complete this task back.

    Wait a couple of years, all while choosing wisely and researching who will write the names next time.


  • Raito12 says:

    Same what Light did but with some changes.

  • whenwahtwhere says:

    i will be thw NEW GOD of this world….!!!!!!

    im serious,, im gonna erase all the evil in this world, and be the Justice…!!!!

  • Psycho says:

    Mass destruction everyone gone and starting the planet anew with no evil. Or Burt to death with all the nuclear plants left on. Call me crazy but the world has gone to shit humanity is doomed and the worst part is we can’t do anything about it. We’re fucked anyway might as well go out in style

  • L J S says:

    Well.. Hmph, I’d be scared to find the Death Note. First of all, I’d not be scared because of the power and all that stuff, I’d be scared of what I’d do with it.
    Because I feel, no, I /know/ that I would use it to the wrong use.
    I know what I’d do. I’ll kill my ‘best friend’. Or so she thinks I’m her best friend, but she is always stabbing me in the back, and betraying me and calling me all kinds of names. Some best friend she is!
    Anyways, she’d be the first to go. THEN I’d kill the girl she keeps betraying me for. That and because the girl she is betraying me for used to bully me.

    Basically, I’ll kill anyone who pisses me off. And all who stand in my way. I’d not be surving the world any good, just benefiting myself. I know its wrong, but I believe that’s what I’d do.
    You wanted the truth, I gave it..

  • Miwa says:

    I would almost do the same as light, kill criminals but what i truly would do is to make this world a Gentle and intelligent world where people are kind and sweet. I know it would be bad to use the Death not because after you die, you go the same place as everyone you have killed, but that would be only 1 chance, i mean you don’t see everyday a note of death falling down from the sky. if it would happen i would take the chance and kill anyone that stays in my way to justice.

  • l says:

    during my time in middle school i suffred a lot from bulling so i´d probably kill all those who made me suffer then i would forfeit the ownership of the death note.

  • Kirasama says:

    I would so use it to my own advantage. screw using to kill convicts, it’s a waste of power. I mean come on, a chance to kill everyone that has wronged you ever? who could pass that up? All you need is a name, and a picture right? How had is that to get with the internet now a days? So how would I use it? easy, for my own gain of course. It would also be really easy to get away with it if you made your kills random and in different parts of the world, VS just in one area.

  • erkw34 says:

    i will simpy write down the names of all the people i hate, and kill them in the most painfull ways.

  • YanKing says:

    Just remember that once you use it, you cannot go to either heaven or hell…

    • MrZAP says:

      Yeah but that’s rather moot considering the way the Death Note works (end story spoilers and all that), isn’t it? I mean, I’d never use it, but I still don’t think that’s a real deterrent.

      • rem says:

        Have you even read the manga….. Light realised that what ryuk meant was that there is no heaven and hell.

  • indefinitely says:

    Id send pieces of the note out to everyone i could (before it ran out, if it can) with instructions to write peoples names on it they care about so that that person would be watch over by an angle, thus targeting religious and stupid people alike. or just find other ways to fuck with people. Good or bad.

  • what would I do? says:

    If I was lucky and got a death note I would USE IT and not just on criminals, I would use it on anyone who makes this world the way it is, the real world needs to be more like people from gamer or anime (the nice people) but that is not going to happen on its own which is why i would kill bad people and anyone who defends them or will not help the world today

    I would not be kira I would be a worse version. and also I would kill people that are mean in general not just people who commit crime if I found out.

    You may say “that’s not justice” or “I couldn’t do that” but if you know it or not the chance of you also using it even if it is only once is very high and while I would not kill people who don’t share my thoughts I would be ashamed.

  • John says:

    humans are disgusting, ill have to kill everyone except myself.

  • John says:

    No, all jokes aside I would do the same as Nanami – destroy it as soon as possible. I can only assume that people on here are not actually serious of using it.

  • hataarii says:

    All these people saying they have death notes. If you actually did I’m sure you wouldn’t want to share that with all of us, because since people do anything for power over others.

  • collin677 says:

    If i had the power of the death note i wouldn’t just kill criminals or the wicked…i would kill everyone. I would murder anyone who has ever laughed at me, got in my way, hurt me, anything to make me mad. I would also get the eyes so i can look at their face to get the name instead of asking every single fucking one…half my lifetime to rid this world…

  • Sorrowmystery says:

    Hmmmmm…I was thinking about this already and I’d have to say the obvious. I would pick it up out of curiosity and read through the instructions first. I would hide it until I’m left alone (I’m known to get crazy/dark dreams, so I tend to scare people) then to the internet I would go and find a criminal, but I don’t use one that would be where I live (you know, justi n case). Once I see it works, I would kill all who i beleive are evil, sorta like Light only I’d add names from big corporations that are destroying the world’s wildlife. So, I would become Kira, just to see how long I would last before being caught.

    Hurray for killing just for the heck of it!! HAHAHAHAHA! >:D

  • Ryuk says:

    I just give someone the shinigami eyes and get half of that morons lifespan en live for all eternity

  • Xagenn Bonebracker says:

    i would write jusus and see what hapens moses and all that shit next the presidents ministers and every form of authority i would kill 100 000 thousand people by making them write my name on theyr bodies with knives then dying

  • Xagenn Bonebracker says:

    wanting justice is childish wanting the world is ambition

  • Whatthehell says:

    I would like to write the name of someone that I really-really hate first, don’t wanna waste my time I would write how she gonna die and make it so painfully! And after that I would like to write names of ignorant people in this world most likely people who have big influences. Erase them all from this earth.

  • poop says:

    cake is a magic number

  • Christian says:

    I’d do exactly what Light was trying to do. But some of the rules of the Death Note make it not want me to do it. But all in all I’d most likely go off of Light’s plan.

  • SmogBlock says:

    One word: Teemo.

  • Kaz Ewol says:

    If i had the death note, being in Canada, i would start killing only criminals that were released tothe public in Japan. I would do this to help keep suspicion off of anyone in canada, since L (or who ever actes as L) would suspect someone in Japan above all else, since that is where the killing started. Eventually, I would make my way across the globe killing criminals, as to show the people that there is someone out there, a Kira. Plus, it would still help keeping my locationa secret. I would bounce around everywhere with the killing as well. I would kill say 20 criminals in austrailia, 13 in china, and 26 in Japan. Using this time that i would buy myself, i would hack into all national police force servers, so i can kill criminals that were never released to the public in all these countries.

  • jaylen scott says:

    i would kill gays

  • Chicken says:

    I honestly wouldn’t pick it up. There are people out there that ARE as smart as L..and I could get caught and end up dying. So yeah.

  • Chicken says:

    And anyway..I would become just as cruel as the people who kill innocent people. I wouldn’t want that to happen.

  • Bill Nye says:

    Theres someone who has made my life miserable, forever,
    I would write; (name name) “because they made me miserable my whole lifetime”, “she will start dripping powerful acid from every hole in her body until she finally dies”

  • StraightShooter says:

    I would use it for my own personnel gain no doubt about it. If someone cross my path and i didn’t like them i would probably kill them. I do not believe in right or wrong it isn’t as simple as that. If one person believes something to be right and other does not who are we to say who’s right? Us humans like to think of ourselves above animals were smarter higher beings. But when it comes down to it we are just animals it’s survival of the fittest. The smarter we got the more things we think about the more things we think about the more we fear. Out of fear we created morals so it would be an invisible but powerful force to stop the powerful from destroying the weak. I would use the death note to crush those in my way i wouldn’t kill random people but i sure as hell would kill anyone who angers me. And hopefully it would lead to a new world created by my ideals. And would not feel guilty for those who i kill and heck i might kill convicts also.

  • A random guy says:

    If i found the death note, i would use it for my personal gain. But since i am a honest and kind person and my personal values benefit others i would end up making the world a better place.
    I would begin with killing off influential people who misuse the money/power they have like warlords or dictators around the world.
    I would make the victims spend all their money on a good cause, like charity or actually improving the conditions of other people. After that i would make them hang themselves wearing guy Fawkes masks.
    I would rid the world off all pathetic scum who turned the world into what it is now and hand power over to people with similar values as mine and by doing that improve the living conditions of millions at the cost of just a few.
    Kira/light was just a pathetic kid with a huge ego he thought he could change the world by ridding it off simple criminals. Criminals will always exist, that’s just human nature however the real criminals are the ones with power or posses a huge amount of resources and abuse them. Crimes such as Exploitation of weaker countries , declaring war or disrespecting human rights would lead to instant execution!
    I would never have to get the shinigami eyes since all the people i execute will be famous warlords or dictators/presidents.
    I would create a huge anonymous organization that consists of all the people in the society, I would share my power systematically with other people whom i can trust have the same values as i and together we will carry out justice !
    Even after i die or the notebook is used up, our ideology will live on and people will forever strive to fight injustice!

    • Oryx Chi says:

      Well well well. I can tell that would be good and bad. I mean the whole reason Light got caught was because his secret was revealed to several people which unfortunately was necessary. But imagine if Misa had never come. I think the whole explosion if the book would had worked! There would be absolutely no one to say he was Kira.

  • Sernation says:

    Personally if I found it I would take it, I would use it destroying everyone that has truly ever did me wrong, then I would go on to the corrupt people of this world taking them down one by one if not that I would be a mercanary and have people pay me to kill people using the book, I’d use it for my own gains and no one elses

  • Whriter says:

    Me? Well I would probably kill of anyone who deserved it. Anyone who has taken or ruined another life would already be dead to me. Any criminal would have to pay for their sins as well as anyone should. I could finally make this a clean and honest world with me to look after it and be worshiped. Anyone who would stand in my way would be preventing me from making the world a better place so I guess that would be a crime too now wouldn’t it? So anyone who got in my way would also die just like a criminal. No one would stand against me or make a fool out of me. I would be the god of the new world. I would become the new KIRA.

  • The Death Scepter says:

    Hmm. If I found a real death note I would first like to know the truth regarding the rule about ‘any user of death note will never go to hell or heaven’ as it wasn’t clear in the story nor is sufficiently explained in the notebook itself (which as it happens I also posess). Secondly I would have to establish a goal. That goal wouldn’t be something as foolish as changing humanity – lets face it, humanity is rotten and thats why its so fun! I would most likely kill all leaders of ALL countries, and keep killing them untill there was no one willing to become a leader. Then I would present someone as a leader of the world (who would be controlled by me ofcourse) and create one nation. Nobody would be able to opose me – afterall how would they do it? They can’t even establish a leader to lead them. All humans would become part of my nation. Then I could feel generous and kill all prisioners. Why not? It would be faster and less boring than killing them everyday by yourself. There would be no more wars, because there would be nobody to challenge me. Yeah that would be fun. Changing humans is pointless, but conquering entire world is quite a feat. Yes, I would do all that… providing that the rule about me going to hell or heaven would be fake or if there was a way to somehow evade it.

  • anonimus says:

    i´ve found a little metal death note but i don´t know if that is real

  • L. Skylar says:

    I would definetly do the same as Light, but better planned. But I’m still wavering between L and Kira. I never thought of Kira being ‘evil’ the world is rotting and if someone doesn’t do something than who will? Sometimes you have to destroy something to be able to modify it or create it anew. Or you can just make the public think that someone is killing criminals. But that’s no good. Kira must exist for this world to be a better place, someone must sacrifice himself for this world. Yes, if Kira and deathnote existed than Kira is sacrificing himself for us. We must think of him as a hero not just a villain or murderer. Justice must prevail? I do reckon that God once killed every human except Noah and some others to redo humanity. Dont you think that its better for Kira to kill the guilty than for God to do that again? Well, if God, Kira, L, or even the deathnote exist. Than that would be great.

  • Ryuik or something like that says:

    Late but want to say I would try to guide the world to general peace kill all the evil leaders would not waste my time on those who are going to spend the rest of there lives in prison

  • Oryx Chi says:

    Well, I will just put it out there: I would use the notebook but I would probably just test it once and not use it for a long time after that. So, here is a question, do you think Light would had gotten away with it if he had been more careful?
    Well behold my plan. Please tell me the faults that you find, I am interested if someone would figure out who I am.
    1. I would test it using someone who I hate, perhaps a criminal, certainly not someone I know.
    2. If it did work, I would hide it and replace the “death Note” cover with something else. Where I would hide it? In a box fill with school papers. I would do the same thing as light, but I am not that smart. Since no one would be looking for it, I believe it would be safe for the time being.
    3. Then I would spend months planning the best use for the notebook. I believe killing criminals would exposed me too much. Of course, I wouldn’t make the same mistake as Light of killing someone in TV without first making sure that that TV show is shown internationally.
    4. Well I would use the notebook for other purposes, but assuming I did use it in a massive scale to kill criminals I would first start writing names of the worst criminals. Then I would persecute those with minor crimes. Assuming that I did get information from police dad, I would make sure L doesn’t know that. I would probably only kill by night with heart attacks, so to imply that I can only use the notebook during the night.
    5. I actually think Light did a very nice job hiding his identity. The only problem in my opinion is that he limited L’s search to only Japan. I would had probably kill most of the criminals in another country as to imply that I am living there. Everything else he did perfectly.
    6. Also, I would had met Near before even trying to write his name in the notebook (just like with L). In my opinion, it was because Light never met Near that he didn’t understand the lever of thought Near put into his investigation.

  • John smith says:

    How sick could it be if you were like an assassin, you could charge exuberant amounts of money to kill people in various ways. I’m kinda thinking from a “wouldn’t it be cool if” perspective,

    You don’t know who I am so … anyway I’m a christian and I believe that he [god] has sovereignty over his creation, therefore he can judge those as he sees fit.

    however, if i was light, i wouldn’t of done this by hand … Id cut out the paper from the death note and make it so it fits in a printer. then compile a massive compilation of names, and make all the deaths happen in a systematic “plague – like” way, so that it looks like an act of God over criminals of the past 5-10 years, this would leave an effective mark on humans, and could be done once every 5 years so that people get the point. the only thing i would wonder is if print on the death note works. however, I wonder what the outcome would be, would the world almost be post-apocolyptic … an interesting sentiment never-the-less. Any-who, L would never catch me, i would leave no trace of myself, and i would be un-biest and invisible

  • L. says:

    I personally would do the same exact thing light did but there would be a few people I would kill just for personal game

  • L. says:

    Honestly I would use it to bring order and justice just like light did, but there would be a few I would kill just for personal gain and revenge

  • Ness says:

    See thats the whole point. First you only kill the bad ones. And then you turn crazy and just kill everyone. Good and Bad must exist both. If i saw the notebook, i would picked it up and save it where nobody will ever find it.

  • Music and Colour says:

    I would kill all my enemies and enemies of my family or friends but before the specific person dies i would kill all of their loved ones and make them die in a painful way i might sound evil but I’m not i just getting a “permanent” revenge.

    • Music and colour says:

      Although I would like to be there to see them die and suffer.
      I would like the idea of becoming a shinigami

  • Jennifer says:

    I would use it too kill my parents. They get me depressed all the time, and they’re the reason why I’m emotionally and psychologically weak.

  • LAWandJUSTICE says:

    Okay, I just want to say that the ney ”kira” is me, I’m the new kira and i’m tryng to see if the new ”L” can take this as a clue to get me.
    First: The First Person I killed wasn’t by heart attack and was famous.
    Second: I’m Leaving some clew in every non-heart attack person i kill
    Third: This Is to you guys, who might like me or hate me, I won’t like if you call me “kira” because I am only doing what is need to do.
    Fourthy: I’m not american, as you can see L/the one who is behind me I’m not american and you can take this as a clue to know where I am.
    Fifth: When I’m about to be caught I will give the Death Note to someone.

    You there can call me “strange” or something like that, but in time, you will see the things I will do with the Death Note. P.S: You will never get me.

  • Ahmad Hamizan says:

    If i get the deathnote . I will become te god o the new world but not like kira . Kira is foolish , there is no way he can kill every criminal in the world , criminal will always born . If i get the deathnote i will kill every leader i the world as i see fit . Only the leader can change the world for better . New rules will be made , made by my own terms . If they deny me ,

  • Montagne says:

    I would both pick up the Death Note and use it. If it worked and presuming Shinigami are real, I would ask the Shinigami as much as I could about the Death Note. I’m going to be frank though. There is no justice in murder and, hypothetically if this were all real, I would never try to deify myself as some savior or martyr etc. Letting their emotions cloud their judgement was perhaps the only downfall of the Death Note owners in the series. Anyone saying they’d burn the Death Note after using it once isn’t thinking clearly either. Mu sounds boring as hell to me hehe. Of course… This is all hypothetical :}

  • hail119 says:

    Well i would actually kill criminals and people who bring injustace …….. that includes major bullys in school cuz …. who cares if they die ? The shinigami eye deal is something i will accept …… i will right 2 pages a day and kill all fbi aggents and stalkers ……. i will keep 3 pages in my wallet ……first guy i will kill is some bully (John , april 29 2014,12pm dies of accident faling from top boarding school roof , 1 hour earlier plays guitar on the roof) …… deaths of all people i right wont be heart attcks to avoid suspicions (why didnt you think of this light ? )

  • N says:

    i like kira and also hate him, he kills the criminals so thats justice right? so i salute. but you know kira is selfish..

    • Genesis says:

      dude, you have a point that kira is selfish, but i disagree that killing criminals is justice. let the government and the real god do it. dude your smart but i think your idiot.. :))

      • N says:

        mr. genesis, i know that killing criminals is still against the law.. look if ur the victim then the criminal kill you but u survive what will you do? or lets change the scenario ur the victim and the criminal raped you for example.. what will you do? lets say you report to the police and the criminal is in jail, are you satisfied? hmmph :3

        • disqus_b8cB1sfYRU says:

          N, i agree with your point of view, but i think your starting to sound more like Kira then N, i do get worried about you and i hope i do not have to send you to jail~J

          • Anon A Moose says:

            Aiding and abetting murder is a crime equivalent with murder in the eyes of the law.

            Criminals who are captured and placed in a cage. With other criminals, with different of possibly superior skill sets. All of whom have a lot of time on there hands.

            Teaching a murderer how better to murder is aiding in murder.

            Allowing a murderer to walk within a crowd, when you fully know he is a murderer, is abetting murder.

            Thus, governments aid and abet all crimes committed by repeat offenders.

            Of course, what government would take itself to court?

            I would also like to point out that the government is made up of flawed people, like you and I, and that people want to keep what they have.

            Thus, leave it to the government? Or, said a different way, “I know that they, or some of them, should die, but let someone else do it.”

            Evil thrives when the good do nothing. Or, a different way “Evil thrives when everyone else is too lazy or scared to do anything about it.”

            Silly Genesis. As a side note, I still don’t run your card in my Deck. 2G is fine, but the graveyard condition is rough!

  • Chazz says:

    I would use it on all who made me suffer in the past. Also, to end the life of those who seek to harm my friends. I care little about those who make me or my friends suffer.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would definately use the book to kill people like torturers, murderers, rapists, etc. They are just dead weights holding society down. Such vermin don’t deserve to live.

  • don'twanttosay says:

    personnaly i think i would do same as kira (sorry for my bad english) because I think he is right this world is full of criminal prisons are full then some criminal are liberated and I think somebody have to do what light do and if it’s me, it will be me

  • L.Lawliet says:

    Justin Bieber would be the first to suffer

  • Joshua Wei says:

    If I found a death note i wud pick it up so nobody can use it

  • Zane Darwen says:

    The world is ten times better without people we hate. Everyone that pissed me off, today. would’ve been dead if I had it, actually…..I may go on a killing spree just for the fun of it, and when your existence is erased in the end who cares, at least you destroyed and had your fill of fun in your life.

  • colby raup says:

    I would use this power to an advantage but I dont think I have the skill is mind games as much as light but I would pick up the book and the first name I would write down is barac obama

  • the silent key says:

    This is a pointless discussion I mean realy you think any one even with or without a death note could pull that who killing sharade going and not fell the guilt to go insane or wrote their own name in the book

  • Jared Knight says:

    To be perfectly honest, i’d want to use it, but the whole “trapped in limbo for eternity” thing would probably make me keep my pen to myself.

  • tacopunchX3 says:

    i would wear gloves get it and burn it because (spoiler maybe?) in the last episode ryuk tells a rule witch he kinda told earlier but its not in the notebook”you know ill proboly write your name in the death note after all this” -ryuk and he says at the last episode “i told you i was going to write your name in my death note, that is the deal between the shinigami and the first person to touch the notebook” and i dont want my life shortened(but if i did use it i would write my name in it and double my lifespan so i get shinigami eyes for free X3)

    • tacopunchX3 says:

      i would also do the eye thing that i said and follow people who have like a one or somrthing on their lifespan and save their life C: the death note can also give you life saving power by my theory instead of a curse that only caused pain and suffering since shinigami come with the death note so thats also how i could use it but itr could be unpredictable what i would do just like how light was wondering if he would acctually do that with a death note (while staring at l for 2 minutes CX)

      • tacopunchX3 says:

        just learned you cant extend life so i could still be a hero and use the eyes for good but i would loose half my lifespan

  • Hejeodshshsh says:

    After I get the death note I’d order a Yellow pages book… With PICTURES!!!

  • Bill says:

    Well, honestly… I would probably kill people I didn’t like.

  • deneb says:

    Honestly i would pick it up, test it it with some very unfortunate random guy on tv and use it to kill criminals and anyone that will get in my way of cleaning this world of evil.. only the pure will live, i would be the last evil person in the world. I would make the eye deal right away as well. Im not a hypocrite, i know its evil to kill but i would take that burden for the greater good. I would give myself a deadline of up to 20years then write my name on the note and rid the world finally of evil.

  • cole says:

    I would kill the man threatening to rape and kill my girlfriend so I could have her and she’d still be safe

  • Gorudentaiga says:

    I would pick the Death Note up and take the Shinigami eye deal and use the Death Note to gain wealth for my family to enjoy before I die. I would have the Death Note buried with me.

  • Anon A Moose says:

    I’ve had a decent amount of spare time, so I asked myself that question (before I found this link).

    Firstly, most people would pick it up. What kind of notebook falls outta the sky? That kind of unusual thing creates curiosity.

    Secondly, I would test it. Duh. I would experiment like crazy, using death row inmates for the majority of the tests. (Anyone can say that murder is evil, but I personally feel that being locked in a cage, with other violent and dangerous offenders, knowing that very soon you will be killed with at least a dozen people watching, is a significantly worse fate than a sudden a swift death. After all, torture is wrong, but freeing someone from suffering is, at worst, morally neutral.) I’d test with type writers, computer printers, long term death plans with multiple moving parts, different languages, and so on. It would be scientifically rigorous, thorough, and thoroughly morbid.

    Then, I would leave the majority of criminals alone. I share some opinions with Light. I do believe the world is rotting. However, I do not think that criminals are directly responsible. They are a symptom, not the disease.

    No, I would attempt to kill MONEY. I would attempt to free us all from a system that defiles anything it touches.

    Money directly supports slavery. “What!?!?!” “No way.” “Thats crazy talk.”. Really? Think about it. What can’t you buy with money? Why would there be slaves if there was no money? We live in a time where slavery is as prevalent as it was 300 years ago. This is strictly because of money. The increased divorce rate? Money problems are the leading cause of divorce. Wars? War is directly linked with money, as an hour with a textbook can prove. World hunger? Well, since food has value, thus monetary worth, there will always be a reason to not distribute it so that we can all have enough. As for positions of power (police, government, finance, transportation), money is the primary motivation for those positions. As such, the desire for more money is nearly unavoidable. Since as a race we have not ethically advanced since the early 1800’s, the inescapable conclusion is that money will corrupt some, if not all, individuals in such positions, which in turn leads to the misery of those influenced by such men.

    I could go on (and have in other dialogues) for HOURS about how money is a huge god damn problem, but this is about the Death Note.

    I’m not going to go heavily into the theoretical plan I brewed up in the last 2 days, but yes, lots of people die. Oh yes. And the world changes. Would it be better? Maybe.

    But it would be different, and more than likely less corrupt.

  • Ramsha says:

    I might pick it up and take it, but i won’t start killing people just like Light, i’ll keep it for emergencies, like if i get kidnapped or something.

  • OneLittlePrettyKitty says:

    If I actually got a working Death Note I would actually be quite scared but so freaking happy! I would (like Light) kill all the felons that committed major crimes. Especially rapists. Everyone hates them, and murderers, pedophiles and terrorists, etc..

    I actually think using the Death Note would actually be kind of fun. You’re pretty much playing god. That would be interesting.

  • Kira_Worshipper says:

    I would continue with Kira`s ideals, creating a new Ideal World.

  • strange butler says:

    I would kill all the world leaders and watch the events unflod then kill some more when i get bored. I would bring this world down with me and if i die then im dead and cant do much so oh well. Ill keep killing faces i see on tv just cause. I wpuld have a right to this power because i obtained a deathnote.

  • Ajax says:

    I will eliminate the evil from this world, even if it costs my own soul first. And Yes, I will not hesitate to do the Eye-Deal also !!! Whatever is
    necessary, I will do it to make this world a better place to live for
    the innocent.

    Although I would need 1 more power to use it freely, which is to read mind to confirm whether the person is really guilty or there is some setup.

  • pandacorn says:

    If I discovered a deathnote I’d write the names for those who dislike a) L and b) cookies. :3

  • Kira says:

    The possibilities of the death note being true are 0,1% hardly.But if by that 0,1% i had the change to pick up the death note i would do it. This world is cruel and it need to change, I have the complete same thoughts as Yagami Light and thats why i watched that anime. But i wouldnt be so reckless to trust someone in the end like Yagami Light did. I think you have heard the phrase ”An eye for and eye,a tooth for a tooth,an evil for an evil.Thats what i believe too there cant be two gods in one world thats what i would probably believe.

  • Leeroy Jenkins says:

    I’d pick it up and wait for the school see who wants to piss me off now also end all wars (meaning what side im on wins on a condition though like infinite wealth in that country) so yay? im not fully evil 75% evil 25% of nothing

  • kyuubikid213 says:

    I just watched the entire series (again) on Netflix this past week…and of course, these questions have popped up in my mind.

    I… I know I would pick it up. My life’s not bad or anything, but I watch a lot of movies and shows, play a lot of video games, read a lot of books…where someone is special or has something special or different about them. I’ve longed for that something for a while. Be it super powers or even…the Death Note.

    Would I use it…? Sure. I think anyone that found a Death Note would use it. As dark and terrifying as it is, everyone gets curious. And curiosity…usually gets the better of people. I, like Light, would use the notebook on criminals. With the internet, it wouldn’t be hard to rid the world of all of the worst criminals like terrorists and murderers. The power would likely drive me insane. I’m shaking now even thinking about it…

    And of course…I would also do the Shinigami Eye Deal. It would make it entirely too difficult to use the Death Note without them. On top of that, I tend to forget names a lot, so that’d be useful in regular life as well as when using the Note.

    With the knowledge I have of the series, I would make all of the deaths accidents unless a heart attack would make sense or come across as non-suspicious. If the series didn’t exist and a Death Note came into my possession, it would take some time before I thought about not doing heart attacks. It takes time and creativity to come up with an accidental death…just writing the name would be more convenient.

    WITH ALL OF THIS BEING SAID…I am not one who would kill a person in any other situation. I believe people should be punished for their crimes in an appropriate manner. Even if our prison system is broken and criminals that deserve more time or even death do not receive just punishment, losing their freedom is punishment enough. Killing someone gives them the easy way out. They do not feel anything, they do not regret, they do not learn. Everyone deserves a second chance, but they have to earn that chance. I would only feel right killing them with the Death Note because…it wouldn’t be a planned death. It would be a just and deserving death for their crimes and away they would go. In any other situation, if I were in control over another person’s life…I would incapacitate them. I would take the Ender Wiggin route and make sure they couldn’t hurt anyone ever again. Leave them alive, but broken. Leave them with their life, but not their pride.

  • Dick Dickinson says:

    I’d use it, but I will use something like Dexter’s code with it. I’d kill people I am sure did the crimes. Kira saw himself as a god and went insane. seeing someone was convicted on television is not enough to prove guilt. Also, Kira killed people who stood in his way without hesitation.

  • Natalie S. says:

    I’d kill criminals. However, I would make sure they really are guilty first as much as I can. I would also never kill innocent people just because they are against me. I would not see myself as god, just see that what I’m doing as a dark gray necessity. I know I would feel guilty for a long time, but I’ll still go through with it. It is wrong, but I just want to save the world. The same way that the Sandman would hurt and steal money for her sick daughter. The way thieves look at our property, not as a sin, but as a survival for their family. Like Robin Hood I will be. But instead of stealing money from the rich to give to the poor, I will steal lives from the guilty to give to the innocent. And one day mine may be stolen for the same purpose.

  • zorocario says:

    I’ve watched the full series multiple times and read the manga, so calling me a fan would be an understatement, but I still don’t have a clear decision, if it is right or not, as I firmly believe that neither L or Kira are correct. But if I found it, yes I would use it, but limitedly: only criminals that are at large and have committed many crimes, because I see no reason to kill any others.

  • KIRA says:

    for me i will going to pick it up!!!!!!!!! im going to be a justice of all!!! nahh!!!!i LOVE KILLING and i LOVE SEING PEOPLE DIENG IN FRONT OF ME THAT’s kind a cool yeahh!!! i will going to creaate a perfect worl like kira did………..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! i want to have a DEATHNOTE!!!!! thats make me feel very awesome!!!!i love to KILL !!!!! i will going to find the ritual to create a deathnote!!

    • The Man You Will Never Know says:

      And in that ritual, you’ll take a chip… AND EAT IT!!!! hahahahahaha yes, yes and the chip will be quite delicious to you, so delicious that you will take another chip then another, then another until you have emptied thee whole bag. HAHAHAHA!!!! then realize that you were just hungry and continue with your normal life of satan worship. ps. check your grammar in the last sentence.

  • hi1234567 says:

    writes Justin bieber

  • Joyful says:

    Man, I’ve thought about this even before I saw the question. I’m not surprised people are answering the way they are. Some are lying and saying they wouldn’t use it, but I think most people, if not all people would at least be tempted to use it. I am no exception. I have decided, in the end, I wouldn’t use it. I would burn it. That’s only because I believe in God. I’m sure some of you have thought of religion in this question. I’m being honest, the rule about heaven and hell would definitely get me. I’d be lying if I said an afterlife without heaven would scare me. Even without that, I pray to God so much that I would ask Him about the notebook. I would question Ryuk a lot. I would come to the conclusion that since God can save anyone, I cannot be the judge. I would be afraid of that power as well. Right and wrong is not so simple. People can change. Do they deserve death? Yes. But I already believe that I am no better. I would be willing to kill people if I were in the army or to save people in a tight situation, but even that would be hard. Yes, I would be tempted to use the Death Note. I would feel a sort of obligation to use it. I would be extremely curious. I may even feel guilty for not using it, so I may be tempted to give it to someone who could use it justly. However, I don’t trust people, just saying. If the government got it, I’d expect an eminent WWIII. Now, if I were a soldier in a war, I would be very tempted to use it. Damn, this is hard. In my situation now, I would most likely burn it and spend tons of time in prayer. I wish I could be justice, but unless God gave me a say-so (which I know he wouldn’t since that’s not how he works), I wouldn’t do it. If I didn’t believe in God, hell yeah, I would use it.

  • Zyiggz says:

    No doubt I would what I want. At times I have a pretty dark and twisted mind. Plus I’m planning on trying sometime to become half-demon. I don’t care what others think of my decision, I would kill all to destroy the world, then kill who I want. Just to be true about what I say.

    • The Man You Will Never Know says:

      you, my possible same thinking friend, are indeed an interesting individual, i am not judging what you said about anything on this post, nor am i admiring. i am simply observing and noticing a pattern or either honesty or parent written bullcrap by most people. as far as what you have said goes i think that you are simply speaking in this manner to get attention or a “troll” as evident from your “i don’t care what others think of my decision” portion of the comment. in any case i do not doubt that most would try to kill people with the book, yet not many will ever think far enough ahead to be able to avoid the death penalty for the murders of innocent civilians. as far as your plan to kill everyone you hate and every person in the world goes, good luck finding out the name of all 7.1 billion people on earth, getting enough deathnote pages to write each of those names, and to have enough time for that within your lifetime before you get caught for being an unprepared imbecile. you may respond to this in any manners, but whether hateful of thankful, i will not respond i simple wanted to mention my thoughts here before i left.

  • Ree says:

    I would maybe kill the people who I hate…. actually I will kill the people who I hate but the death not is fake, which is sad hahahaha I’m evil!!!

  • Kira says:

    I’d just kill all the people I do not like, selfish I know but what are you gonna do. I have a lot of bad days and the people wouldn’t exactly be missed.

  • Rosa Hijne says:

    funny thing, i once baught myself a deathnote and left it on the table with some friends when i had to go to the bathroom. on my way back i saw someone slip. the name of that person was writtin in my deathnote by my friends LOL ^_^ also 3 whole other pages where full after i came back but still its funny

  • The Arbiter says:

    I can see that some people would write names just because they don’t like that person. But i would eliminate true criminals – rapists, murderers, arsonists, thieves and even more petty criminals like purse snatchers or embezzlers. The world has to be fixed by passing the only true righteous judgment – death – on the bad people, no matter how small their crime. As long as, unlike Light, you don’t confuse yourself with God.

  • Sn0wbird_03 says:

    I feel like it would be fair to minister the gospel to every person who has done harm to someone and then kill them if they rejected it. But God would give them that choice and whether they reject it or not, they would die sooner or later. But really, it’s not right to kill anyone.

  • Jeff Jiang says:

    i wouldn’t do much. just keep it with me in case i ever need it.

  • DamionLillard says:

    i would become god of this new world muahahaha muaHAHAHA MUAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

  • charm says:

    You can kill as many bad guys as you can the world won’t change, after you die everything will be back to the way it was, who knows probably worst, it’s useless to try to kill evil ppl cuz evil is not “people” its something that exists in every human and can take over them anytime under the right circumstances, just think about those terrorists, for every one of them that gets tortured or killed, another 100 terrorists appear who are filled with the desire for revenge and hatred, its very obvious that what light did was almost pointless.

  • StarSent says:

    id use it to make this world a better place, criminals are just a bump in the road. and you gotta flatten down that bump to make the road safer, correct? the criminal shall have time to repent and change his or her ways, but if they do not, they deserve to die. now like blacksun388 said “Rapists, murderers, pedophiles, psychopaths, terrorists automatically deserve death”. it also says that a god cannot save a person by writing down the “criminal that kills another human’s name” without dieing, it didn’t say anything about humans saving humans however. that is what I intend to do with this Death Note.

  • Adam McKay says:

    I would mostly go after world leaders, and those who have escaped justice, but are nonetheless responsible for crimes without a shadow of a doubt. People like Vladimir Putin would be near the top of my list. Corporate executives around the world who make life hard for everyone else. People high up in gangs and drug cartels as well. I would also target ISIS and other terrorist leaders. I’d be more interested in going after the higher-functioning psychopaths like that, who are far more dangerous on a macro-level than the low-functioning rapists and serial killers who almost always get caught anyway.

  • #secondopinions says:

    I would take the death note and drop it into the deepest sink hole in the world, The death note reminded me off this quote “some die a hero and some live long enough to see themselves become the villain” The guy in the anime started off killing villains but then started killing cops, manipulating people, and lying to clear his tracks, The moment he started killing cops was when he became just another pathetic villain to add to the worlds problems. Another villain with a twisted sense of justice ( a problem every villain has)

  • Firefunk32 says:

    Blacksun388 have you seen the movie

  • Firefunk32 says:

    I would use it of course no heaven or hell and death in 13 days if not used But FUCK IT just for fun of course light tried to end life so shit i don’t know

    • The Man You Will Never Know says:

      you only saw literally the one episode in the series where they had that rule and even then light admitted the 13 days rule was a fake that ryuk wrote in there for apples. in any case, i would first of all test out the deathnote on some of the very well known people in the world, obviously with somewhat varied deaths, i would use it mainly to kill bad people around the world and occasionally some people in my local area of accidents or making them move away and die in pre-determined intervals after their move so i would seem innocent or just an unlucky person, in any case the people from my area would not die often because it would cause too much suspicion, i am merely someone who might want to watch the world burn, but prevent wars at the same time so i would be like a neutral entity affecting the whole world, also to be completely sure i would have a backup plan for some occasions. since i would plan not to be caught too quickly i would try an experiment on some people where they would have a heart attack and survive for a year or so or several months then die of coronary artery disease after those specified times to be able to plan ahead for any occasion if i were to get suspected. if the experiment works and the person has a heart attack and survives for any predetermined amount of time then i would write that same occasion on myself if i absolutely have to and there is no other choice then to throw off suspicion from myself, (i mean, who would actually suspect another person who had a heart attack and almost died for being a person causing all of the heart attacks.) i would extend my life by at least a year with this method then just before i die i will write down the name of anyone i possible can as my last mark on the world given have there is no actual life past death. also, since i act, live, and speak in mono-toned (as people constantly seem to describe me) even if i tried i could not and would not show any emotions toward anything like killing, loving, hating, happiness, sadness, angry, ect. so i would not be acting or speaking suspiciously. and of course as my final action before death and after i’ve exhausted the list of names i will write down, i will take any remaining pages of the death note and send them away to various locations around the world to trusted colleagues who will use the pages to either continue my ways or create their own, i won’t care because i would be dead by that point. i have a plan for everything so im quite sure i would survive long enough, and if there actually was a detective reading this and i by some random chance came across a real deathnote i will simply change my whole plan within a few minutes given how i came up with everything as i was going along and it only took me 3 minutes type this.

  • Firefunk32 says:

    I own one let me right Blacksun388 for laughs… FUCK DONT BUY THE DEATH NOTE ON AMAZON

  • Im taller than you says:

    an eternity of nothingness isnt worth it. DONT DO IT

  • Chad Picard says:

    I would probably use it to eliminate politicians I disliked, and those who support them. I’d probably cause them to commit suicide, preferably in as painful and disgraceful a manner as possible. I’d also love to see ho the world reacted to such a string of politician and political-backer suicides.

  • James says:

    I, for one would use the Death Note. I’ve just recently re-watched the anime and never once have I found this series to be very relatable compared to both our worlds. I would use this note book on the most dangerous and disgusting people in this world because in the most honest words of Light, this world indeed is rotten

  • Alis says:

    I would kill my sister with it and all of the people who ever treated me bad. I would kill everyone in the whole town that I live in except for my friends… but I would never know if they really are my friends if they aren’t then I will kill them too!

  • jimmeh says:

    still murder jackass

  • Light Yagami/Kira says:

    I would do what light… Aka kira has done, but make it more quiet and not just heart attacks so it’s not obvious, working from the shadows, but I would never kill petty criminals, only killers, child mollesters and anyone who personally tries to kill, steal from or harm anyone of my family. Not even a real life version of L or Near would find out…
    I’m evil arn’t I!?

    • Light Yagami/kira says:

      But I would only kill those who are phsyco paths, they never learn…

      But I might just pick it up and destroy it… KILL IT WITH FIRE!
      I don’t want to not go to neither heaven nor hell, limbo is boring

  • Caspian Sunerton-Burl says:

    I have seen a lot of people here with their various opinions however most lean towards either destroying the death note, giving it to someone else or using it tons like Light in the anime. However, nobody has suggested what would happen should say a government get it, any government American what ever, the point is that the amount of chaos that would happen is unimaginable and would probably end up in destroying most of society. See in the anime after Light died supposedly N had the death note and probably would give it to a government leading on to a world class catastrophe. If I had the Death note I would test it on some death row criminal who was going to die tomorrow and if it worked wait for the shinigami to come before planning anything else. With that in mind though that would mean that there is a heaven, and I would not get to go there, which would really suck, on the other hand if I was going to hell experiencing some pain and then nothingness (as in before you were born type nothingness where you can’t even think) that would be better then eternal torment in the depths of hell. Just my opinion.

  • anonymous says:

    Honestly, I would probably use it on a lot of people

  • omgwtfbbqhax1 says:

    I have a list of names of a few scumbags who have royally screwed over me or my family in the past. Their names would instantly be written the day I happen to find the note

  • Coco says:

    Well I’m late getting on this train 😛 but I would keep it…. I probably will not use it but I will keep it…. No one else in the human world will have any idea of what it is, I will not harm anyone…. But if a time comes where I’m in a dire situation…. I will not be harmed either…. The world cannot be completely cleansed of evil so I will have no great desire to use it in such a way…. It will keep me and my loved ones safe…. It’s selfish and simple….. But also safe … That is what I will do if I find the death note

  • mish_cookiesh24 says:

    Whoa~ I just told my best friend to buy me one at Comic Alley in Manila xD Haha To spoil some of it, when you buy something and open it up first, there are already names written in Japanese, my brother just wrote something on it a while ago..

  • Kira says:

    Lights plan was stupid,no matter the punishment people will still commit crimes and as long as they are not caught Kira would not be able to kill them.If I had a death note I would use it to bring about the end of organised religions,extremist organisations,criminal organisations etc punishing indivuals acting on their own occord with death seems like a waste of time as they will always exist,but by stopping them from teaming together the world would be made a lot safer.

    • ZyriusZel says:

      if u start to kill all illegal crime, i want to ask u one question before.
      Who is the real crime?
      I can tell u, Politicians are the same like murders. but why do we accept the politicians? They do only bad things, they lie to us so many times, they are all fallen down to the sin of greed. They can easy accept the death of 1 people for theyr own money. I mean a politician once said “It is easyer to kill 1 milion people then to control 1 milion people.” And what happens in my town last weak? A crazy murder starts to kill randomly people, after he killed 2 people and injured 30+ he goes to the polices and got arrested but he got at the same moment the safety from the polices, for 2 days he gots out of the jail and send into an psychatrie. why? the state safes his own people! dont forget the real bad people.
      Is the police realy your friend and helper? or is it only a person who shows u to respect them if u would to live peacfully?

  • Me says:

    Number one most important rule of using a death note.Dont make it personal,if you start targeting people you have a reason for wanting dead then you make it too easy to catch you.also purposely targeting countries you don’t live in(perhaps one specific country) will keep suspision far away from you

  • Trevor Murphy says:

    I’d only kill people whose deaths would make the world a significantly better place. For instance, I’d kill all of the leaders of North Korea and then demand that the new government be merge with the south korean government. Then I’d kill all of the leading members of terrorist groups.

  • E says:

    Yes – and I would change the world…

  • Matthew Sampson says:

    My initial use of it would be to write down the names of everyone on the FBI’S most wanted list. Than I would probably do what light was intending. In reality there’s no real way that someone can go down for it. Especially if he/she only used the heart attack method.

  • QueenOfHearts19964 says:

    If I found the Death Note, it’d be very simple. I’d use it. But not for petty stuff like kill convicts, and sucky politicians, No, I would go deeper. Karma is a bitch, and if I could I would bring Karma into my own hands…

    Buuut, I’m not God, nor would I want to be, soooo no worries. Not to mention, the book isn’t real anyways. 🙂

  • BehindTheBlackGlass says:

    If I found a death note, I would kill every criminal/felon I could find along with a few people I don’t like.

  • Inquisitor says:

    i would probably pick at random, like names out of a hat, i would be smart about it, smarter than yagami anyways no matter how impossible that seems, if a world leader or someone like a diplomat of a country decided to go out of control or make unfair judgements or something to promote themselves extensively rather than help the little people i would right these details: Death – 12:00 pm , Carved into skin with a knife “The Inquisitor has judged you unworthy and i set you as an example for others” they would die in public at a park or something already having the words carved into an arm or something else, the cause of death will be draw of a hat but i would have to go with “felt as if they were drowning and lungs collapsed due to spasms and bones making puncture wound” which will fill the lungs with blood and actually drowning them, now some of you may say that i am being “evil or that i am crazy” but if you really want someone to take you seriously and stop the problems wrong with the world you can’t simply give everyone a heart attack, they’d just think of it as an epidemic and look for a cure like the ebola scare, and if this was hidden from the world then i would have to start being more “gruesome” :3 i’m pretty sure i’d bring around the apocolypse

    • Inquisitor says:

      and i know killing isn’t justified but i don’t care, if i can make the world a better place then so be it, even if this isn’t the right way to go around doing it…………….

  • Shin sekai no kami says:

    An eye for an eye,one wrong for a right.Killing the ones who kill the innocent IS justice.Some people are just too coward to be comitted to true justice.

  • kira says:

    if it is real write this name in it so i can tell it is real. Drew Jones. and set the time between 9:00-10:00 am. make it kira main why.

  • Vituperatively says:

    As someone who is easily bored. Yeah. I think the Death Note would be a very nice way to rid of it.

    Having that sort of power in my hands would be really fun for me. I wouldn’t be off killing innocent people. That would otherwise ruin the fun because they wouldn’t deserve death. Felons, however, would be an appropriate option. Whatever their crimes may be, and if I feel like they deserve it, it’d be fun as hell to sequence their own death. It won’t be something that’s done in the sake of justice, but, something just to give me a rush.

    Having Ryuk or any Shinigami in general around would be fun too.

  • Emma Thornhart says:

    The power of intention can be a tangible energy and should always be taken seriously. Spells/curses/prayer, all intention based. It’s all well and good when it turns out for the best, but what if it turns out to be the worst? Are you ready to carry that burden the rest of your life?

  • RestInFlames says:

    Using it for “justice” would be a total waste. So does getting rid of it.

    Would I pick it up? Why, of course. Would I use it? That’s a given. What would I use it for? Personal interests. 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    Pick it up with some materiel in hand and burn it.
    One down.
    Hundred+ more to go.

    It’s simply a cheat. It shouldn’t exist.

    If I was to kill someone I’d do it in a fair way just like you would play a game in a fair way.

  • the random guy who answered says:

    Well assuming it was the REAL thing, I’d probably get rid of a few major threats to most of the general world, and some “idols” who have issues with being good people (I.E. taking fame as immunity to the law)

  • Emma says:

    i would kill everyone at my school. just saying

  • Autumn Chomas says:

    I may have done what Light did, but be MUCH more careful. Consider every possibility, critique all of my actions before doing them and think if it’s suspicious or draws ANY attention to my actual being, obviously not be so impulsive about killing people (Like he had done with Lind L. Tailor), and definitely not use people that could be to my advantage. Of course, heart attacks would be TOO suspicious in a sense, so maybe suicides would be a little more discreet. BUT if I were definitely more worried about religion and such, I would have to consider it because the user of the Death Note can not go to Heaven nor Hell.

  • Claire says:

    Well, I certainy will use it to kill the leader of the IS and all the bad guy.

  • aaghjgsj says:

    The only reason I would pick it up, would be so I could kill criminals and then people will notice. But, there won’t be anyone as smart as L so, I’d pretty much be using the death note for years and no one would know whose doing it. Seriously, I just realized that our world is pretty dumb.

  • Kira123 says:

    YES, this world needs to be taught a lesson! i’m sick and tired of this world letting everyone get away with things! I would kill every convicted person if i had the death note, and everybody who got in my way, or who as ever been a dick to me. They all deserve to die, why should they get to freely roam the streets? That’s why the world is so fucked up! Anyone who is against this should also die because they are siding with evil. think about it, do you really want to live in a world full of murderers, pedophiles, perverts, drug dealers, druggies, rapists and all of that shit, they deserve to die!

    So yes i would use the death note, and this world would become a much peaceful happy quiet place, and those who deserve to die, would die.

  • PoliticalCorrectnessDisease says:

    I’d start with the 13 original bloodlines, the black pope and the Jesuit Order, corrupt government officials and politicians, those who support Illumanti, all terroist and gihadists, corrupt religious leaders ect. ect.

  • Michelle Bradley says:

    Watching Death Note right now. Thanks.

  • Guest says:

    I’d just keep it because it is something supernatural and I like supernatural stuff, and I’d hang out with the Shinigami if I could. ^_^ If I ever started to get tempted to use it, though, I’d burn it.

  • Guest says:

    My problem with Light’s methods is he had to hurt innocents to prevent himself from getting caught. That made him worse than the people he was offing. If he had just taken out irredeemable criminals, it might have been forgivable, but he didn’t. He could have turned himself in, and would have still made the world a less dangerous place for the innocent people. but he let his self-preservation kick in, or maybe it was his god-complex that prevented him from turning himself in, but regardless, he proved he was willing to use his power for the same evil purposes as the people he executed. He was not trustworthy with that kind of power. I believe that he would become more and more corrupt over time.

  • Kira says:

    I’d basically become Kira. I would kill anyone who committed even the most minor of felons.

    • ZyriusZel says:

      rly u will become kira?
      Only over my dead body.
      Im the only one who can become kira.
      why? the answer is, cause im not more human, im not better then humans but im not bader then humans. Im just on a compleet other point. If i have a death note who allowes me to kill people i would do it. If i get the right to kill someone in reallife with the permisions from one other person who can 100% guarantee that i get afterwards not in prision, i would do it. I would took anything whats sharp enought and stab it in his body as many times i want.
      Yeah i can kill peoples without any problem, but i just want to kill the bad people. I want to live in peace so i have to kill all murders etc but i have too to kill all polices and politician in the world cause they did the same bad things like a murder, the only diferent is, they do it legal. 90% of humanity is bad, so they all have to die!

  • Food Battle the game9999 says:

    Me? Welll i’d probally use it I had possetion of the death note AND the life note as to maybe do pranks or to threaten. I would maybye use it to kill people who tries to kill me, but then again i would give second chance. Try to do it again and your going down.

  • Food Battle the game999 says:

    I would only use it if i also had the life note as to maybe threaten or a very horrible prank.

  • Lee Ward says:

    I have a question, Since the death note is absolute, could you not just write your own death in there for when you are like 90? This insures you cant die in-till the death note kills you… Or if this isn’t possible get one of the other Shinigamis to do it?

  • RICH says:

    since i can make anyone do whatever i want before they die, i would make the richest people to give me money and they die. And live infinitely rich FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. 🙂 and kill everyone that suspects me of course. LOL

  • Kamila says:

    What would I do? I’d kill every living bastard that hurts innocent people. ….murderers, criminals, rapists, terrorists, psychopaths …the list goes on. Good people do not deserve to die. They deserve to live and serve the world good. It’s the heartless murderers we don’t need in this world. This world deserves peace and justice. I would make the world a better place. I’d make everyone feel more relieved since less criminals would roam the face of the earth and that would be such a benefit. Just imagine, more freedom, more love on the world! You wouldn’t have to fear that one day a criminal kidnaps and kils your daughter.

    So my answer is yes. Dammit, who wouldnt? But do people think like me? Would people KILL only the heartless criminals or would they use it carelessly….and unfortunately.
    Criminals don’t deserve to live but good people do. And one day, it will happen. I can promise you that

  • I would write satan name in it

  • Sarah Szabo says:

    So, what would happen if you wrote God’s name in the book?
    I doubt he could die of a heart attack…

  • Denis says:

    I would seize absolute power.That’s who i am,i wont hide my nature.

  • Marina Spohn says:

    no one has any right to kill anyone, no matter how evil they are, although if i found that death notebook, i would rip out a page to use it for extreme emergencies only, but whoever would actually use it for killing of everyone who sinned that is truly evil, they cold change through god, but if not u still have no right to kill them unless they have put you in a position to do so.

  • TheMarioMario64 says:

    I would grab it, test it in a criminal, kill 4 more criminals with it, leave it on a stand to show off to my friends when they come over, and never use it again.

  • Guest says:

    Honestly, the way I see it, this is no possible way to achieve a perfect world. We live in a world of change, and for the most part, we all seek at least a little bit of stasis. Death Note is a perfect example of what happens when there is too much stasis. Someone gets bored of the same thing happening every day and throws off the balance. As advanced as we are, we always need something to challenge us; not too little but not too much. This is why there is no such thing as a perfect world. We all have different ideas of what a perfect world would be. Everyone has different preferences of how much chaos they can handle. Even if every single person in the world was happy, there would be something to throw it off again, be it manmade or some sort of natural disaster. Even if I could make the world better, I still wouldn’t touch a Death Note with a ten foot pole. Ending someone’s life wouldn’t do anything beneficial for me, no matter who they were. If I knew I was responsible for someone’s death, even if it was for a righteous cause, I would still know that what I’d done was wrong. Plus in all likelihood, I’d end up becoming the very thing I was trying to get rid of. Hate to be a bummer, but we’re all going to die anyway, it’s just a matter of time. If I needed to kill someone to solve a problem, why wouldn’t I just use the time left until they die to come up with an alternative solution? Side note, if for some reason I was forced to use the Death Note, this is what I would do: 1.) Tape a pen to a stick. 2.) Misspell someone’s name (not gonna lie, probably a criminal’s) at least four times. 3.) Set the pen stick on fire and burn the book. Therefore, the Death Note wouldn’t have been in my possession, as I’d never touch it. Because I would’ve misspelled the name four times, the Death Note would be rendered useless. And to top it all off, I would make sure the continued use of the book wouldn’t become an issue while at the same time getting rid of any possible evidence it was ever even associated with me.

  • K3NT says:

    i would kill my father and his new wife to forever live with my mom. than i would kill all the people i hate in school

  • KittenFish says:

    I’d go after Justin Bieber. How: Drowning in water
    Why: His “music” is torture, and he’s done drugs, he ran over two teenage girls with his ferrari while slightly drunk, in a family neighborhood. He’s done drugs, he’s served time in jail. He is very disrespectful, he’s even spat on his own fans, the only people who like him other than his mom, assuming his mom does like him.

  • Bill. says:

    Ofc i’m gonna use it for too much reasons , and If i got it i will kill people without blood or things that will shows who is killer !!!!
    So by this Note Death I can kill who i want…….. for sure i will kill only bad people!
    and after that when i finished of all bad people on this Earth!
    i will kill my self , becuz i’m the WORST.

  • kira says:

    i wod kill a somebodu in the street but i wod make it look like self-defens then if its real i wod kill people starting by killers and murderers but 3 by the day in every cauntry and by one no rush just go slow and dont make any mistake.if people start doughting on something meak a killer to discuise your leads.then kill evil people by ather murdurer like a killer for killers and whe theat is done i wod kill him with a heartattack and …

    • ZyriusZel says:

      pls learn english, fake-kira.
      I dont unterstand no single word. even an anagram is easyer to solve then your word-mix XD

  • Miguel says:


  • Issac Francis jr says:

     NO! Killing is bad even if they deserve it!

  • Just another girl says:

    I agree with black sun but otherwise I would also use it to destroy evil American promulagtors of evil democracy and also crazy communists and also the evil Chinese government and any evil Yakuza boss scum. So yeah, lots of people…

  • Harry Potter that's who! says:

    Seriously fools, this post is 4yrs old. Give it a break!

  • aditi says:

    i would test it on JUSTIN BIEBER if not anything else atleast take out one of the people who are spoiling the young minds

  • Trevor Murphy says:

    I would use it to kill only the people who represent real threats to the world (not people in prison). So, leaders of drug cartels, terrorists, violent dictators, killers who haven’t been caught yet, etc. I feel like this would be the only justified use of it.

  • Evan Sykes says:

    I’d kill all illogical idiots who base everything on emotion thus making the world a better place. Try seeing a flaw in that.

  • ZyriusZel says:

    If i found the death note,i would use it. If its work, i dont first i make the contract with the eyes and then i start to kill everyone. but i start with people who works for the state. Police and CIA and lots of more from this sort. If im done i start to kill all people i hate and i dont like, if im finde with it, i kill all unworthy. If im done with that im happy and keep the deathnote, no one can finde out that is me with the death note ^^ trust me, if i get the death note, i will kill 90% of humanity, and never get jaild, why? who wants to jail kira 😀 no one will fight against kira. and im the crazyiest kira in this world.
    Its the same answer to the question “What would u do, if u know that u only have 3 days to live?” i would kill as many people i can.

  • Cowan. says:

    Why would you have to kill someone using a death note? The rules are a person will die and the rules are you control that person’s life for 40 seconds to 6 minutes and 40 seconds. It takes one nanosecond to stop a person’s heart, thereby killing them, but if you then continue to discuss what happens to them, discuss their experiences after “dying” they are technically “dead,” but certainly don’t remain that way.
    One needn’t kill using such a device, but one could certainly control. I do find killing is incredibly stupid. But making people like idiots: priceless.

  • Victor says:

    If I had the Death Note, I would be writing all names of the most evil people alive, from the corrupt political leaders, terrorist and FBI’s most wanted. I wouldn’t write small time criminal’s names, only those who have affected millions of people’s lives. There deaths will be the most horrible disease like symptoms and so much pain and long lasting. I would use the Deathnote to put all the money in the Switz banks under my alias and wiring money transfer to me muhahahahaha…. I will be a neutral power, no human will have any dominion over others. The world would continue to exist but the most cruel people will live in fear.

    Criminal will be force to live in the underworld, the innocent will have power over them just by posting their photos and hard evidence of their cruelty.From there they will be judge… even if I don’t write at all names just the idea of this type of justice will tolerate injustices of others. This is so scary just thinking about it, but that is what I would do….

  • ProGamer says:

    Re-watching the show, and I knew I would find many people, along with who I talked to in the past saying similar things. “I would kill all the felons and criminals to clean up the streets.” Or something to that extent. My question is, why kill them? There are repercussions for mass killings in today’s society. Where do all the dead people go? Unmarked graves that cost money to dig or cremations that also cost money for processing. Of course, prison life isn’t cheap either so I’m not quite sure of the trade off mass killing of felons vs letting them die in prison or once they get out.

    Also, people claim that once you commit some form of criminal act you are no longer human and therefor need divine justice from the self proclaimed death dealer (you). Yet murder is murder, and you become no different then those evil non-humans. I’m also curious as to how long one could prologue the life of a person using the death note. Write a name, cause of death and time, and how it happens, you could perhaps extend someones life, right? Say your dear wife was to die tomorrow of some gruesome cause but you would rather her die in a peaceful sleep 25 years later on July 21 and 2:00 am. Could you do that as well? So many people, so many different causes of death, but to utilize every aspect that the note has to offer one could not make themselves only a dealer of death but a granter of life as well.

  • Julian Sisler says:

    I would do what light did except no mistakes

  • Kathleen Rhodes says:

    I would not use the book at all, I would study it, or burn it. I wouldn’t use the book, because a God-complex could happen. Personally I would rather not be insane. Also it is stated that anyone who uses the Death Note has very unfortunate things happen to them, which in any case means death. I know that I could get away with such crimes, but I wouldn’t because of how much it is an injustice to society it is. I don’t really care about how people spend their life, but I wouldn’t want to infilct such an injustice on anyone. If I did how ever pick up the book I would burn it, or as I already stated study it. If you think this answer is just a generic no, then you would be wrong, because I have thought about this question and come to the conclusion: That any power like that is cursed. From beginning to end if you decided to use such a power you have to have no friends or be careful. Even when you are a detective investigating the case, and perfect example of a detective would be Rey’s fiancé. I am sorry for anyone who would fancy have this power, and for the people who would be inflicted by this power. That is my conclusion.

  • Robert Dobson says:

    to be completely honest, I would do the exact same thing that Light does as Kira and carry on his work of making the new world

  • boisechris says:

    Honestly if I found one I’d probably grab it thinking that it was jus one of those novelty items and would jokingly wright Justin Bieber’s name. Then I’d freak out when I found out he was really dead (not that I think it’s better that he lives, but rather I really don’t want blood on my hands, even if it’s that of one of the most annoying people in the world) but in the end I’d start getting more and more curious, writing down the names of murderers, rapists and child molesters. Over all I’d have good intentions but I’d be using evil means.
    I don’t think, however that the police would even look for me ’cause even if they caught me they’d never be able to convict me due to the fact that a notebook will never be considered a lethal weapon (especially in the manner I’d be using it) and therefore they’d never be able to do anything about it. Not to mention they probably think that heart attacks like that can only be caused through natural means.

  • Zorawar Heisenberg says:

    Here’s what I’d do …..

    1. Kill all terrorist , pedophiles, molesters, rapists, murderers , criminals who break in homes , vandalize .
    2. Kill all war criminals . people like Bush
    3. Kill all scumbags like Jeff Dunham and howard stern
    4. Kill all dictators
    5. Kill all Poachers and trophy hunters
    6. Kill every unlikeable scum bag I came across.
    7. Become the GOD of the New World.

  • kira says:

    i will try to get the picture of drew jones. if he goes by middle name will it still work or do u need first name?

  • kira says:

    make Charles drew Jones dies tomorrow at 12:30

  • kira says:

    12:30pm on a school day

  • Laughing Man says:

    When you think about it these killers actually help population growth high, which i beleive is on purposeb because it would be dangerous if populations get too high. Just another system of nature. But i wouldnt use the deathnote because it doesnt really benefit me and my personality is very close to L.

  • Mayur Patile says:

    I’m a follower of light yagami(GOD) so I’m definitely gonna kill all criminals…………

  • lightness says:

    It’s so old, but i should say that killing criminals is not a childish sight of bad and good. anyone who commits a serious crime HAS to die to purify this world. we are not gods, (the first point that I disagreed with Light) BUT we CAN and we HAVE to help other humans, don’t we? killing those criminals who are not even sad of thuer actions is one of the best ways of helping others. the other point tgat I disagreed with Light was that he killed any criminals. In fact, at first he didn’t meant to kill them. THE WHOLE STORY WAS POLICE’S FAULT. if they didn’t bother Light, he would never kill the ones with minor crimes. I know that “kira” is dangerous for everyone, but anyway Light wasn’t a weak and typical guy.

  • Sugou Nobuyuki says:

    i would kill everyone.

  • Light says:

    Yeahn I’ll just leave it there…

  • Dayan Hassan says:

    Someone who has completely acted against the universal moral code definitely deserves to die. Unless they have been tricked into doing so, in which case the person controlling and self-profiting from the cause deserves to die.

  • Sphinx says:

    Honestly? I would use it. You wanna know why? Because I’m bored.
    Not because I care about humanity or gate people enough, I’m just fucking tired of life.
    Having a death note would be interesting, using a death note would be entertaining.

  • Jasutisu says:

    I watched the amine, and I honestly would do a lot of what Light did. First, I “delete” the impurity (heh heh, bad pun/reference ftw) of the world of its worst criminals. I would make each death cleverly related to their crimes, however, so no one will suspect a thing. Something Light neglected. After a while, if suspision DID grow, I could build myself a secret lair hidden from reality, never to reveal myself. Well, maybe to get food, sure but that’s it. I would reveal messages to the public with a voice changer with carefully scripted messages with an untracable device. I will be known as Jasutisu (just so you know, it means “Justice”). Hell yeah I would use the death note. The world will be a better place!

    For extra security, however, my notebook would be covered with a fake cover as if it were a regular, non-super-natural book. The world will know the name. Jasutisu.

  • Rylex says:

    I would definitely pick it up, although be smarter than light in that I would, yes, kill criminals, but mainly the major ones. Although I would write causes of death such as illnesses and/or accidents, because (unlike light for some reason) I’m not keen on getting caught. I would, naturally hide the death note, and only use it, say once a week (or maybe more depending on crime levels) Screw L- I’m sure there are no detectives that good that just go round solving other people’s problems. So yeah. Use, hide, live.
    Oh, and I would definitely get the Shinigami eyes.

  • animegirl890 says:

    I would kill every bully that passes me and then the world would be stress-free

  • Jolteon says:

    There needs to be a Good Note. A notebook where whoever’s name you write in it, they can never be capable of doing or THINKING a bad deed for the rest of their lives. 😐

    • Durant says:

      This sounds way better than anything I could think of using the Death Note for. Eliminating evil without causing any bloodshed/death? Sign me up!

  • Maxine Grey says:

    Honestly, I see the world in a very similar way to Ultron (from the Avengers: Age of Ultron), so I would do the shinigami eye deal and then write the names of as many people in the world as possible. The others would die sooner or later on their own anyway. The sooner the better.

  • Curtis CJ Friley says:

    I would definitely use it. My personality lines with Kira well. I believe these criminals need to die. At times as they are, the police seem almost useless now.

  • Lilly says:

    What would I do?
    I wouldn’t pick it up at all. Why would I want a dusty old book found on the street that says “Death Note” on it? If I did pick it up, of course I wouldn’t use it, even on bad people. Killing people is wrong no matter what, so I don’t know why authorities want to put people in electrical chairs, but that’s another story. I wouldn’t keep it at my house either. Instead, I would burn itif I knew it actually worked. Also, that guy went nuts once he got his hands on that thing. I don’t want that.

  • AussieJo says:

    Two words: Justin Bieber.

  • Lucifer ~DaProfessionalYandere says:

    If I ever had a Death Note I can tell you that I would be shocked but perhaps be feeling a bit sadistic – Why? Because of all that power (I mean who wouldn’t) . (my friend was actually going to get me one but didn’t ╯︵╰)
    Anyway, I’ll tell you what my actions with the Death Note would ever be. With my very own Death Note I would (like Light) use it to eliminate criminals since I do believe that if this were to happen there would be no crime due to fear on those doing wrong.
    However, I would be smart and cover up my tracks (e.g. making the deaths I created as if they were accidents) and doing it over a long period of time (as in pace my time but make sure that the police can’t track it back to me – this means killing criminals all over the world and doing it at different times of the day unlike Light).
    If you think that this is wrong of me well I want to tell you that I wouldn’t kill anyone innocent or who doesn’t deserve to be killed – meaning I wouldn’t kill people with mental problems (they are a victim but if they got out of hand they’d leave me no choice), people who robbed to help their families (they were doing it out of survival like how everyone does), etc. I understand that I wouldn’t be able to tell all the time but if I could then you’d know what I am doing.
    If anyone wonders why well it’s like my judgement in the anime/series/manga/etc. – I do believe that what Light (or Kira) does is great with reducing crime and illuminating those who don’t deserve living here on earth because of their actions. However, I do believe that not every criminal should be punished by death since they could be a victim, they could have been blamed and some crimes are just not worth the kill. Therefore, just like with Death Note (series) I believe that the actions done with the Death Note is good but not completely right – proving what my actions would be with a Death Note.
    To sum up I would definitely use a Death Note similar to Light but of course changing my actions a bit because of my judgement. (P.S. nothing influenced my actions except me – I have no religion and don’t let one thing change my ideas but I am open-minded)

  • goku_ssg says:

    i would use it alot >:> but i believe they are real because shinigamis are real >:> and i wish i was a shinigami D: but im a human so that sucks

  • justiceForAll says:

    Light thinks of him self as God so he think he has the right to kill who ever he wants i myself think i could kill anyone who i think has to die and i would do it with out notebook if i have too ,and i wouldn’t do it out of some emotion i try to turn off my emotions as much as possible and think logicly and that is why i don’t think i would made the same mistake as light by killing anyone in my way i would just ignore them until they give up couse they couldn’t catch me
    also i belive that everyone has to pay for their crimes like eye for eye and live for live that s justice with the system is soft the way it is there is nothing stoping criminal of doing the same thing again once he is free so in other words they can’t be free in the world again unless maybe the crime is small like some petie thiefs or something.

  • chase haley says:

    I’d use it on the leader of north korea. And Isis, the illuminati, and serial killers.

  • Necromorphosis says:

    I’d use it on the leader of North Korea, serial killers, the illuminati, and Isis.

  • Kira Suzuki says:

    I would burn it -_-

  • Andrew Li says:

    Sell it to a drug lord for 50mil (without revealing my identity). Pocket the money, and let someone else deal with the problems associated with it.

    • Ben Wright says:

      I like your thinking, especially as it would technically still be in your possession for about a year so it could be discarded completely by then and then returned to the Shinigami (with you 50m richer)

  • Josef Meliane says:

    I would have picked it up, and buried it somewhere hidden. Then, I would have used it when breaking events happened to the world, for example dictatorships, invasions, wars…

  • TheGod says:

    I will also have the eyes. I would first use the death note to amass great wealth by means I see fit. Then I would use it to kill all I deem deserving to die. I will be the God of this world! It won’t be about right off wrong it’ll be about me being a God!

  • Durant says:

    I cannot say that I would be comfortable using such a tool. As OP stated: it’s just too much power for a human being to have over anything.
    I don’t think that I would destroy the Death Note because you never know when it can be used for good (i.e. when Light uses it in the first couple of episodes to kill the guy who is holding people hostage). When the Death Note can directly/immediately save someone’s life, then I can say that it is possible to use it to do good; however, killing someone who has already been convicted of a (violent) crime and is just sitting in prison seems like a horrible thing to do. People can change, and if I deny that person the chance, then I am no better than a serial killer.

  • TightR says:

    Straight up suicide

  • KHJason20 says:

    I would rid the world of people who are guilty through heart attacks, sickness, accidental death, then, and only then will the world shine in the right direction. I will become the GOD of a new world if that happened!

  • Venica says:

    I would pick it up, and be tempted to write in it. But, then I would remember Gandalf’s words: “Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. ” and abstain from using it 😉

  • Sir A.G says:

    I’d get rid of some people who I feel society could do without… >;)

  • Jordan says:

    I’d write in Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, bullies who mentally scarred me with ridicule for being autistic (one even told me to go kill myself because of my autism), the creator of Frozen, FRED, and the writer of Twilight series.

  • A MAN says:

    If I had used it, I would not be able to go to heaven or hell. Basically that means I can live the life I want with no consequences. I would then proceed to buy the shinigami eyes and kill everyone I laid eyes on. Because everyone is evil. I would take the burden upon myself to remove anyone evil(everyone) and eliminate everyone I could before I was caught.

  • Ben Wright says:

    To be perfectly honest I would probably be pretty similar to Light, though I’d reserve use of it for less people. Only Rapists, Pedophiles and intentional murderers would feel my wrath. Yes there are plenty of other serious criminals, but to commit those 3 acts you have to believe those sick acts are right (which is why I specified intentional murderers, and yes I know that would include myself).
    If the police were to come close to catching me I’d go quietly rather than kill the innocent just doing their job as detectives, I’d just be content with the knowledge that because of my specific kill zone with every few murders I committed the number of murderers in the world would go down.That is of course if I were to get caught, but with a lower amount of killings, and a very specific range of victims that 99.9% of people wouldn’t miss because of all the atrocities they’d committed, even without Light’s incredible brain power I’m sure I could remain completely undetected for a lot longer.

  • Yuhi Akabane says:

    Daaamn I’m 100000% I’d regret not picking it up.. I agree to some guys here, especially with Yagami Raito in the anime, He is the absolute best! This world needs to be cleaned, people are becoming more and more like animals than human beings, it’s absolutely true that this world has been rotten, so I would pick it up and clean the world, I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to be as smart as L or Yagami, but one thing for sure I’d never let go of that book once It comes to me

  • Dominic says:

    Knowing me I would have just thought its some edgy notebook and I would have done my math homework in it, probably killing myself in the process. If I did find out that its real I would still never use it (I’d like to go to heaven thank you very much) but Id maybe use it to convince the world that Shinigami exist and cause a cultural revolution.

  • I’m Death Note (Kira) fan. So I will be new Kira! I’m justice like Kira!

  • Andrew says:

    I would use it to get rich.

  • Emily says:

    I would use the notebook to kill anyone who insults me or anyone i simply do not like. I would make every death an accident and i would kill at least one person everyday. I would kill celebrities I find annoying and would rid the world of trash like politicians that lie to the public for their own personal gain. I would also kill anyone who murders children. Let’s just say it would be a very bad idea to give me a notebook

  • Dan says:

    But what if someone was wrongly accused? I’d want to kill the people that do wrong to others but wait and make sure they are actually guilty before acting.

  • Matthew Stevens says:

    I would literally become Kira, I’ve watched the entire anime twice so I know how to use it, but I wouldn’t be insane enough to make all of light’s mistakes like killing Lind L. Taylor just because he said he was L. I agree with Blacksun388 completely some people forfeit their rights to live and I almost feel a little bad for the ones I kill because their is a rule in the anime where the ones killed by the death note when they die won’t go to hell they go to Mu (Nothingness) but they still don’t deserve to live so hell yeah I will use it. L, Near, and Mellow aren’t real and no one would suspect me.

  • sa1 says:

    get rid of my math teacher

  • Sebastian Hill says:

    There’s no need to even think of a plan I would just go with lights original plan and see what he did wrong and fix it

  • Gabriel says:

    people need to create a scam like the justice system to make money from. If light or kira was smart he should of been a politician or wealthy business man to lobby the death penalty more frequently. In ancient Greece it didn’t matter if you had evidence or were guilty of a crime. What mattered was that if you told a story that the jury liked or wanted to hear.Wall street criminals are evil but it’s hard to arrest those people. If some petty criminal did something they get arrested quick. Working at the public sector you see most people try to steal small things usually. I’ve seen people get arrested for stealing a $5 or less hat. Yet bailouts of wall street and phony war invasions get ignored.Light should of been a politician or lobbyist for the private prison complex and avoided the supernatural weapon like the Death Note that will make him a target to the world of the corrupt legal system that accept bribes.

  • Soundwave says:

    I would probably try it out – believing it’s fake – on someone really dangerous and well known. When I realize it’s not fake, I would be frightened of the power the Death Note possessed, but I would keep it to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Though I would be too scared to use it again.

    Humans are creatures driven by emotions, and I usually get really angry and devastated when I read what cruel evil people have committed. During those time I genuiely believe the world would be better off if all of those humans who have done something really cruel would just die. Not just those who have done terrible things, but also those who share the same ideas and moral (for instance innocent IS supporters). It is during of one those times I could have the courage to use the Death Note to rid the world of those filthy creatures. As this would progress I wouldn’t have a problem with killing criminals, and my main target would be rapists and pedophiles.

    The danger in this would be that I would slowly corrupt my morals, and possibly enjoy killing them. This path would most likely not end, and I would continue down on a dark path.

    Now that I’ve thought about it and realized what I could become if I used it, I would try to brun it up with as little regret as possible. The Death Note was intended for evil, but hold the power to save this world (if it would exist).

  • Kurt Kobain says:

    write all the president,head of state name that can order a nuke to fire all the nuke to everywhere in the world. ..we all deserve to die…dieee

  • Alvah says:

    I would pick it up but I would only use it if I had to.

  • ben says:

    if I had a death note I would kill criminals and take a few notes from the anime too be safe

  • N/A says:

    I know kill as many disgusting human beings basically the USA

  • Michael Felstein says:

    i will destroy my deadly creature from a creepypasta called Sonic.EXE i’ll destroy him with my death note

  • ray says:

    Probably use it the same way light did . Making the world have a less crime rate seems great. And ontop of that. Think of all the big drug traders , rapists, bad dictators, and even terrorists that we know names of . Is it bad . No . Simply the fact of the matter is, the world is now alittle safer.

    People may say that’s childish or wrong . But what about them ? They are wrong . With them gone life will be a little less awful.

    So in all honesty that’s what I’d use the book for and for anyone who got in my way .

    Not evil or bad. Just what seems to be justice .

  • Sera Hill says:

    If I found it the Title Death Note says that it is important to the owner. So I would open it to discover who owns it. I would not be able to leave it where I found out . Death is my right to give without permission. I would take it home and place it out of children. The owner who so careless dropped it there knows where to find it. That’s the owners story and only he can end it. Not my story just a chapter I decided not to include in mine . If I leave this world before its retrieved well I guess it’s coming down with me back to the darkness where I will leave it as I move on… It’s just me ask the owner for permission before you use it as it doesn’t belong to you…

  • ~○●VïĶ§□■~ says:

    Well, I think I would do the same thing as Light, kill bad guys, but I guess that would make me bad too. And if the police comes, well that’s only an anime and anything is possible, in real life he could’ve been catched easier so I would kill only the very-bad-criminals.

  • heythere says:

    You guys… are thinking too small… It is stated that there is no ‘hell’ nor ‘heaven’ in the anime/manga. I would control an exceedingly rich man to give me lots of money and then make him live his life for however long the notebook allows before he croaks from an heart attack.

  • Jonathan Mason says:

    I would burn it because nothing like that should that never in anyones hand because that is a evil power that no human should ever i mean light thought it made him a god but look at what happend to him

  • Jonathan Mason says:

    Just burning that kind of thing should never be in anybody’s hands

  • Pranav Banuru says:

    I would kill all the owners of meat companies withought a second thought. Nobody should support mass murder rape and enslavement

    • Sera says:

      I also agree with you.

    • ds4real says:

      I’d kill people, who murder trees, flowers and the likes. Because i like them – yet some idiots are eating them instead in some form or another. Raising a tree sapling is the same as raising a cow or pig – why is it not? So the same should apply to anyone.. then again you’re probably too young and have no idea what mass murder, rape or enslavement is (hopefully) and meat companies? It’s not like they kill wild animals (well – for the most part). Most kill the ones they raised for becoming food.

  • Aaron Rokoff says:

    I would burn it. There are people I would be tempted to use it on, such as the heads and figureheads of hate groups. However, killing these people would not solve the problems they cause. Kill a leader, and someone as bad or worse would rise up to take their place. Kill a hate group, or a whole hateful population, and the fear created by so many deaths, happening in quick succession, would create new hate groups to replace them. Ignorance and fear are the true enemies of humanity, and a weapon such as the Death Note would only make those enemies stronger.

  • DeathTheReaper says:

    I would kill everyone who gets in my way

  • you me (people) says:

    Kill all scum in the world and change this rotten world. That’s what I would do with the death note.

  • Alyssa Liu says:

    Very late to the discussion but if I got the Death Note, I would kill anyone who irritated me or who dared to cross me in anyway because I am kind of psychopathic like that. I would be happy to trade twenty or thirty years of my life to acquire that book and destroy those in my past whoI believe deserve death for their unfavourable actions towards me. And I would have a lot of fun making up interesting (not gruesome, cleanliness is important to me) and clever ways for them to die so they suffer the maximum amount of emotional trauma in the few seconds before their death.

    • Jonathan Mason says:

      This is why I’m glad it doesn’t exist I’m sure there’s people in my life who are mean to me who had probably wanted at first but it’s been so many years are they the same people that they used to be am I basically just going to commit senseless murder I’m sorry I can’t agree with you because if they truly have changed I just murdered somebody for no reason personally in my opinion I would never use it at all because I would have to have nothing better to do then the hold a grudge on the people that made me mad and honestly it’s really not even worth it so still I would never touch that Death Note what’s the point if I do that I’m just the same anyways that’s just my opinion on the subject

      • ds4real says:

        Just because a person might’ve changed does not undo his/her “crimes”. And if it hurt enough, I bet next to anyone would wish these kinds of people death – and not care whether they changed or not. They made their choice at some point in time. With that Death Note it’d be time for them repent their sins by dying.

  • W.Scicluna says:

    I would pick it up and cleanse the world from its human garbage. I would write so many names that I’d get cramps every time. And would get great personal satisfaction out of it.

  • Somebody says:

    I would gladly kill every convicted felon [felonies, not a misdemeanor]. rapists, murderers, terrorists, torturers, etc. and in as many gruesome ways I could think, after all, these deserve to die.

    Also ISIS and other ‘evil’ people

    Also to name a certain somebody I hate, her name is Skylar, and I don’t give a fuck if she doesn’t deserve death.

  • Arinne says:

    If I had a deathnote I would use it to kill the people I hate the most

  • Marcelo says:

    I would kill some corrupt politicians with it, maybe. Would not kill criminals who have already been caught and their names gone public. I would kill people who, because of money, power and influence, can sometimes avoid being judged by their crimes even when the evidences against them are enough, because of some legal loophole or corrupt judges and lawyers.
    Dictators, leaders of groups like boku haram, IS and Al-Qaeda.
    But even then that’s a big maybe.

    Probably I wouldn’t do any of that though. I don’t have that type of ambition.

    The thing is, if you have such a power, how do you employ it? I guess powerful people just try to enforce their personal views of how things should be on the rest, like every powerful nation and person has done throughout history and like Light Yagami did.

    If you kill people who are related or close to you somehow, then you increase the chances of being caught or at least someone finding out how do you kill, which may lead to a bunch of risky situations for yourself.

    You can become a contract killer, or maybe convince some people that you possess supernatural powers. All of those options involve some big risks, the greatest strength of a death note is anonymity, doing anything that reveals yourself as the killer, even if people don’t know how you do it, make it less advantageous to use it.

  • Fritz Wunderlich says:

    Use it for sure.

  • masterfrime says:

    If I had a death note would I cleanse this world of evil? No, First, I don’t feel superior to those criminals because I have never committed a crime in my life, I am a pretty normal human and I am sure that if I was driven emotionally and/or into certain circumstance I could do atrocious thing, people in prison are already punished by having a shitty life, I won’t punish them a second time.

    Second, how much space do you have in a death note? There is like 40-60 pages. Certainly not enough to kill all criminals even less if you add a cause of death and I guess you can’t use a pencil and an eraser since it’s un ritualistic but well let’s say there is an infinite number of pages.

    Third, you can’t kill all evil, even with a death note, because good can’t exist without his shadow, you can’t destroy evil when suffering still exists, I believe that most criminals are criminal because of bad circumstance and that’s not something a death note can erase.

    When I start my mass murdering It will certainly create a wave in the underworld, but will that repression by fear of death completely stop peoples from doing bad thing, peoples will just go through incredible means to hide their identity and it will be the same thing all over again, even more, when some peoples guess that I have to know their face and name to kill, I don’t think anyone in this world possess a magical almost omniscient thinking like Light and L but after thousands of deaths, looking at who died and who was spared some will understand that I can only kill who I know and that I am not omniscient.

    Fourth I won’t kill Justin Bieber because if I do everyone will forget him after 2 years and some ass will take his place, an infinite circle.

    If I had a death note and times and some balls too, I would take control of the underworld by taking hostage of some key peoples, I would then chain the underworld to law and control evil nyahaha. In the same way, I would resolve world conflicts that catch my eyes, I would force the world to invest in sustainable development even if economy and development suffer from it, I would put a tax on animal life, raising the price of meat many times, putting an end to intensive animal farming, diminishing greenhouse effect, forcing family that feed their kids with only McDonald to eat vegetable.

    If I had a death note, I would be a Demon King.

  • I am Seth says:

    I’d Rather use it to kill my annoying enemy
    He is my seatmate and he always makes jokes of me So i want to beat him up by writing him in the death note his name is Arkin anyway

  • I am Seth says:


  • Minecraft12345678910 says:

    Of course I’d use it. I have a replica that I’m planning on writing people’s names in, anyway.

  • THE REAPER says:

    I would use it to cleanse the earth of bad people. Which includes: criminals, dictators, corrupt individuals, corporations that wrong people, politicians that go in office to grow fat off our tax dollars. Those sort of people. Then leave the better part of humanity to make the world worth living in. If u want it more in depth I can do that.

  • THE REAPER says:

    It’s not hard to get away with it. Don’t tell people, don’t react strangely to questions, and act normal

  • ?idk? says:

    I would just kill an asshole who keeps on talkin sh*t, and then i would kill some druglords, rapists, stuff like that.

  • jean-claude schwartz says:

    If the Notebook works similarly to the Death Note (but makes the owner immortal if ten names were written, granted with the ability to see names, normal eyes discoloured into red) is real. I would have used it to write the names Vladimir Vladimiroch Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, Donald J. Trump, Marine Le Pen, Charlie Manson, Kim Jong Eun, Geert Wilders, Stephen Paddock, Mike Pence, Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Robert Mugabe and Aleksandr Grigoryevich Lukashenko. After that they will live for 40 seconds and then they immediately die of heart attacks. Putin fans, Duterte and Trump ones will become the Terrorists and they will find and kill if that happens. These terrorists will kills people who insult their deceased leaders, those who don’t know who and where i am.

  • Mike Rosoft says:

    It’s easy. I’d write down the name of the Death Note itself. I’d write: “The Death Note will go up in flame and never again return to Earth”, and then set it on fire.

  • Red234 says:

    I’d attempt to manipulate the government by getting the support of corporations and then bribe the government if that didn’t work off the people who speak out against me. It would still be a republic but I control how it works.

  • Anay Tiwari says:

    If i would get a death note,i would become a more brutal and mad kira.i would obviously use it and kill all those people i dont like,i would kill terrorists,all muslims and destroy all muslim countries.Oh god i wishhhhhh i get it

  • Jerek Jones says:

    I would kill for kira.

  • Jack Harris says:

    I would basically do the same thing as Light Yagami, but I wouldn’t make as many mistakes for 1 simple reason. I don’t let my ego get the better of me.

  • Kira says:

    Seriously most of you people commenting have no idea how to properly use it, lots of you are just using it selfishly, for your politics or because someone teased you, the only one who ever had the right idea of using it was light yagami, the only thing he had wrong was his ego

  • Sofia says:

    So I would write a name on the book to see if it works of course. What I would do after?
    I don’t think a person can answer that. I think it’s one of those situations that you only know what you would do if it actually happened, like if you would really be able to defend yourself against a thief or would you freeze…
    I think I would keep it just to fill that I have the power If I ever wanted to use it 😉

  • KuroiTsuki says:

    I’d kill very dangerous criminals, like mass murderers. Also, I wouldn’t make them all die of heart attacks. That’s just stupid.

  • Sera says:

    I would kill Trump with it.

  • ds4real says:

    You have no idea.. I’d know, that possible hell or punishment exists – and afterlife, too. I’d try to live the best life I can, but I’d kill all politicians, bankers and copyright lawyers on earth. Why? Because they aren’t honest, because they don’t care about regular people, because the only empathy they know is the one, that can be bought. I hope, that one Death Note would be enough – and I most certainly would have work to do – every night.

    I would never do it without the Death Note, because losing my family is not worth any of those lives. But if I had something, that I knew I’d nearly 100% never be caught, I’d definitely sort the world. Though I must admin, since I’d be the one causing all this, I wouldn’t be anywhere near pure and thus I’d have to go at some point, too. But I’d make sure to give human a lesson especially the rich would never forget. They’d remember it and would know, that if they behaved poorly towards each other and exploited or enslaved others, someone would be there to punish them without court and without any right to object. Doesn’t sound like democracy and fairness? It sure doesn’t. But the methods of the rich – to play the poor and become even more rich by exploiting them isn’t democratic either and since power can be bought – using bribery – there’s no court for them.

    I’d keep that book until I was 70 or so though, so I wouldn’t regret giving up my life to free the enslaved people of the scum, that enslaves them. Even work is enslavement. No one would have to work more than is necessary – with all those progressions nowadays. But it’s an established part of everyone’s life (except for the rich – and politicians). Why do you think is that? It’s simple: keep the rat(s) in his/her/their rat races so that they don’t have time to think, because if they did, there’d be an outrage far worse than #metoo. Oh – and did I mention the mass media? Those would certainly have far less people there, because they’d be spreading misinformation (like they always do) and outright lying to people. That’s their job.

    And even if I had accidentally caught someone innocent… well … I’d certainly feel bad and sad about it, but in the end it’s collateral damage, that cannot be avoided.

    I’m sorry if you felt my hatred, but I just hate certain people. I’m neither poor, nor ill in anyway. I just see what’s happening in the world and I am really angry. So given that weapon, I’d make sure to roast all, who are at fault.

  • >