YES!! I Got a New Teaching Job In Japan!

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If you remember, I was feeling a tad nervous about my job prospects a little while back. However, I got a call a few days ago, that really put me at ease.

It was an uncharacteristically early call…8:14am to be exact. I was awake, but I wondered who could be calling me at 8:14 in the morning on my day off? I was pretty sure my co-workers wouldn’t be awake, because some had gone drinking the night before. I answered. It was Interac. The man on the other end got straight to the point. The first words were “We have a position for you in Moriya, and it starts in April.” I didn’t even wait, I accepted on the spot.

I found out that they had done a bit of shuffling, and that this is the same position that had been offered a while back. I’ll only have to teach at one elementary school, and my daily, 17-minute train ride every morning will be paid for.

I know I hear mixed things about Interac, but people are going to have bad things to say about any company…you kind of have to take things with a grain of salt. All I want is a job that allows me to pay my rent, bills, eat, and have the schedule that opens up additional opportunities for me.

So while some may snub their noses at ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) work here in Japan, I see it as a wonderful opportunity to progress & improve while I’m here in Japan. Training starts in late March, so I’ll have about a month off to relax and get my head together before starting the position.

In the end, I guess holding out and finishing my AEON contract was the right thing to do. Because I decided to stick it out, I get to have my cake and eat it, too. Not only do I get the bonus and last check from AEON, but I have a job lined up so I won’t have to go very long without a paycheck. The other good thing is that I didn’t rely on my bonus to pay for the key money, deposit costs associated with getting a new apartment…it’s paid for! I am so glad I’ll get to go home (to Atlanta, Georgia) for ten days and actually enjoy it.

I want to say a sincere thank you to those people who posted some great advice, and encouraging comments about working here in Japan (Ryan McGuiness, Amanda Taylor, Hiroki Matsuuchi, Roger Starkey…)

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  • Amanda

    Damn well everything has worked out perfectly hasn’t it? Congratz Donald, enjoy your trip home.

    • Donald Ash

      It seems like it’s all fitting together. I’m a pretty happy dude! Thank you so much, Amanda! BTW, do you need me to pick up anything stateside?

  • Roger Starkey

    I knew it.

    It’s odd how sometimes the hand of fate reaches down and affects the Internet.

  • Nathan Rogers

    Hey I stumbled onto this website tonight. I wanted to say congrats on the new job. I am an Aeon teacher right now in Western Tokyo. I don’t know if you remember me, but I met you with Marisa at Summer Sonic (Stevie Wonder concert) this past summer.

    Your website is amazing! I wish I had the dedication to create something like this! You are doing well and really benefiting the web. Keep it up.

    • Donald Ash

      Yeah. I remember you! I’m glad you stoppd by and posted a comment. I really appreciate the positive feedback, too. Ahhh, Summer Sonic…good times.

      Thanks Nathan

  • Mia

    Did you say “going home”??

    • Donald Ash

      Yep. Going home! I get to visit the family and everybody else for a good ten days. I’m looking forward to it.

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