Whoa!! Commuter Deja Vu

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I was exhausted today. I have been planning things for the blog and I enjoy doing it so much that I often lose track of time. As a result I ended up getting very little sleep last night. Well, I guess I can’t totally blame it on the blog. I actually stayed up to make sure I was prepared for a class observation by one of the Interac trainers today 😮 . Honestly I was a little bit nervous. But they say a little bit of nervousness is perfect for keeping you on your toes.

As soon as the lesson started I knew it was going to be good. These kids were ON POINT!! It’s one of my best classes so they’re always incredibly energetic and well-behaved, but this was extreme. They were asking me questions, smiling, laughing, helping, participating it was great! Sometimes you have to worry about kids embarrassing you during observations, but that was the furthest thing from my mind. Because I took care of the class prep part and the kids took care of theirs by being awesome and attentive…things went really well.

However, that class and getting some feedback from the Interac staff…were the highlights of my day. After that, the day really started to drag. That “I stayed up way too late” drowsiness kicked in, I had lunch and taught another class after lunch. My schedule was pretty open following that class, so it was an all out brawl between Mr. Sandman and I…for the rest of the day.

After making it through the school day, thinking I had whooped Sandman’s ass, I had a nice sprightly walk to the train station. I hopped on the semi-rapid Tsukuba Express Train to Tsukuba and didn’t have a seat. At the next stop, Miraidaira, a woman got off, and left me with one of the coveted corner seats. I felt like the fates were smiling on me. I sat down, and as the train pulled off I took out a sheet of Japanese verbs. I had the best of intentions, to be constructive during my commute home. Then all of a sudden, my breathing started slowing down, my eyelids got heavy. It looked like Mr. Sandman wanted a rematch…I LOST! When I came to I was in Moriya, completely discombobulated.

Huh?! Am I dreaming? I thought I was headed towards Tsukuba. Well, when I fell asleep, apparently, I slept like a rock. I passed through all stations without so much as a stir, I was deaf to all train announcements, and of course nobody woke me up when I got to Tsukuba. So I went from Moriya to Tsukuba and back. I woke up in Moriya thinking “crap.” I had to do it all over again. I think I’m taking a nap when I get home.

See you tomorrow,

Donald Ash

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  • Do they sell double/triple espresso coffees in the vending machines where you are at?

  • Roger Starkey

    Glad to hear your OBS went well. At least you didn’t fall asleep and end up doing several AkibaTsukuba laps and waking up at the end of the line at night! That happened to me once on the Sobu line and I think I bounced between Chiba and Mitaka about 2 times and woke up in Asagaya.

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