What is the Greatest Ghibli Film Ever Made?

By Donald Ash | Anime Poll

“Timeless.” “Anime.” “Classics.” These are the three words I would use to describe the feature films from Ghibli studios. There have been some many great ones, while others have just been, well, meh. But deciding which ones are best is really a matter of perspective. Do you enjoy crying your eyes out? Then maybe you might choose Grave of the Firefles. Do you like more lighthearted anime? Then maybe Howl’s Moving Castle suits you better. Or maybe you prefer the visually stunning, creative stylings of Spirited Away.

In any case, I want to hear your thoughts. Please answer today’s poll and give your reasons why in the comments section below.

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Donald Ash is an ATLien expat who has been living in a Japanese time warp for the last six years. While in aforesaid time warp, he discovered that he absolutely loves writing, blogging, and sharing. Donald is the creator, writer, designer, editor, programmer, and occasional bad artist of thejapanguy.com blog (that's just way too many hats, dude). Wanna know more about this guy? Check out his "What's Your Story" page.
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