What are Your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions?

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It’s 2012! Everybody! It’s a brand new year, and a chance for a brand new start. It’s time to dust off all of those fitness machines that you never bothered to use It’s time to start thinking about how this year will be different from 2011. It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions.

How do you plan on improving yourself this year? I often have the tendency to go overboard when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. 2012 will be no different. I have personal goals, professional goals, fitness goals, Japan Guy goals, and the list goes on.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it in the “What’s Your Story?” post (you can find it in the sidebar of the Japan Guy home page), but I used to make a habit of putting my goals on the ceiling above my bed and say them every night when I went to sleep and every morning I would wake up. It was EXTREMELY effective. I used to say that my real-life super was that I had a magic ceiling. Yeah I know that sounds a bit like a lame-ass super power but I would say whatever goals were posted on the ceiling would ABSOLUTELY come true. The funny thing is, the vast majority of the time these things would come true.

As a matter of fact, one of my “maybe it’ll happen one day” goals that I put on my ceiling was to visit Japan for two weeks. It seemed so like so ridiculously impossible to me because was pretty broke at the time. It’s so weird that I’ve been living here for years now. Sometimes even nonsensical goals can become reality if you want them bad enough. I don’t know if because of a subconscious link or if being reminded all the time just makes you get your butt in gear, but there’s something about seeing those goals everyday that makes things just a little more tangible for me.

My New Year’s Resolutions

I’ll share a five of my New Year’s Resolutions with you:

1.To get into fitness model shape
Since I got to do more modeling jobs last year, I figure looking the part couldn’t hurt my chances of getting more jobs.

2. To take at least two Kyokushin belt exams

3. To finally take and pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
I haven’t chosen the level yet, but I will this month.

To read at least 30 books this year.

5. To be healthier this year.

Japan Guy New Year’s Resolutions

To write articles that make last year seem like child’s play 🙂
To let more people know about the Japan Guy
To do a project that surpasses the Ultimate Japanese How to Guide In
To put at least five cool items in the Japan Guy Store that readers will love.
To have even more fun blogging in 2012.

How about your New Year’s Resolutions? What are your top three goals for this year? It doesn’t matter how silly or how ridiculous you think they are, I would really like to hear them. Maybe we can encourage one another (especially on those Japanese goals).

頑張ってね (Ganbatte ne),

Donald Ash

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  • Petaris

    I really don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but I would like to really improve my Japanese and maybe even take the JLPT level 3 exam. I might try one of the lower ones if I really feel level 3 is too much though. I think there are 5 levels now.

  • My resolution is to volunteer less. That might seem weird, especially since I live in Iwate near many cities who need volunteers. But, I still definitely plan to regularly volunteer clearing debris. The kind of volunteering I mean is always electing myself to do something. “Don’t buy a cake, I’ll make one!” “I’m going to organize a Christmas party two days before I leave for China!” I have a bad habit of trying to squeeze too much in.

  • Kumiko Inoue

    My new years resolution is to read news paper every day 🙂 it is very simple ! ganbaro!

    • Donald Ash

      I want to be able to read a Japanese newspaper…someday.

  • kurt

    I took the JLPT N5 in December and even though I’ve studied and attended class for a few years it was a challenge even if extremely basic. You will have the advantage of more real time listening than I had, but the hard part will be the sentence structures and grammar. Check this site out and play with the sample questions…it’ll give you a good idea of what level to attempt.

    • Donald Ash

      It doesn’t matter that it was hard, you took the big step of actually taking the test, so I tip my cap to you, kurt. I’m on it for sure this year. After a bit of sample testing, I’ll be able to get a better gauge of which one to take.

  • kurt

    and, cue the site…


    • Donald Ash

      Ha ha :D. Funny dude. Thanks for posting that.

  • カ-ト

    Just looked at the July test results….N5 was 58% passed and it goes south from there. Not easy, but yes you are right, the experience was worth the 3 1/2 hour drive both ways to take it. My test scores are due in March………can you say ‘dreadful anticipation?’


  • To get my ass to Asia.
    And finish this college year.
    AND then go to university but defere my course for a year and party it up in seoul, tokyo and beijing.
    And keep studying my Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. (Korean is the easiest so far, Japanese is ok, Mandarin is actually fine, just them god damn tones make you feel like your singing.)
    And get my sleeve tattoo drawing finished so I can get it as soon as possible.
    And get healthy.
    There’s probably more. But most revolve around Asia. Hahaha

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