Warning: Watch Out For Low Door Frames in Japan

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“What’s wrong Donald? Why are you crying?"

Please, oh please be careful if you’re a taller person living in Japan. What would I consider tall? I’m going to say somewhere around 5’10” and up (ASIDE: I’m 6’2″ if you were curious, I also like warm walks on the beach, and snuggling…wait…too much? Okay…back to the article). When a person’s height starts to hover within a certain range, you will find certain things just slightly more challenging here in Japan: finding clothes that fit (I’m still struggling to do that), negotiating door ways and stove fume hoods, keeping young elementary-school kids from mistaking you for a human jungle gym, committing crimes, finding a girlfriend that doesn’t have to jump up to hug you, being stared/pointed at (generally not in a mean way, though), riding certain rides at Tokyo Disneyland (i.e.-the Haunted Mansion), etc.. When these things happen, don’t let them get to you, they turn into wonderful stories later. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience 😉

Well, today I had one of those “too tall for my own good” experiences. I was working at my Shogakko, and I went into the staff room to grab something. I have been through this particular doorway so many times that I instinctively duck. But today I guess my instincts weren’t working. I had just finished talking to one of the staff members and was walking to my next class. On my way out of the doorway, I banged the devil out of my head on this metal frame that houses the sliding door. It was loud enough that everyone in the staff-room to heard it! Embarrassing!

“Donaldo, Daijobu (ドナルド大丈夫)?” one of the teachers asked. “Hai, daijobu desu (はい大丈夫です)” I replied with a smile. But if you could have ventured behind my eyes and into my mind, I wasn’t quite so calm: Donald’s Brain- “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, THAT HURT!!!” ”Who is that genius who made that f&[email protected] door so low!!” “You bastard door! I’M GONNA KILL YOU!!!” Needless to say, it hurt like nobody’s business. It was the kind of pain that makes you want to hit/break things when you’re all by yourself…unfortunately I was at work and had to keep my cool.

I quickly walked to the bathroom to check out what happened. I couldn’t see the area in the mirror, but after touching the crown of my head, with a slight wince, I looked at my index and middle fingers which were now sticky and red. Yep, that’s blood.

The pain subsided rather quickly, but the mark didn’t. I am really sorry to show you my “scabbage,” but I’m doing it in the hopes that just maybe one person will learn from my mistake:

“Oh!I see. Man you knocked the fool out of your head!”

I guess this is one of those drawbacks to not having hair (thanks genes!), there was no hiding my injury. So many people were wondering what happened, asking me questions…sigh…as if I don’t already attract enough attention.

I’ll have to be more careful next time.

Have you had a similar experience here in Japan? What happened?

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  • I bang my head whenever I wake up in the morning. I live in a loft style leo palace and I climb a ladder to get into bed. If I sit straight up, my head kisses the ceiling.

  • >_>; lol I don’t need to be in Japan to hurt myself. They are very, very familiar with me at the local hospital. My klutziness is a talent!

  • I’m 5’10” T_T Darn you genetics, why couldn’t I have been small like my mom? ><

  • Drew

    How high is the average door in Japan? In North America, it’s 6’8.

  • Nashiro

    I wonder if I should be glad or not that I am only 5’0…

  • Joseph Darby

    I’m in Japan now and facing the same issue. I’m 6’2 and the doors are about 5’10. Bumping my head every and all day.Its driving me back to the USA for sure. Not a place for tall people.

    • panpanpan

      no shit, the doors are just 5’10 ?? i thought it was at least 6’3

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