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I don’t know if you remember my previous post about that Interac/AEON dilemma that I was having, but I did come to a decision. I opted not to take the job, and this was my reasoning:

Interac initially offered to pay me 100,000 yen as a relocation bonus and pay 100% of my transportation costs to and from Tsukuba everyday. It sounded nice, but once we got to the final talks, I was told that the 100,000 would be a starting bonus for the following contract. Most schools start in April, but the teacher for the Moriya position had to leave prematurely. So would have had a short contract from February to March of 2011 and then have been re-contracted from April 2011 until March of 2012. I considered everything that I was going to have to give up: 160,000 yen bonus, My February paycheck 292,000 yen, and my flight home, and finishing at AEON just seemed to make more sense.

I currently have exactly 5 weeks and 6 days until my AEON contract ends, which isn’t much time if you think about it. I still have to finish securing an apartment, getting appliances, and all of that stuff. But for some reason, I’m not really worried or feeling panicked yet. I did my apartment research, got some help, and I’m pretty sure I know which one I’m going to choose and I’ll finish all take care of the last of the key money/deposits/etc. on January 25th. As far as jobs go, I know how to “turn it on” when I need to, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I’ll try be so good that that they can’t say no.

Turning down that Interac job means I am banking on the possibility that I’ll find another job before the start of the school year on April 1st, 2011. I’m just happy I reasoned things out and made choice. The right choice or the wrong one? Who the hell knows…but I’ll make it the right choice for me.

I’m sure I will find a position, but if I don’t…I hear that stripping isn’t a bad profession here in Japan, for a strapping, willing, semi-young African-American man like myself, LOL.

Donald Ash

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  • Roger Starkey

    I wouldn’t cut contact with Interac…you never know what will come up.

    It’s kind of too bad to hear that you won’t be up the street in Moriya (now.)

    • Donald Ash

      I hear you, Roger. That’s good advice, for sure. I’m definitely not cutting contact with them because they’re a pretty big ALT provider. When I turned down the position, I expressed how much I’d like to work for the company and if any other positions come available, I would be more than willing. I don’t know if I asked, but are you near Moriya?

  • Roger Starkey

    Yeah, Joban Line.

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  • Shanna Brown

    Hi im a single mom and 21..i want to move 2 japan but wants 2 know how much things would cost in USD to do that.. I mean is Japan cheaper than the U.S or is it more expensive?

    • Wondeful question, Shanna! To be honest, it depends on the city you live in. I found things to be cheaper when I was living in Ibaraki as opposed to Tokyo. But in general (Tokyo vs. Atlanta) I would say my life in Japan has cheaper than it was in the U.S. simply because I don’t need to worry about a car, car maintenance or gasoline.

      But I kinda set myself in a position where my job is close enough for me to bike to. I think cheap/expensive really depends on how you plan things. Does that make sense?

      I hope that helps. Donald

      P.S.-I really can’t speak on the child aspect of things as I don’t have any yet, but it’s something I need to ask around and find out about.

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