Firemen Training Tsukuba, Japan

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Every time I pass by the Tsukuba Fire Station and see the firemen training, I always think to myself “Man…I wish I had my camera!” Nine point eight times out of ten, I don’t have it with me. But today was different. I was headed home after going to the Budokan on Sunday afternoon and there they were, the Tsukuba firemen in their bright, orange suits going through a training exercise. I nearly rode off, thinking that I didn’t have my camera, out of habit I guess. But it struck me that both my digital camera and video camera were in the bag I was carrying…SCORE! 

I was across the street and stayed there to do the filming. I wasn’t sure I was supposed to be filming in the first place, so it was the best way to record and be incognito about it. In the end, it wasn’t one of my better videos, but I still thought is was interesting display of the fire department’s skills. In this exercise the unit had to rappel down a wall in a safe and timely fashion, lower an imaginary patient to safety and provide them treatment.

Truth be told, this exercise wasn’t as intense, nor did it have as many firemen, as some of the others that I’ve seen. Perhaps it was because it was a weekend. I won’t complain, though. I am happy to live so close to the fire station (literally about a two-minute bike ride away door to door). Though I’ve never had any fire issues, knock on wood, it’s comforting to know that if some large-scale fire breaks out that I’m in good hands here in Tsukuba.

Donald Ash

P.S.-For some reason the movei “Backdraft” just popped into my head. Did anyone ever see that movie? To me, it was one of Kurt Russell’s best performances, and is the best firemen movie I’ve ever seen.

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  • i used to live just around that area in tsukuba too.

    just last summer, we went there for a tour (lina and her kiddy friends)

    they were so nice to explain everything to us…even let us see the action at the call room.

    did you know that the #1 cause of fires is not carelessness….it’s arson!

    hard job. guys have to cook for all the others, rotation basis and shift-work.

    gotta give it to them! they sure work hard to earn their dough.


  • Roger Starkey

    I don’t know if you know, but it’s not that hard to join the volunteer fire brigade. You’ll be on call for fires & the like, but technically members are considered national govt. employees and can draw a pension from it.

    Odd fact.

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