Tokyo is More Beautiful than I Remember

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Cocoon Tower in Shinjuku, Japan. My favorite building in looks so cool!

Lately I’ve been on a Tokyo binge, I went to the Square Enix Show Case and even went back to Akihabara just to take a look at a Nintendo 3DS display. Did I really need to go and do these things? Not really. I just keep giving myself excuses to go…even though it’s not the best of financial moves. After having to drop nearly ¥300,000 for my new apartment (I’ll show you later), it seems like every yen counts. But I’m not upset with myself for making that expensive Tsukuba Express ride to Tokyo, because I don’t go very often. When I went last time, because I was off the next day, I decided to walk around the city a little, take my time and just look.

It was a cool, sunny day, and everything just seemed right with the world. Seeing the skyscrapers on the horizon felt kind of empowering. Standing on a bridge in Tokyo, seeing the kanji on the skyline, the buildings, the billboards, and marquises reminds me that I’m in Tokyo and brings those memories of my initial days in Japan rushing back. I took out my camera and just made a day/evening of it.

As the sun’s rays started to fade, the city became my night light. I haven’t really done much walking around in Tokyo at night, because I try to get home by last train. The buildings in Tokyo were so amazing. I got some pictures and footage, but I don’t think anything beats the experience of actually walking around in the, hearing the street lights, cars swishing past on the main roads next to me, hearing trains moving, people chatting…city noise.

Walking around in Tokyo was really fascinating because it’s so different from Tsukuba. The biggest building in my city doesn’t even come close to size of the skyscrapers in Tokyo. At night, it’s peaceful here. There aren’t huge crowds of people walking the street at night, unless it’s a special event (like Matsuri Tsukuba). I definitely enjoy the peace and quiet of a half-city/half-country town, but it’s nice to feel the rush of the city sometimes. Living in Tsukuba suits me, which is why I’ve decided to stay here for a while longer, but I forgot how beautiful Tokyo can really be.

Sompo Japan Building. Also taken with my very own amateur camera skills.


Tokyo, Japan. Entrance to Cocoon Tower

Donald Ash

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  • Kurt

    Love seeing Shinjuku at night…used to stay at the Hyatt across from the park. Strange to see the wall with graffiti, I don’t think I ever saw that before. Notice the ‘above everybody’ perspective the camera has with Donald so much taller than everyone. And the little alleys with shops, shops and more shops.

    Idea! It would be nice to hear Donald-san converse with the locals!

    Thanks Donald.

  • Your post reminds me of the time when we last visited Japan.
    We’ve been there for a week and everything about it is just awesome.
    We’re planning to visit there soon when our schedule will allow us.

    • Donald Ash

      Japan is addictive! Most people who visit, do end up coming back, at least once. I hope it’s sooner than later for you 🙂

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