Tokyo Gundam Project 2012 Picture Post

By Donnie | Cool places to see in Japan

It’s official…Japan is now creating functional, humanoid robot war machines!! Ahhhhh!
Not really, but over the weekend I did see Japan’s giant Gundam statue in Odaiba City, Japan. I have wanted to see this statue ever since I got here, but have never been lucky enough to catch it. When I first came to Japan, the statue was always displayed in …, which would be a bit of a trek to get to. I got REALLY close to seeing it last year, but was just a little late, only getting a chance to see disassembled Gundam parts.

This time, it was different. Last weekend, a former student of mine posted a phone pic of the Gundam statue, and that was all I needed to see. I made some time to just take a break and go.

The sun was shining, and families were out and about. I took my time and walked along the Odaiba boardwalk, letting the ocean view calm my spirits. I walked around to find the famous landmark I came to see. Just as I was about to ask someone in the park in front of me, I turned this curve, and saw hundreds of people standing around, looking up, and taking pictures. A walked in the direction of all the people and BAM!! I got hit the head by a gigantic robotic hand. No that’s not true at all, but the statue is when I was walking t statue does seem to mechanically materialize out of thin air:

だいばCity, a really cool place to be a sunny, summer day.

Nothing says peace and relaxation like a gigantic robotic war machine!

A little closer to the Gundam Action Statue. Look how small the people look.

Gundam RX-78 Front View

Torso of the mighty Gundam

If this thing starts walking, I'll see you guys later!

I like to call this little shot 'The Menacing Gundam'

I am amazed at just how detailed this thing really is.

Yeah, like I'm the only one who thinks robot legs are sexy. Wait...I am?!?

Gundam Rear View, JET PACK! I wonder if this is a hybrid Gundam.

Go check out the Tokyo Gundam Project while it's still assembled!

Ahh, the joys of Japanese summer…

Donald Ash

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