ALT Training Day 3, Iidabashi, Japan 2011

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Oh crap! We’re lost! For some reason I decided to make the mistake of guiding one of the trainees to the Iidabashi training center we went to yesterday. I had a pretty good idea of where to go, but right near the training site, my memory got a little fuzzy, and he (I’m sorry I forgot the name) used his map to try to guide us the rest of the way. In the end, we ended up being about ten minutes late for training that day (it’s pretty bad considering that we left early). I saw Jody, the trainer, standing on one of the streets that we passed. I ran up apologizing for being late. Jody warmly welcomed us telling the trainee “Well you know who not to follow next time.” On the outside I smiled, on the inside I growled because it wasn’t totally my fault. But I’m just glad we didn’t get hassled about it.

I walked in to see a room full of people staring at me…at least it felt like that. Don’t you hate that? It looked as if things were just getting started. Cedric was passing out handouts when I walked in. We went through more about It still felt like another day loaded with information but very limited on the practice.

I’m feeling more than a little bit nervous about the teaching demonstration that I have to do tomorrow (Marisa & I found out we have to do our demonstrations first thing in the morning). I am also worried if I’ve done enough to really to be ready when it’s time to teach a live class. I am glad that I have some teaching experience under my belt because I think it’s going to come in handy about now.

Feeling just a little nervous and a rushed.

After training on Thursday, I hung out with some of the other trainees and stayed out a bit later than I wanted to. I hope tomorrow’s demo goes well.


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