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This is a short little post to show you a vending machine that I saw on my way to Ueno Zoo. I want to say this machine was at Ueno Station, but I can’t remember for sure. Though definitely not the weirdest type of vending machine Japan has to offer*, it’s a kind I’ve never seen before. This is a vending machine that sells books! Pretty darn neat if you ask me. I just wonder what all Japanese people sell in vending machines. I’m anxiously awaiting the day when I can buy candy from a vending machine. Wouldn’t it be so cool to walk up to a machine…with buttons…where you could just press it and VOILA, out pops the candy bar of your choice? Hmm? It’s already been done? Crap, there goes my million dollar idea 🙁

*I’d say the weirdest vending machines are the ones that sell used panties. People thought they didn’t exist…but they do. From what I understand they can be found inside Japanese adult-themed stores. I haven’t seen one in person, but that’s what I’ve heard.

The book vending mahcine.

Here it is. A look inside of a book vending machine.

A closer look at the book vending machine.

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  • Yes, a vending machine for just about anything can be found in Japan, if you just look hard enough. Thanks for the great post!

    • Donald Ash

      THank you!

  • Anthony

    I want one of these in my city. Don”t have to worry about late fees at the library lol

  • Joshua Shibata

    Supposdilly those used panties ones have been outlawed but there is supposed to be a few around that are NOT in adult stores, but yea rare to find…and very disturbing lol

  • -plastered to the screen-

    I totally want a book from a vending machine for christmas. That is so awesome. My day has been made!! Why can’t we have these in the US? Maybe I’m just a bibliophile but this is like the coolest thing ever! Now just need one for my ninja supplies and coffee and I’m all set for a quiet evening at home.

  • kurt

    I miss the beer vending machines. Drop in about a kilo of coins and *KABOOM* a 500ml Kirin drops in the slot. Imagine that in the US.

  • Bruce Jet

    If your manager can’t find a vending machine with what you need in Japan, he isn’t looking hard enough.

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