The Woods of Net. The Coolest, Weirdest Playground I’ve Ever Seen

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ネットの森 (ねっとのもり/Netto no Mori)
The Woods of Net

Location: The Hakone Open-Air Museum (彫刻の森美術館)

The Woods of Net at the Open Air Museum.

Sorry, I forgot this one thing about the Hakone, Open Air Museum. Hopefully you can tell that it’s a pretty cool spot for both artsy and non-artsy folks alike. I showed you some of the exhibits I found interesting. But going yourself is better because you may catch something I might have missed.

There was one structure in the museum that really caught my eye from afar. Initially I thought is was an exhibit that I hadn’t seen. It kinda looked like those wooden block toys, with the little groves in them, the ones that I used to play with as a kid; I would stack them and make log houses and stuff. This was a little different of course, because it was life-sized. When I walked over to see what I was expecting to be another work of art, I got a nice surprise.

Let’s just say it was definitely an exhibit, but not the kind I had been looking at for the last couple of hours. It was a playground. The coolest, weirdest playground ever! I had to resist every single, child-in-me, urge in my body to keep from taking my shoes of and testing this out for myself. Look at this video:

Can you honestly say you don’t want play on this thing? If so, you’re better than me, because I really wanted to (I still want to). According to the rules, I did meet the age requirement (over 12), but I don’t know if there were weight/height specifications. If there were, I most definitely wouldn’t have been able to meet those, ne?

How can you not want to go inside of something that looks like this?

I've never seen a playground like this in my entire life!

The Open-Air Museum kinda had something for everybody. An awesome playground for the kids, weird/funny works for art for people who aren’t so arsty, Picasso for the artsy people, a nice cafe for people who just like to eat and chill out, a cool little pond/grove area, for the nature-loving people, and a souvenir shop for those who like to buy. 

Okay, now I’m finished with the Hakone stuff, at least for a while…I think 😉


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