The Song That Won’t Go Away

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Okay, this is just a brief post because I have to hear your thoughts on this one. Recently, there is this song, that has been plaguing me! I hear it in my head ALL THE TIME!! I hear it so often in fact, that my fingers moved on their own last night and purchased the freakin’ thing from the iTunes Store. Now I’m really in trouble because I can listen to it anytime…on repeat if necessary. I’m pretty sure you know the song, because it’s not new new. It’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye.

This song is the culprit! Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye. I wonder if this song was created by some secret government agency to control minds because it's all over the freakin place. Maybe there's some subliminal message that says 'pay your taxes' or something

This tune is more stuck in my brain than any song has been in a long time. I mean, I have come across some catchy songs, but for some reason, this one seems to get better every time I listen to it. I’ve seen that so many people have covered it on YouTube. I honestly think this song will be the first YouTube videos I know of that will reach 1 billion views…ONE FREAKIN’ BILLION! Then of course there’s the version from Walk Off The Earth, that made this cover band famous almost overnight:

This was actually the first version of the song that I saw. Some people like it better than the original, but after watching them a few times, I’m going to say I like the original better.

Or there was this other one that I saw with these kids lip-syncing the song:

Or, there’s the comedy version:

Or the kid’s chorus version:

I’ve been trying to rationalize this but, the only conclusion I can come to is that it’s just a damn good song. It’s simple (it’s even got xylophones) and those two original artists can really sing…so much so, that’s hard to ignore the freakin’ song. I want to hear from you guys…why is “Somebody That I Used to Know” such a phenomenon? Is it because the guy sounds like Sting? Is it because there’s just so much crap music right now, that we instantly latch onto any good piece of music like it’s going outta style (it kinda is, though, isn’t it?)? Do you like the song? Do you think it’s annoying? I’d really love to hear your thoughts. This is one of those situations where I’m not at home to see directly how pop culture is affecting America, so I’d love to hear it from you.

There is a comment section below just itchin’ to be typed on 😀

Donald Ash

P.S.- I do worry about Gotye’s career because having a hit that strikes that hard can take the spotlight off of all of your other music. I hope he and Kimbra end up having great careers, afterwards, but they’ve really set a huge bar for themselves to jump over. There are some amazing artists who ended up becoming one-hit wonders for the very same reason. Think that will happen here?

P.P.S.-Marisa D, if you’re reading this…it’s all your fault! You were the first one to put me onto this song.

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  • Marisa D.

    Glad I could be of some assistance… See! You always come out with something unforgettable when you visit us! 🙂

    • Donald Ash

      Yep. Risotto, Kouchi & Marisa, and Goyte. Good times I tell ya…good times.

      • Marisa

        Hey, they just announced that Walk Off the Earth is playing at Summer Sonic this year on the Sunday, and Gotye is playing the previous day… You have to help me convince Koichi to go with me… He thinks it’s going to be too hot and crowded and he doesn’t believe me when I tell him that it wasn’t bad at all when we went last time.

  • Haha. I first heard this song in Japan too, like 2 months ago. So I shazammed it, downloaded it, listened to it 5 times a minute, now I’m over it.

    Still a good song though.

    • Donald Ash

      Right!?! LOL. Now I guess it just some song that you used to know…eh, Christian? See what I did there? Okay, okay, that was a pretty cheesy a** joke…I couldn’t resist.

      But I have to agree, the song is good.

  • Petaris

    I got hooked by this song too. I think I also like the original better, and I love the video that goes with it! Very creative! 🙂

  • thesweetbubby

    dude honestly have you listened to kimbras settle down its the best thing since sliced bread and her dance moves will def take her out of the one hit wonder category shes the cutest thing on two legs

  • thesweetbubby

    dude honestly have you listened to kimbras settle down its the best thing since sliced bread and her dance moves will def take her out of the one hit wonder category shes the cutest thing on two legs

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