The Odaiba Gundam Project 2011 Picture Post

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Did anybody else have a fascination with humanoid robots as a child? I was totally enamored with the freakin’ things ever since I saw some old reruns of Tranzor Z as a kid. If you don’t know who Tranzor Z is, let’s pretend you didn’t hear that, because I’ll start feeling like an old man or something (I mentioned him in a previous anime post, too). Robotech, Voltron, The Power Rangers*, V.R. Troopers, the X-men (Sentinels) and host of others helped contribute to my television fascination with these robots. At the same time video games like Megaman (Rockman in Japanese) and Metal Gear helped me to develop a video-game fascination with these robots. Some were small, some were immense, some had incredible artillery while others had none, some were used for good, and some were used for evil, but the vast majority of them were cool. Ahhh, science-fiction, gotta love it.
*Power rangers and American TV shows like it, were pretty much swiped from Kamen Rider and Ultraman

Who said it was fiction? I’m sure many people revel in the fact that these are just cartoons or just simple video games, but…

Everyone, lean in a little closer to your computer screens and listen closely: “These futuristic robots…DO exist…I’ve seen them with my very own eyes” You don’t believe me?!? I am telling you the truth.

I have reason to believe that in a manufacturing facility of Odaiba, Japan, construction of one such battle robot is underway. I figured that you might think I was crazy so I did a full-scale investigation. These pictures report my findings. All I ask is that if something happens to me, that these pictures make it to the necessary authorities…God save us all:

The Odiaba Gundam Project 2011 Exclusive

I was there... Here I am standing with a deactvated Gundam armored headpiece, Model RX78.

The same Gundam...activated. OH SHIZ! Run Donald!!!

The Odaiba Gundam Project 2011 Picture PostThe Odaiba Gundam Project Facility 2011

Additional Gundam components

I live Gundam battle droid!

An alternate view of the Gundam headpiece...

Gundam maintenance instructions

Even Gundams come with user manuals

An honest-to-goodness armored, Gundam boot!

Is it me? Or does that look like a m - s s i le?

Apparently the hand wasn't deactivated...YIPE! I guess the question now would be is whether the stain on my pants is water, sweat, or urine? It's up to YOU to decide 🙂

If this doesn't convince you, nothing will. The Gundam I snook a peek at was nearly complete.

Do you believe me now? Probably not, huh?

It wasn’t a high-grade military facility, but it was a cool (limited-time) tourist attraction, though. Gundam may not be my anime of choice (I just have watched much of it yet) but it was still cool. I would imagine if you’re actually a die-hard, Gundam fan, this Gundam RX78 exhibit will probably be enough to make you have a seizure or something.

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  • Nanami says:

    haha, that’s pretty cool. I remember reading an article about a couple that got married near here. They were big fans I guess. ^ ^; All my male friends thought it was a great idea. -chuckles-

  • Joshua Shibata says:

    Hey Donald
    Long time reader, first time writer. Love your blog, keep up the great work. FYI…the gundam suit was up in full badass mode in 2009 in Odaiba (u just missed it buddy, dont feel so bad I came out with a bunch of freinds last summer and we missed it too) Just want to say I LOVE Odaiba too and Joyopolis! Also have u checked out the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara? Supposdily its a trip! Continue the great posts and Ill keep reading them.

    • Donald Ash says:

      Hey Johsua!! Thanks for supporting the site and thanks for the positive feedback.
      Awwww man! I missed the full badass mode!?! Arrrggghhh. Isn’t Odaiba awesome? I haven’t been to the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara. Sounds like a cool field trip for me, though. I’ll have to check it out for sure. I’ll keep the posts coming. It’s great to hear from you.

  • Jay Dee says:

    I saw that thing completely assembled in 2009 in Odaiba. It moved, too! I blogged about it a couple years ago.

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