The Lake Ashi Tour

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Hakone, Japan 2011

The Lake Ashi Tour was nice, in part, because I just like riding boats. There’s something so calming about that semi-melodic sound of water in motion. Couple this calming effect with nice weather and beautiful scenery and you have yourself a winner! I enjoyed getting a sense of everything around me using different means: walking and hiking on foot, taking the Hakone Ropeway to get the elevated view, and using a ship to get a perspective from the water.

A cool view from the Lake Ashi tour boat

The boats that were used for the tour were undoubtedly based on a pirate theme, which cheapened the experience a little, at least for me anyway. If you’re into pirates, though, this is for you. Nevertheless, the boats were pretty cool looking, complete with masts, foremasts, bowsprits, and all of the other pirate croppings. In addition to the boats being quite easy on the eyes, they were big enough to hold large groups of people without making things feel too terribly crowded, and big enough for a stable, steady boat-ride.

Two cool-looking pirate ships. I rode in the one on the right.

A closer look at one of the ships

A better shot of the ship I was on

A cannon pointed at a small child? I guess you can't get much more pirate than that. AHHH! GET OUT OF THE WAY, KID!!

I have to admit that being on the upper deck with the wind blowing through your hair…or head in my case, kind of makes you feel Jack-Sparrow-ish. YARRR!

YARRRRHH! I think this was the main mast of the ship. I did feel a bit like a pirate standing up there. I don't know why, but for some reason I started thinking who would win in a fight between Jack Sparrow and One-Eyed Willy. But I digress...a cool ship.

More piratey goodness. Wait a second, that's not my native flag. Did I just get kidnapped by Japanese pirates?

In the cabin,there were refreshments that I didn’t really go and look at because it wasn’t that long of a ride. There was also this dude dressed up as a pirate who would take a picture with you, print it off on a nearby computer, put it into a board-frame and try to sell it to you for 1000 yen (you can see him the video above).

I can’t say that is was the best part of my Hakone trip because, in the end, it just felt like a boat ride. I can’t really say that there was anything super memorable that juts out in my mind from the tour. However, if you’re in the area, I would still recommend trying it, because it was quite relaxing: a sunny, breezy summer day with a view. Lake Ashi is also another one of Japan’s famous landmarks.

All in all, the Lake Ashi Tour in Hakone was a good way to relax.

Donald Ash

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  • Nanami

    Since you’re my secret ninja… This is total proof that pirates and ninjas can peacefully co-exist. o.o

    Looks beautiful tho’ 🙂

    • Donald Ash

      That’s right Nanami 🙂 (what Donald neglected to mention was that he severely bludgeoned the pirates and took over their ship)

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