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An interesting Trip Base Blog Project

I recently received a nomination from the Whoa I’m in Japan blog (I appreciate that, Amanda) to participate in Trip Base Blog My 7 Links Project. The goal of this project is to bring together bloggers from all sectors. I then have to nominate five bloggers to participate. I think it’s a innovative idea, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

The way it works is I have to choose a blog post for each of the following categories:

1. Your most beautiful post
2. Your most popular post
3. Your most controversial post
4. Your most helpful post
5. A post whose success surprised you
6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
7. The post that you are most proud of


It was muggy, hot, and uncomfortable. It will also be one of my most treasured memories here in Tsukuba. Seeing so many people dressed up in their traditional garb, the dancing, the drums and those almost magical Nebuta floats were incredible.

15 Plus Ways to Beat the Japanese Summer Heat & Humidity

If I consider how many views this article has gotten in the short time it’s been up, I’d say it’s my most popular. Why? I think everyone’s suffering from this hellish inferno that is the Japanese summer. Everyone’s trying find whatever means they can to overcome this relentless heat. Stay cool out there, everybody.

Am I Stupid for Having Stayed In Japan After the 2011 Japan Earthquake?

I was really worried with all of the earthquake business that was going on. I decided to stick it out here in Tsukuba, but I’ll be straight with you, I was really scared (I’m still a tad worried about the radiation). I returned to Japan after visiting my family just one day before the quake happened, so I didn’t really have the money to go back. This was also the first poll I did at the Japan Guy. Some people thought I was stupid for staying, others think I made the right choice. “Hah, I guess I showed those naysayers, huh?” (As Donald turns to cough up green, radioactive blood).

How To Use A Japanese ATM (The Basics): Part 2

This is one of the money matters posts that I received the most positive feedback on. I got sick and tired of not knowing how to use this blasted machine, so I figured that somebody else was having the same problem. I really worked hard to make sure that people knew (at least the basics) of how to use a Japanese ATM machine.

Can You Distinguish Between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Faces?

Who knew that people would be so interested in this question. A conversation at work spawned this article, and I posted it. I had no idea people would not only be interested, but take part in the quiz that I made. Please feel free to check it out if you haven’t already.

6. DIDN’T GET THE ATTENTION I FELT IT DESERVED. A Japan Guy Interview: My Japan Experience featuring Mad TV’s Erica Ash

This is one of my favorite interviews that I’ve done to date. I don’t get to see my sister very often, but when I do, it’s always a good time. This interview was not different. It was one of my earliest attempts at doing an interview at the Japan Guy and it was just fun to do. My blog was still in it’s early stages (it still is considering that it’s not even a year old yet), but I definitely wanted more people to check out the interview to learn about life in Japan in a truly entertaining way.

Official Welcome

Even though I may have done some retro-posting that came before this post. This was the post that officially started the Japan Guy. It’s without a doubt one of the shortest posts I had ever written. I was just figuring out how to actually get the blog up and running, and how to get it to look halfway decent.

I had just turned 30 a month before, and just thought that there was something more I could be doing with my life and with my talents. I’ve always loved writing, and this was me stepping forward and taking action, even though I was uncertain…uncertain that I could even write a blog that would be worth anything, uncertain that anybody would actually read it, uncertain that I could even come up with topics to write about. I can even begin to say how happy I am that I took my leap of faith. I now have some wonderful readers who I get to talk to regularly, I’ve run into some other cool bloggers and people on the Internet, have started to get into guest writing. The good, the bad, the tough…I’m just loving every aspect of it!

Now to pass the torch to some other bloggers. I nominate

BB’s Days In Japan
The Deviled Angel
Kaley in Japan

Do you have a post that you liked at the Japan Guy? Didn’t like? Thought was funny or weird? Please let me know in the comments section.

Your friendly neighborhood Donnie.

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  • Your blog is an inspiration to me. You post frequently and every post is well thought out and complete. I hope someday soon I will have a little blog following, too. Any tips for getting my blog out there?

    • Donald Ash

      Thank you so much, Alana 🙂 I appreciate you reading. Tips? Tips? Okay, this may sound a bit cliche, but one of biggest things are to make sure you’re having fun with what you’re writing. If writing ever starts to feel like a chore, then something is wrong. I write this blog because it’s so much fun! Yes, it is work sometimes, but never has it been work that I mind doing. Also getting into a regular writing routine is a good thing. Thanks for posting, Alana.

  • Thanks for the nomination, Donald!

    Blogs are funny like that. Things are not always interested in what you think they are.

    HOT Topics on my blog:
    pre-marriage counseling
    toilets in japan
    talk about constipation in japan
    and “men all look”

    i write for others but i learned that blogging has helped me learn kanji in an enorrrrmous way.

    like i read stuff and have no idea where i picked it up

    must be all the blogging.

    sometimes tiring but def very fun!

    cheers and keep it up, donald.

    • Donald Ash

      No problems, thanks for always coming by to share 😉

  • Vivian


    I renamed the blog…it’s in Japanese though

    henna gaijin BB no bilingual blog (strange foreigner’s bilingual blog)

    🙂 Vivian

    • Donald Ash

      Cool, thanks!

  • Btw, if you want…do you wanna write a guest entry in english and your best japanese…

    to introduce your blog on my blog?

    i am sure lots of my japanese readers would be interested.

    usually 1000 people view it each day.

    some days, hot topics, 3000 people read the blog. ha ha


    • Donald Ash

      That would be awesome. I would love to. It may take a little while though, I’ve got a couple of other writing projects to do, but thank you so much, Vivian!

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