The Japan Guy Featured on Bridges-Episode 13. Sweet!

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Hi everybody, I wanted to write up a quick post about the Japan Guy being featured on the “Bridges” blog, Episode 13. Hiroki Matsuchi, creator of the Bridges blog and podcast, sent me an email a little while back about being featured on his site. I happily agreed. I’ve seen his coverage of some other blogs and listened to some of his Bad Communication podcasts, and they’ve always been super informative. It’s really an honor to be on the site.

After looking at feature, I see one improvement I can make here at the Japan Guy…going back and re-check my posts for typos (oops). I did fix the How Much Do You Make as a Teacher in Japan Article 😉 . I enjoyed watching the segment, and I hope you enjoy it, too:

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

Donald Ash

P.S.-Thanks Hiroki!

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  • Thanks for the content and letting me use some of it on the show. As I said before, I only hope that I can send a few viewers your way.

    If you’ve ever got any new projects in the works, be sure to hit me up. You know where!

    • Donald Ash

      I most definitely will, Hiroki! Please do the same, let me know about any new things you’re working on.

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