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Hey everybody,

I recently had a chance to be a guest writer for the Loco in Yokohama blog and it was really a lot of fun. Loco is a fellow blogger who’s been in Japan for quite some time, and it was cool getting a chance to finally do something together.

This was definitely one of my sillier articles, but I thought the questions were a little different from the norm. The first two questions: 1) What’s the most Loco thing you’ve done in Japan? 2) Why do you blog about Japan. The third was a question of my choice: How is Japan like the video games that it’s so famous for? Just to kind of give you a sense of what the article was like, here’s a snippet:

“I went to this club in Yokohama, once, and was just having the time of my life. It was just one of those nights, where everything was on point. I was hanging out with some good friends, laughing, joking, just enjoying it. Beautiful women were walking up to me asking me where I was from, and telling me how handsome I was. Me, being the level-headed fellow that I am…I ate that sh*t up!! LOL.

I was dancing with like four girls at once, letting the hip-hop music and the atmosphere soak into my soul. While I was dancing, I accidentally stepped on this guy’s foot. He was tall, mysterious, African-American, just like me (minus the mysterious part). He gave me the mean mug, like he was going to do something. I immediately apologized, because the last thing I wanted on a perfect night like this, was a fight. Dude chilled out (thank goodness) and went on about his business; I kept partying with the hot Japanese ladies…and that was that…or, so I thought…”

After you read it, please let me know what you think in the comments section below:)

Do you have any crazy Japan stories? I’d love to hear those, too.

Donald Ash

The post was a little long, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it. You can click on the blog party picture below to go straight to it.

  • It was great having you on board, Don! And if you have any ideas for future collaborations let me know. I really got a kick outta your “dream” scenario. That was funny! Thanks again!

    • Donald Ash

      Haha, I thought it’d be an interesting twist, Loco. I do have some ideas as a matter of fact, I’ll be in touch, man. THANK YOU!!

  • Ms. Hoshino

    Really nice post! In the family portrait three of the people have almost the exact same smile as you. 🙂

    • Donald Ash

      Thanks Ms. Hoshino. I love my brother and sisters SOOoo much!

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