The Girl With Legendary Speed

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Two weeks ago the kids at my elementary school had marathon day, where all of the students had to run a marathon. Well, let me back up, it’s not the standard, full, 42-kilometer or 26-mile marathon. The first through fourth graders had to run 1.5 kilometers which is the same as about .93 miles. I didn’t see the fifth and sixth graders, but their race was longer. I went outside to cheer on my kids and I was amazed that every single kid that I saw was able to finish the race. The 1st grade boys were funny to watch. One teacher got them warmed up, and another gave them the “Ready, set, go!” And these little guys just took off. Pacing of course was of no concern to them…that is until their lungs started giving out a fourth of the way into race. The girls, the boys, all of them did so well, though. I was really proud of them.

The reason I’m writing about the marathon is because of this 9-year old girl. This fourth grade girl, though I didn’t see her race is becoming something of a little legend at the school. All the kids from the first grade to the sixth know who she is. Even those who don’t know her personally, know that her speed is legendary at the school. Okay, I won’t say legendary but, there’s no doubt she’s fast. In her grade, whether it’s sprints or a longer race like the 1.5 kilometers, none of the boys in her class can touch her. I think that’s so cool. I remember in the fourth grade, the boys were always faster, but this girl shatters that stigma.

Get this, she ran the 1.5 kilometers in under 6 minutes and 20 seconds. Granted you have to account for downhill momentum and all, but that’s awesome for a nine year old, heck that’s pretty amazing for an adult. That’s totally intriguing to me. I’m no track coach or anything, but considering her muscles haven’t even really developed yet, some scout may need to keep an eye on her. Is this girl a super kid in the making?

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Donald Ash

P.S.-This makes me remember the article I did called 10,000 hours. Let’s pose a related question: Is athletic talent a skill that you’re born with or is something that you achieve through hard work? I’m not sure of the young lady’s training regimen outside of school, but she really seems to love running, and she’s definitely faster than the average kid. But at nine years old, it’s hard to make the hard work argument.

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  • ^_^ I always love things that break a stereotype. At least if it’s in a positive way! If you see her tell her that there are even Americans rooting her on across the see! Ganbatte!

    As far as whether it’s talent or studying.. I think talent gives you a headstart for sure. Especially if you put that effort in. However, I believe that there are very very few skills that cannot be learned by someone earnestly attempting to do them. It may take longer, but if you grind cooking long enough your skill will improve! haha. But seriously! It doesn’t matter if it’s art, music, athletic ability or even social grace–if you keep trying you will get better.

  • Clive Bugle

    yo. i love the article title

    RE: your question at the end

    for what its worth, i think youre born with the talent, and then you have to work at it.

    if usain bolt didnt train, he wouldnt be the fastest in the world. however, if i train 10 times harder than him, i still wont be faster than him

    bitta both, i think.

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