The Farewell Card That Made Me Smile

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On Friday I went to Makabe and the Inaba Brewery in Ibaraki, Japan with some of my students and co-workers. Needless to say, it was blast. After going to the brewery and getting back to Tsukuba, all of us had a chance to get changed before meeting at an izakaya (居酒屋,いざかや, or Japanese tavern/pub) for dinner. I had left my bike at Tsukuba Center earlier that day to meet with everyone. But the students dropped me off near my apartment. I changed clothes and made the cold, snowy walk (it was light snow, but it was really cold) to the izakaya. After getting inside, and getting some grilled meat in my stomach, I started to warm up very quickly. I ate until I couldn’t eat another bite. Also, because the students were treating this like a small party for Marisa and I, we didn’t even have to pay.

After we finished eating, the students stopped everything and pulled out these big envelopes, one blue and the other red (I think it was red). Inside there were these cards that the students had signed with a funny picture of me in my Black Belt Jones Halloween costume, and Marisa in her Fraggle Rock costume from the student Halloween Party. I couldn’t help but smile, it’s one of the funniest, coolest cards I’ve ever gotten in my life. Here’s what mine looked like:

A great card from some very creative students. THANK YOU!!

Aki, Naomi, Tatsuo, Yukiyo, Tomohiko, Masaharu, Hiroyuki…YOU’RE THE BEST!!


Donald Ash

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