The Chicken Out Post: I Didn’t Do Kyokushin Cold Water Training

By Donnie | Articles

Sigh…maybe I’m going to catch a bit of heat for this, but I opted not to do Kyokushin Cold Water Training Today. Was I chicken? Perhaps. Or it could have been the fact that training was going to cost 6000 yen. I think the common-sensical region of my brain overpowered the gung-ho, karate side. I really do enjoy doing martial arts training, but my mode of thinking was “Why am I going to pay ¥6000 to go and stand in the Pacific Ocean with no shirt. Catching pneumonia should be free, right?”

Do you know how I made my choice? Well, I was rushing home from work tonight, because I wanted to go to karate practice. I’m usually late on Saturdays, and my teachers never give me a hard time, because they know it’s work related. Anyhow, when I got home I was searching high and low for my dougi, どうぎ, karate uniform. I found the pants in my closet, but couldn’t for the life of me find the top. I checked the washing machine and lo and behold, there was my karate uniform…nice, cold and wet. Being that hanging laundry is the method to dry clothes in Japan, there was no time for it to dry. I have had to wear a wet karate uniform to class before (but it was in the summer). It was a pretty brisk Saturday evening, so my uniform was EXTREMELY cold. I tried putting it on, and I just couldn’t do it. I tried ironing it a bit, but just to no avail. I didn’t even go class. I just told myself “I’m already late and there’s no time for this. I’ll just go twice on Monday or something.” I started reasoning if I can’t put on a soaking wet, cold uniform for the 10 minutes that it takes to ride my bike to karate, how on earth am I supposed to go to Ooari, 大洗, and stand in the Pacific? Needless to say, I let my self-doubt get the better of me.

I may do it eventually (and I do stress the may part), but not this time around. In all of my martial arts years, never have I once tried cold water training so it’s a bit foreign to me (no pun intended). I know cold water training is a mind over matter exercise and I completely respect that, but in my mind…it matters.

I hope I don’t regret this later,

Donald Ash

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  • Arkady

    Love your articles and videos very much, Donald. Thank you for sharing your point of view and perception of things!

    Speaking of skipping the training, there is saying: “if you are in bad mood, put on tight shoes”, meaning that will shift your focus. 🙂 Looks like that “cold water training” would do the same trick. If you feel bad about something, you can go freeze yourself so much that upon coming home you’ll be grateful you’re still alive and all problems will fade away. Like cures like. 🙂 I’m sure I won’t have enough willpower to subject myself to such extreme thing. 🙂

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