Teaching in Japan: I Have ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) Job Training Tommorrow

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Amidst all of the earthquake woes, tsunami damage and destruction, and radiation worries I am looking forward to job training with Interac tomorrow. I am scheduled to go to Iidabashi for training, but I hear that I’m going to be the only person in attendance. Nevertheless, I am ready to give 110% to my next job so I can enjoy teaching and learning from my students (since they’ll be speaking alot more Japanese). I look forward to having a new schedule, a new life here in Japan, and some new opportunities. Not to say that AEON was bad by any means (it was amazing), but I am trying to think ahead just a bit.

I wonder what some of the differences between Eikaiwa and public school teaching are going to be? Is it going to be more difficult? Will it be easy to make the adjustment? Will I have good students? Things are things I can’t know the answers to immediately, some I don’t even have any control over. But I do know if I put for the right amount of effort in I can make as smooth a transition as possible, and increase my chances of being successful in the next job. Wish me luck!

For those of you who may have taught in both an Eikaiwa and in the Japanese Public School System, what was your experience? How big of a change was it for you? I am going the elementary school route (for my Japanese level it’s probably the best option, too). So if anyone has any experience with elementary schools, what are the pros and cons? I’m sure I’ll do an article about it later, but I am would love to hear your thoughts.


Donald Ash

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