Tasty Cuisine in Japan: Ali’s Chicken Kebab

By Donnie | Foreigners In Japan

Ali's Kebab in Tsukuba, Japan

This kebab brand isn't so widespread in Japan, but it's so good!

Man, I don’t know if it’s the same for you guys, but for me food can be like heaven sometimes. I was walking around Tsukuba, just trying to wrap my head around the apartments I’d seen and how on earth I was going to be able to move. In the midst of my worries, I got this delightful aromatic whiff of something. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it smelled incredible and it reminded me of something…but what?

I pulled my Toucan Sam move and followed my nose to the smell and I stumbled upon this kabob truck. Across the front of it I saw the name: “Ali’s Kebab.” In an instant, I knew where I recognized the smell. My siblings and I used to frequent this donut this popular, local kebab stand in Germany. We always called them donut kebabs as kids, but I am just realizing that “doner kebab” is the proper Though I couldn’t remember the taste of kebab so well, that hearty smell was enough to lift my spirits out of my apartment worries.

I asked for a double meat, chicken kabob. The kind, middle-eastern gentleman skillfully made this amazing kebab right before my very eyes and topped with two short jets of mild kebab sauce. He gave it to me. I was so entranced by how it looked and smelled that I said “Thank you” and began to walk off. The man looked confused/semi-hurt expression. Oh my God! I forgot to pay him! He probably thought I was going to steal a kebab. I felt terrible. I handed over the kebab so I could pull out my wallet and pay him. Donald, you idiot!

Ali's Kebab Worker

This is the nice man I nearly stole a kebab from 🙁

With a sigh of half-remorse/half-relief, I sat down on a nearby plaza bench at the MOG shopping center. I looked around thinking about how it had nearly been five years since I come to this very mall on my first day in Tsukuba. I just sat back, taking it in, breathing the chilly, fresh Tsukuba air, knowing these would be my last weeks in this place.

Wistfully, I took a bite of the juicy chicken, flatbread sandwich with just the right touch of kebab sauce. The first bite left me wide-eyed with surprise. Things went from wistful to wonderful in on chomp. The kebab was amazing! I greedily devoured the rest of it.

I don’t know if Ali’s Kebab trucks/restaurants are everywhere, but I do know they have them in Tsukuba and Ibaraki. If you are a kebab fan at all, even if you’re not. You might want to give these a try, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed mine, it literally put a smile on my face:

Doner Chicken Kebab

See?! Man, I'm craving one of these this very second!


The website isn’t super fancy and neither are the trucks, but DO NOT let that fool you. What the stands lack in flash, the kebabs more than make up for it in flavor.

Donald Ash

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  • Doner kebab’s are like, THE most consumed food in Birmingham, England! Amazing taste and flavours.
    Hang in their Donald I will never stop reading this blog!!!!

    • Donald Ash

      They’re so good, right? I love those things. Thank you so much for the support. This year I plan to be more active than any year prior…so please stay tuned 😀

  • Apple pie

    I wonder why the truck guy calls it Chicken kebab, judging from the ‘tasty’ pictures above, I can easily tell that this is the Shawrma, an Arabic dish.

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