Tales from Japan: It Ain’t No Fun

By Donnie | Tales from Japan

Hey guys, it’s time for another one of my tales from Japan. Enjoy!

Hey guys, this is Donald with thejapanguy.com and the name of today’s tale is “It Ain’t No Fun.”

Have you ever been to an establishment in Japan where the music that’s playing over the speakers just doet match the stetting whatsoever. A store or a gym, you just hear something that doesn’t quite match up. Well I know I have, so here’s my little story…

I used to work out at a little gym called ACT out in Ibaraki, out in Tsukuba.
This gym was located right across from a hospital, so the vast majority of the members are elderly.

I’d say the average age of somebody working out there was maybe about 102.
Okay not actually 102, but I’d literally say it was over 50, maybe even over 55, that was average.

I joined the gym because it was cheap, which is quite rare in Japan (for a gym to be cheap). It had sufficient equipment, not great equipment, but it was good enough.

I was in there getting my pump on like “Uh, uh, oh, oh, oh…one, two, three”

And I slow down because I hear a tune that I recognize:
“Boo doo doo doo, ba doo doo doo doo doo doo. Doo doo doo.

Are they playing “It Ain’t No Fun” in here?!? Over the loudspeakers?! Nah.

So I go back to lifting, and sure enough I hear Nate Dogg and Snoop come on. Yeah, they’re playing “It Ain’t No Fun” in a gym full of elderly people.

The Japanese people are walking around the gym like nothing’s happening.
Just on the treadmills, just doing their thing.

I go back to lifting.

So I go to the bench press this time and I wait for a second.
I’m like “Wait?! Are they gonna play the explicit version of this song in here?! Nah!”

So I get to my bench press. So I’m lifting and I hear the verse:

“I had respect for ya ladayyy
Now I take it all back
Cuz you gave me all your pu**y.
And you even licked my ball$.”

And I’m sitting there trying to push the weight.
You almost killed me!

Nate Dogg, did you just say PU**Y in a gym full of elderly people?
Nate Dogg, did you just say lick my ball$ in a gym full of elderly people?

I couldn’t believe it. So I just sat there, I couldn’t even lift for a little bit because I was so busy laughing.

They played every swear word you could possibly imagine. The whole song.
Nothing was bleeped out, nothing was censored, nothing was stopped. The full, explicit version of “It Ain’t No Fun” in a gym full of elderly people. PRICELESS.

It was one of those moments where I wish I had a sibling there or somebody who could appreciate how funny this was. I would have been on the floor if somebody else had been there. But I was the only foreigner there that day, unfortunately. But, ah, it was great.

How about you? Have you had any situations like that where you walked into some store or something and you hear something over the speakers that doesn’t quite match up.

I’d LOVE to hear it. So please leave your story in the comments section below.
I’ll talk to you soon guys.

This is Donald with thejapanguy.com,


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