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If you live in Japan long enough, you are undoubtedly going to experience a funny, weird, or strange incident at some point or another. So here is one of my recent stories. I got on the train with badly sprained foot*, I was in a splint and all bandaged up. There was a kind, Japanese gentleman who offered me his priority section seat. I was incredibly grateful because nobody wants to stand for an hour on a banged up foot. I sit down, relieved that I don’t have to stand. The relief becomes minor discomfort when I realize that the man next to me is taking up 1.125 of his seat, which means he’s on me, while we’re sitting down (if that makes any sense at all). I go from being slightly annoyed to incredibly perturbed when I see the man next to me scratching his arms, neck, and head like rabid fleas are biting him. He also begins to pick & peel sores on his arms!! I fight the urge to gag. I lean as far to my left as possible saying excuse me to the passenger on my left. The scratching and peeling is then followed by labored, and equally annoying, heavy breathing. My skin feels like it’s crawling all over itself. I feel like them woman on the Temple of Doom when all of those bugs were crawling all over her. Just as I’m about to loose it, the man gets off. Whew!

*I sprained my ankle and instep during a karate tournament, but more on that another time….

I watch him walk off of the bus and see small splotches of blood on his t-shirt, where the scratching had been the most intense.

If you ride the train, please look left and right before you sit down, you just may save yourself a stomach-churning ride home.

Please look out for the next 'Tale from Japan.'

This is Donald Ash with a Tale from Japan.

See you next time 😀

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  • zoomingjapan says:

    Totally know what you mean!
    I’ve had people like that next to me, too. Nobody was scratching themselves, but …. you know … many other disgusting things … (x___X) … and often I just stand up and or change seats if possible.
    I hate it if somebody stinks of smoke or alcohol … or just stinks in general. I hate when they fall asleep on my shoulder. I hate when they come too close to my space.

    The weirdest thing I ever had was a jr. high school boy sitting opposite of me.
    He had his cellphone in front of him the whole time and he kept talking loud and he licked and kissed the phone. Then, a young girl sat next to him and he stared at her and got closer and it was just sooooo ewwwwwwwwww …….
    Luckily he didn’t do anything, because I’m not sure what I would have done.

    Nice video, but man, I’m deaf now!!!! 😉

    • thejapanguy says:

      Disgustingly great story, zoomingjapan!

      That smoke smell is something I run into a lot. It’s not common to smell that someone is a smoker, but there are some cases where it’s extreme.

      A hentai phone licker?? Eww…hahaha.

      Thanks for posting!

      P.S.-Sorry about the deafness, lol. I was kinda loud in that video.

  • Nanami says:

    Also, did i hear correctly that you did really well in the tournament?? ^_^

    • thejapanguy says:

      First place, Nanami-chan 🙂 But I didn’t think my technique was all that great (just being honest). The division that lets you wear protective gear. I was too nervous to do the other one (without it). Those guys would’ve have taken me.

  • Derrick says:

    That was too hilarious, bro! At 1:38 I was already crying with laughter. Literally, tears were streaming but I couldn’t make noise because I was watching the video in a Dunkin Donuts and people were walking in and out of a door right next to my table.

    • thejapanguy says:

      Haha, thanks lil bro. I wish you had been with me, because we both would’ve been rolling. I know it! Gotta get you here ASAP!

  • Charles WR Harvey says:

    Donald, the way you described the guy breathing, all I could envision was you sitting next to Jeff…LOL!

    • Donald Ash says:

      HAHAHAHA! That’s just wrong, Charlie…but so funny at the same time! I know Jeff will see it eventually. You two always going back and forth…memories.
      Hope all’s well brother.

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