Apartment Hunting Update

By Donnie | Special Update

I found an apartment in Tsukuba that I REALLY like. The same one that I mentioned in my Apartment Hunting in Japan article, that’s so close to my karate dojo, is available. I got word that I was approved for the apartment. Initially I was told I have until January 15th to decide, but for some reason they changed on me. They want me to decide by December 13th, 2010!! I am debating because I worry about jobs in this area. In Tokyo there are tons of positions, but I don’t know if they’d be willing to pay for my transportation costs to and from Tsukuba (which would be nearly ¥3000 per day (over $30.00…YIKES)).

I want that apartment and all, but I keep flip-flopping in my mind. I just got a referral for a second private student with whom I had my first lesson yesterday. There is also a possible third student on the way. The trend is that students want to take repeat lessons, so that would translate into an extra 7500 yen per week (which is great) but I need to have something stable, too…even if the pay isn’t all that high. If worse comes to worst, I don’t want to pay key money again…so I may have to listen to the analytical side of my brain…and decline. But then again, I would have to leave the dojo I’m with, leave the private students I’ve just gotten, leave everyone I know…hmmm.

Decisions, decisions…I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do. Am I going to throw caution to the wind and get the apartment I want for about the same price as this one? Or, am I going to play it safe (like I always do)…move to Chiba in January and be closer to the Tokyo jobs? I have to figure this out…and FAST!

Donald Ash

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