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By Donald Ash | Commercial Work

I’ve been doing a bit of winter blog cleaning, and I’ve been looking through a slew of old posts finding so many links the weren’t working anymore and going back to fix them. I noticed that much of the commercial stuff I did wasn’t on YouTube anymore. YIKES! I was sifting through my personal backups and found this little Sony PS Vita Commercial I did, I’ll show you in just a sec.

Why weren’t these links working anymore? Well, these were company-owned YouTube channels. It doesn’t make sense for them to keep old marketing on their channels. So, from a business perspective, I totally understand it. Keep marketing fresh an relevant for your customers.

However, it sucks from the actor’s perspective, you kinda want to be able to see all the stuff that you’ve done. To those of you acting and modeling here I caution you to always keep a backup of the work you do. You never know when it’ll come in handy). I came across a number of pieces of extra work, etc. that I had totally forgotten about (ones that have been quite a challenge to find on the web). One of the problems with modeling and acting in Japan is that companies sometimes do a terrible job of keeping/sharing the work with the talent who actually did the work! It doesn’t bug me anymore because I made the conscious choice to step out of the Tokyo acting/modeling scene (sounds like a post waiting to happen. Hmm…)

Enough complaining, already! Here’s what I found:


I filmed this commercial in late 2014…Time Really flies, huh?

While I don’t post these as much anymore (I wanna focus more on helping my readers!!), it’s always nice to stumble across those jobs that bring back good memories. This Playstation 20th Anniversary (Playstation Vita) commercial was one that was really a lot of fun to do. For those who don’t know the Playstation Vita, it was one of the many iterations of Sony’s handheld game system. You don’t always get lucky with directors or staff. But the director and staff for this job were all so kind. Here’s the spot they ran (my part’s a little short to be honest, but no less fun)

I don’t know what the running gag is about black men being called “Bob” in television, film and entertainment, but I’m guessing it comes from foreign celebrity Bobby Ologun. Or it could be from former Pride fighter, Bob Sapp. It’s an interesting little topic I’d like to look into eventually. I think I’ve been “Bob” on at least five separate jobs. If you listen to the Japanese girl in this video (even if you don’t speak Japanese), she says “Bob” as I’m stepping out of the cellar.


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  • I actually wanted to be in a commercial when I lived in Korea, I think I am going to look into that and try to do it when I go back to visit in the spring 😀

  • Nanami says:

    XD Well that was cute.

  • tai says:

    Those were some nice swings! Did you guys finish the gunpla models?

    • Hahahah! Thanks Tai! No, unfortunately we didn’t finish the models. I kinda wanted too, though

      • Iain Cowell says:

        Just reading your comment about black men being called “Bob” in television and entertainment. I think you are probably right about it coming from Bobby Ologun. I do know that within a year of him starting to appear on Japanese TV, Bob Sapp started wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling. So I think that is where the “Bob” probably comes from.

  • Jay says:

    This is great! Do you have a post regarding how to get these kinds of gigs or somewhere you could point us to?

  • xetholdus says:

    I need to know the song being played in this video!

  • Derrick D. Ash says:

    I am strongly considering doing a commercial now too. It would be cool to see the finished product and how well I could follow directing prompts.

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