Sega Joypolis Video (Odaiba, Japan)

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Hey, I wouldn’t leave you hanging on this one. The SEGA Joypolis is one of the honest-to-goodness cool things about Odaiba, and I wanted to capture at least a glimpse of it. The Joypolis is dimly-lit, so it may be a bit hard to see everything, but you should be able to get the gist of just how much fun it was:

So the next time you’re in Tokyo and you’re feeling a bit bored, even if you’re a loyal Playstation follower or a die-hard Nintendo fan, checking out this indoor, Japanese amusement park may be just the thing to lift your spirits and get your adrenaline rushing all at the same time. Have you ever been to the Joypolis before? What’s your favorite thing about it?

Donald Ash

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  • Liam says:

    I meant to go here when I was in Japan, but I couldn’t make it here!
    I wanted to go because it looked like it had some really good horror rides, and horror simulators based on actual games.

    Just curious, have you ever seen a ride there called Zero 4D by any chance? It’s based on the game Fatal Frame 2 if that helps…
    I’m a really big fan of the game, and so tried to look for it the past few times I’ve been. But I haven’t had any luck. Apparently it’s somewhere on Odaiba, and I scoured the arcade under the Odaiba Wheel but no luck…

    It’s possible that it’s not there any more, but if you ever remember seeing it in Joypolis or anywhere on Odaiba, then it’d bring closure to me! :L

    • Donald Ash says:

      Somebody else mentioned Zero 4D but I don’t think I got a chance to ride it yet, but now I want to. I don’t remember seeing it, but I’ll have to go again and check.

      • Liam says:

        Really? Wow, I’m quite surprised to be honest.

        Yeah, if you’ve played the game before then it’s an absolute must, as it’s the only one in the world now. And if not, I bet it’ll get you wanting to play it :L

        Thanks, it’s appreciated. I checked the online map of Joypolis but it wasn’t on there so I don’t know if there’ll be much luck. But I did see some really good looking horror rides on offer, so I’ll have to give them a visit next time.

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