ALT Training Day 2, Iidabashi, Japan 2011

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Today I had the pleasure of meeting Jody and Cedric. Having been a teacher for quite some time, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing the same old stuff over and over again. You get trapped doing the same methods over and over again. Jody’s icebreaker was one that I’ve never tried before. He would call on a member of the group, have them stand and read sections of the Interac Guidlines in weird voices. I had to read as if I were French. One person had to read like a pirate, using lots of YARRR! sounds. It was good fun.

After Jody’s section, we met Cedric (a trainer from South Africa and one of the masterminds of Eigo Note). I don’t know how old this guy was, but there was a timeless energy about him. His role was to show us the Interac teaching methods. We started by introducing ourselves, and because he would randomly pop quiz us on people’s names in the room or have us say a person’s name and mention something about them…everyone’s brain was really receptive. It was pretty cool because I don’t consider myself to be super great with names, but after about 20 minutes I knew every person’s name in the room.

Fast-forward a few hours….

My…brain…is…spinning! Whoa! I think maybe there was just too much information today. Cedric is an amazing teacher, and his teaching talent just oozes of him. However, he said so much that I really had to decipher what I would actually take to the classroom. Today’s training was very different than what I’m accustomed to in that there wasn’t a whole lot of time to practice what we were being shown. I think that, more than anything was the reason, today’s portion made my brain feel somewhat inundated. I think I’m going straight to sleep when I get back to the hotel.

See you tomorrow,

Donald Ash

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  • Roger Starkey

    Cedric, it’s good you trained with him.

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