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Erica Ash at the NAACP Awards

Today I wanted to do a post about my sister, Erica. I know you may be thinking “Donald, what in the world does this have to do with life in Japan?” Well, quite a bit actually. My sister lived in Japan for three years, too, and was able to do so much with the short time she was here. I try not to compare myself to my sister (because it’s a lost cause for me, lol 🙂 ). I know I am my own person, blah blah blah, but when I recently discovered that Erica only stayed in Tokyo for three years, I was floored! I couldn’t help but think “Donald…what have you been doing for the last three freakin’ years?” I mean She did SO MUCH while she was here: from fashion modeling, to singing, to dancing on TV, to commercials. What have I been doing? I guess the answer is…working and plotting. Part of the reason I’m leaving my job is to have a chance to change.

Erica has always been the go-getter in the family. Even as a little girl she just had that spark, that something that engages people. I remember when we all lived in Germany, going to an English-speaking school, Butzbach Elementary School, she loved doing school plays: the one I remember most is her playing the Queen in Alice in Wonderland. She always did very well in school (we all did…no choice…with our military father…right guys?) but was able to balance and multi-task like nobody’s business. She attended a performing arts school in Decatur, Georgia, and really started developing a love for performing. She changed schools when my parents decided that she needed to have more of an academic focus. Of course, she attended a Science/Math based high-school program and performed very well. She went on to attend Emory University as a member of the premedical course (though her major was English). After college she went to Japan and just blossomed. She sharpened her acting, singing, modeling, and voice skills while she was in Japan, and now it’s all paying off.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting an interview I did with my sister earlier this week, before you take a look at the interview. Here is some footage of some of the work she did with Mad TV, I thought it was so funny, but so Erica. My sister plays the air-headed Sharice Mohamed Fletcher. It’s fascinating to me because she is the complete opposite of the character she plays, a testament to her comedic/acting skills. But Erica is that funny in real life, on a daily basis:

Mad TV Introduction

Pretty funny stuff, right? Truthfully, I don’t know if I’ll ever be as successful as my sister, but I am so inspired whenever I see her or talk to her. Her “take charge” attitude about things is so refreshing and her advice is always so encouraging…I just have worlds of respect for her. She did SO MUCH while she was here in Japan, from fashion modeling, to singing, to dancing on TV, to commercials. She’s is one of the people that I look up to most. I hope to be able to apply some of these lessons to my own life.



Donald Ash

P.S.-Be sure to watch tomorrow’s post showing my interview with Erica. I think you’ll REALLY enjoy it.

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