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This is a Pizza Hut Pizza in Japan. Look, they even show you how to dispose of/recycle the box!

I just love pizza! Pepperoni, Cheese, Chicken, Supreme, Mayonnaise, Corn, Seafood. Wait!! Did you say Mayonnaise pizza,and seafood pizza? Yes, indeed I did. I don’t know what makes these types pizza toppings so appealing to Japanese people. I suspect that their palates must be accustomed to different tastes than Americans. I have been in Japan for over three years, and one of the cravings that I have from time to time is for a piping hot slice of GOOD pizza. Here in Tsukuba, Pizza La is one of the most popular pizza delivery chains, but I definitely wouldn’t say the pizza is the best. They have some really strange toppings too, some I can’t even identify. I did however finally get to try Pizza Hut pizza here in Japan (I had help ordering) and it was pretty good. In the U.S. I wasn’t a Pizza Hut pizza hut fan, because the pizzas back in the day used to be so heavy and oily. I’m certain they changed they way they make pizza, since the late 80s/early 90s, but Papa John’s Pizza (sigh…) made me forget just about every other chain.

Yummy!! This pizza comes complete with a green hot pepper sauce for some added kick. Nice touch!

There are some US pizza chains that I really like though. Little Caesar’s** was pretty good back in the day, before they closed down. But it looks like Little Caesar’s is making a ninja-style comeback. I had some in California and this pizza was DIRT CHEAP, I mean like six bucks cheap I think, but it was delicious! When I visited Georgia, I saw a couple of Little Caesar’s shops as well. Another chain (which may only be in the southeast) called Hungry Howie’s is really good, too.

But I digress…back to Japan Pizza Hut Pizza…

Despite not formerly being a Pizza Hut fan, I have to admit that this it was the best pizza I’ve had in Japan…hands down. By U.S. standards it probably pales in comparison, but it really hit the spot. Half of the pizza was basil and tomato, while the other half was ham, cheese, and I forgot what else. In the end I ate so much pizza I had a stomachache afterwards. I also got to of their dessert sides. Apple pie, and vanilla ice cream. I was thinking of buying some ingredients to make Apple Pie A La Mode ice cream. I watched the workers at Cold Stone Creamery make apple pie ice cream here in Japan and it didn’t look hard at all. You take vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, diced apples (in light syrup), crushed graham cracker, caramel, and mix it all together. But instead of going through all that, I decided two kill two birds with one stone…just order dessert with the pizza. I can’t even remember the last time I ate that much!
But I digress, let’s look at the Pizza Hut Japan website to show you what kind of toppings they have and the prices. You might be surprised to find that pizza in Japan can be so much more expensive than in the U.S.:

I will definitely be doing another article on this topic, because pizza is my favorite food 🙂 .

What’s your FAVORITE pizza chain? What kind of pizza really hits the spot for you?

If you’re living in Japan, what chain in Japan makes the best pizza? Inquiring minds (i.e.-me) want to know! 🙂

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  • Just finished watching the video. I gotta say, normally I wouldn’t think of ordering that expensive a pizza with those odd toppings, but I’m 8 pounds over my weight division limit and so I’m on a diet and I’m so hungry I could chew my own arm off! Ha! Looking at all those pizzas…even the mayo one sounded good!

    But the last thing I want to do is fight executive (meaning menopausal) women in the upper weight division!!

    Ugh…my stomach is growling.

    • Donald Ash says:

      Ganbatte, Kim! You can do it. It sucks trying to meet weight requirements for tournaments, huh? Sorry to tempt you with the pizza 🙂 LOL, Please try not to chew your own arm off…it’ll make fighting so much more difficult. What’s your favorite type of pizza, Kim?

  • devin says:

    I worked at Pizza Delight in Canada so I have to be loyal and say our’s was the best! hahaah

  • Phonlawat Khunphet says:

    Hi, I’m in Tsukuba right now. I’m trying to order Pizza Hut via I have problem about after i’ve order finished, website ask me about email password. How will i do ? on the other hand, Do you think is it a good idea for going to order at Pizza store. I’ve passed pizza store last week. I’m not sure that employee can speak english.

  • Phonlawat Khunphet says:

    I gave up for ordering pizza hut via website and i rode the bicycle to Pizza Hut store it’s easier ^^^. Anyway, I would like to tell you something i didn’t see ketchup it’s very surprise and fortunately, i have ketchup in my fridge.

  • Doc says:

    Back in the early 80’s sailors from the USS Midway CV41 would go to Pizza Hut in Yokohama and order the Corn Pizza. It was also a great place to meet college girls who wanted to practice their english. Always a great time.

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