Panasonic Viera Commercial Spots

By Donald Ash | Commercial Work

Donald Ash in Panasonic Viera commercial spot 1.

Donald Ash in Panasonic Viera commercial spot 1.

A friend of mine who I filmed a commercial with late last year recently sent me the link for it.

This commercial is for a pretty cool television set by Panasonic that allows you to share and connect with your smart phones and other smart devices. I don’t know much about price or release date specifics of the actual smart tv (as I like to call it), but it does look useful. I had a feeling that this is where television would eventually go.

Everything being connected is the way to go. I wonder what your smart phone won’t be able to do in 20 years. It’s really interesting to think about. We’ll have to have a discussion/debate about one of these days here on the site.

I really think this commercial came out well. It’s one of the longer spots I had the opportunity to do, but check it out 😀


This commercial is only for the web right now, at least I think that’s right. But it may become a tv spot later, you just never know.

Oh and here is the shorter Spot we filmed. So much fun!


Thank for watching. I’ll see you next post!


P.S.-To Mitzi, Kyle, Yurika and the crew, I REALLY had fun working with you guys 😉


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  • Nanami says:

    Haha that’s a pretty cool commercial. Also, the glasses are pretty kickin!

  • MarieJ says:

    i would love to do a commercial o.o

  • John says:

    Wow! Great commercial, the structure of it was performed neatly

  • Bee says:

    That was really cool! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

  • Mwani says:

    This is a nice commercial man! I really liked it. 😀

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