One Thing I Really Like About Japan

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This may seem a little silly to some of you, but you know what I really enjoy about Japan? I like the fact that people have real, honest to goodness gardens. I have to walk from the station to my school everyday, and in the neighborhood that I pass thorough, I always enjoy looking at gardens as I pass by. Japan doesn’t have a lot of space, mind you, but so many people with houses in this area have gardens. I don’t mean those kinds of gardens where people plant things and just leave the stuff there for the next year-and-a-half. I mean people actually take time to tend to these gardens, and you can tell. Whenever I walk through a neighborhood where I see elderly people outside, working in their gardens, it adds an air of peacefulness to the neighborhood.

I know I probably shouldn’t be snapping pictures of people’s gardens, but some of the fruits and vegetables I saw looked really tasty, and I couldn’t help myself. My logic behind snapping the pictures was “Hey…at least I didn’t steal any!” Take a look at some of the things I saw:

Unripened oranges, maybe?


Yep, even grapes

My favorite pic of the orange tree

I also remember seeing strawberries growing near my school. I’m really starting to wonder if the Garden of Eden is somewhere nearby. Who knows? Maybe it lies just beyond the school playground, lol 🙂 . I have never been much of a gardener. The last thing I remember planting on my own, was this bean sprout back in an elementary school science class…it died.

Being in an environment like Japan can really do a number on you. Japan is a society that really seems to have an appreciation for things natural. You don’t think so? Well to support my point, I think my prime examples would be the cherry blossom festivals every year, or the viewing plum blossoms in March, or even the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

The situation may differ if you live in a bigger city, like Tokyo for example, but ing general (all over Japan) there is deeper appreciation for the natural world than where I’m from. I never really paid much attention until coming here. I’ve never really taken pictures of any type of flower until I saw cherry blossoms. I not a botanist, a lean-mean-greener, or anything, but I definitely have a different perspective on my surroundings.

Are any of you gardeners? Farmers? etc. out there? What do you grow?

Donald Ash

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  • Panos

    Really,i enjoy nature…i was amazed the other day when i was watching a video about some newly built block of appartments near Tokyo where the presenter really took some time to make a tour of the public garden the building offers…that allows me to think that Japanese people,no matter how far the ‘ve been in technology issues, never forget nature and the importance and vitality it means to people..lucky you to be there…nice pics!

  • Kayla

    I’ve always appreciated gardens – be they vegetable or flower gardens. It’s something my grandma was really into and because I was close to her I enjoyed helping her weed the garden or plant things.

    There’s something very peaceful and empowering about it. You get in touch with your natural roots and feel the energy of the earth. You nurture life.

    • Donald Ash

      I’ll have to agree with you there. I didn’t really do a whole lot of gardening, but I the little that I have done is VERY relaxing, VERY peaceful. Thanks for posting, Kayla!

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