OH MY GOSH! The Cutest Little Japanese First Graders!

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This is just a little side post, but I had the cutest thing happen to me today. I had just finished doing one of the animal lessons with one of my first grade classes, and all of my students seemed really upbeat after class was done. I could tell the students enjoyed class, because the as soon as I said “See you next time!,” about six of the boys darted for the door, blocking the exit. They stood with their little arms crossed, Macho Japanese First Grader Style. It was almost like they were saying “You ain’t going nowhere, Donaldo Sensei.” I thought it was really cute. It made me feel good. I really tried to make that last of the animal lessons a good one, and really made sure I was prepared for it. Crafts don’t always turn out to be winners for me, but this time, it worked out. I gave my best to the kids and they responded in turn by actively participating in class, and doing an amazing job with all of the new animal vocabulary, and classroom English.

In another one of the first grade classes, the animal lesson also went even better than I had planned it, and quite a few kids came up to high five me and say thank you. I am notorious for picking up 1st grade children on occasion, as well as small-statured teachers (okay that picking up teachers part is a joke). Sometimes it backfires though, because you end up with an army of children rushing you saying “Yatte! (やって)” “Yatte! (やって)” or kind of like “Me too” or “Do me” or “Pick me up, too.”

I’ve been doing quite a bit of training lately, so my shoulders and arms are a bit sore these days. I apologized to the kids, explaining how my muscles were sore and how I couldn’t pick them up today. A few moments after mentioning my muscle soreness, the smallest, cutest little girl in the class asked me to bend down and asked me in Japanese which shoulder was hurting. I pointed to my right shoulder. The little girl reached up and tried to massage my shoulder, telling me that she does it for her father sometimes. It was so cute!! It probably have taken ten of her little hands to cover one shoulder, but I thought it was the sweetest little gesture. I thanked her and told her my shoulder felt great.

Today was a good day 🙂

See you tomorrow,

Donald Ash

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