Not in the Clear Just Yet

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My recent posts aren’t going to be very long, because I’m trying to stay posted on what’s going on with the reactores in my town. I am sitting in my apartment here in Tsukuba, and I hear strong gusts of wind rushing past. There’s nothing wrong with a little wind, right? Generally that’ pretty true, but for me, now that the aftershocks are starting to subside (although, not completely) my biggest concern is the nuclear power plant is Fukushima. I hear reports that the explosions don’t mean that the hull that houses the nuclear core has been breached, but others reports say yeah, right. I’m going to go with the latter, since Prime Minister Kan urged everyone within a 20-30 km radius to stay in their homes, and initiated an evacuation for those who live even closer to the plant. There hasn’t been a Chernobyl-level event, as of yet, but I’m starting to worry. Continuing efforts to cool the core have failed. I remember hearing that they were working on cooling the core and when cooling efforts failed, we had the first explosion. There was then another explosion that happened soon after. I am hearing reports that radiation levels have been elevated in certain parts of the country, downwind/upwind of Fukushima. I live in Ibaraki, which shares a border with Fukushima, so you can imagine my concern.

Having just come back from a vacation, and because I just finished a move, and am starting a new job in April, my funds are somewhat limited. I’m trying to find an inexpensive solution that will keep me safe in the event that the nuclear reactor problem escalates.

Donald Ash

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