No Rest for the Weary

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It’s my fault for agreeing to it, but I wanted to earn a bit of income to compensate for the three unpaid days I had last month. I was given a chance to go and teach some business English lessons in Hitachi. Don’t quote me on this one, but I think the job is paying just over 3000 yen per hour, which will

I don't usually drool this much.

be a much needed boost. I teach a full day on Saturday and like a half-day on Sunday (about 4 hours). The round trip from Tsukuba to Hitachi is around 2500 yen per day. That would potentially be 7500 yen in travel expenses.

But I’m not panicking. The good thing is, travel expenses will be reimbursed…whew!. In addition, to cut down on the amount I’ll have to pay, I will be staying in a company-sponsored hotel…double whew (thanks again, Interac)!

I potentially could be teaching one day next week as well, but I’ll do what I have to do take some of the financial sting off my summer vacation. If you aren’t familiar with ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) work here in Japan, during your summer vacation, you get 60% of your paycheck. 60% of my pay wouldn’t provide me enough income to really do anything special during the summer, so instead, I’m trying to find other means. Hard work is something I don’t really mind doing, I think my folks did a good job of instilling that in me. But if there’s any way for me to work smarter, I’d be completely open to it.

On the positive side of things, this is a chance for me to see a part of Ibaraki I’ve never seen before. I have heard of Hitachi but I know absolutely nothing about it. I don’t know if there’s anything special in that city, but I’ll try to see what I can see with the little time I have there.

Odds are, I’ll probably be posting twice tomorrow. I’ll try to make an article that’s on the useful side and the other may be a little bit on the silly side. I figure I’ll need a good laugh by the end of this weekend, that way things won’t be so bad.

On the grind, with my chin up, though…

Donald Ash

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  • Hang in there man. I know full well what it’s like to run on fumes. >_<

  • *Cheers you on* You can do it Donald-san. ^ ^;

  • M

    I live up in Naka and travel to Hitatchi all the while. (as well as Tsukuba too actually!) – Hitatchi is a great place! Judging by the 8000 yen fee I guess your on the Train? The Joban Expw fee isn’t much over a 1000 from Tsukuba to Hitatchi (each way). I’m sure you’ll like it, theres a lot more err ‘Traditional’ suburbs than in Tsukuba.

    • Donald Ash

      Wow! Thanks for letting me know M. That puts me at ease a bit. I truly appreciate it!

      • Donald Ash

        I would be taking the train. I goofed a bit actually, it’s more like 6000 yen via the train route (round trip). How long does the Joban Expressway route take, M?

        • Donald Ash

          I don’t know what was up with the route finder when I used it earlier to show such a price hike, but you’re right, M, looking at 1280 yen via Joban. 90 minute ride.

  • Mariko

    Good luck, Donald! Too much working is not good sometimes. You should take care of yourself. – sorry, I’ve been a mum 😛

    • Donald Ash

      No, no…mums are cool! Thanks, Mariko 😉

  • Rebecca Quinn

    Finally, got a new laptop, one which keyboard actually works and one that doesn’t decide to light up..
    So happy I didn’t have to wait long to get my fix of this wonderous Blog.
    If you should even call it a blog. You should evenually publish it into a book. Like an unorthodox travel guide.

    Keep up the good stuff!

    R. Quinn

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