No Laundry Rack, No Problem!

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So I finished up the last of my shopping for my new place, and I must say I’m pretty satisfied with the results, everything looks great (at least to me anyways) and it really feels like home now. One of the things that I had to purchase and wasn’t expecting to was a laundry rack. I assumed that most apartments come with them, but I was mistaken. I had the washing machine all connected and working, but how was I going to hang my wet clothes?

I went to my local grocery store, JUSCO, (which also has a home improvement section) and found several types of racks for hanging clothes. The only problem was there was one that was about 6000 yen but it was custom made for families…maybe a bit too much for a guy living by himself. The other options didn’t have enough hanging space. So I went to another home improvement shop nearby and found several great, laundry-hanging options. The one I finally decided on cost me exactly 2980 yen and I am pretty pleased with the results:

Oh yeah, and if the racks don’t suit you so much, there were also metal poles with plastic ends, made just for creating a place to hang your clothes. You kind of get what you pay for, though. It seemed as thought the cheaper racks and poles weren’t as sturdy. I tried to go for the middle price range and it worked out for me.

So if you move into an apartment and you’re a little bummed to find that there’s no place to hang your laundry, chin-up, all is not lost. You can find some very reasonable alternatives.


Donald Ash

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  • Greg

    Hi Donald,

    I am from Boston and looking for a compact laundry rack. Where can I get the one you are showing here?


  • John

    Hi Donald,

    I’m from Sydney (Aus) and I love your hat, I’m looking for the exactly same. Where can I get one you are wearing here ?


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