No Internet Service for a Week :(

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I asked some co-workers and friends to help me start shutting off the amenities & essentials at my old apartment (gas, water, electricity, internet, etc.) and changing them over to the new apartment. So it looks like everything’s going A-OK, except for one small thing. It seems as though NTT/B-Flets, the service that handles my internet, won’t be able to connect my internet at the new place until February 27th, the day before I leave to visit America for ten days…AAAARGGGHH!!

It’s irritating, but, there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it, so I’ll just be patient. But, in the meantime, thank goodness for Internet Cafes in Japan. For the majority of the first year I remember having to go the cafe route, so I guess it’s time to re-visit my old Internet cafe hang out with the delicious Royal Milk Tea (I’ll tell you about that later). It’s not as convenient as having my own, but it’ll do. If there are any videos, photos, etc. that I have to upload to any posts, I’ll put those things up as soon as I get all set up.

I think I could’ve planned this transition a bit better; You live and learn I guess. But I was more concerned about landing a teaching job that anything. I can deal with the other hassles.

Please bear with me,

Donald Ash

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