Nintendo 3DS Display in Akihabara Station (Tokyo, Japan)

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I haven’t officially owned a video game console for quite some time, and I have never owned a portable video game system, from the original Gameboy to the Lynx (do you remember the Atari Lynx?) to the Gameboy Advance to the PSP to the Nintendo DS. But I have heard that Nintendo is releasing the first 3D portable game console called the Nintendo 3DS.

I have always considered Nintendo to be one of the most innovative gaming companies in existence, and this is yet another testament to their greatness. Although I’ve never owned a Nintendo Wii, I’ve played one before, and it doesn’t require rocket science to see and understand just how cool it really is. I feel that Nintendo’s claim to fame isn’t in making the most advanced of systems, but it makes consoles that a large group of people will play’s just a really cool, really well-thought-out gaming console. So I figured, surely the 3DS would be no different.

The other day on my way back to the Tsukuba Express from Shinjuku and I saw people stopping at these two large, display terminals in Akihabara to look into these small rectangular windows. I decided to go up and take a look, just to see what all of the fuss is about. As the crowds cleared, I could see Nintendo 3DS printed on the front of these stations. Unfortunately, the officers wouldn’t allow me to get close-up photos of the 3DS screens themselves, but here’s a look at the 3DS station in Akihabara in the Sobu Line area:

I did have a chance to go up and look for myself, and truthfully, I had mixed feelings. The 3D effect was rather slight for some of the video game titles on display, and quite striking for others (Seeing Ryu and Sagat fight in 3D looked amazing). I am sure Nintendo has created another winning, portable, game console, but I think it’s going to take good game development to optimize the system’s full potential. But what do I know? I haven’t been a video game fanatic since the days of the Super Famicom. But from a marketing perspective, I can’t think of a better way to build buzz than to erect a display in the heart of one of the busiest train station hubs in central Tokyo. And to create a display that piques people’s curiosity no less is genius…because people are going to stop and look…I know I did.

Have you seen the Nintendo 3DS yet, what did you think?

Donald Ash

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  • Roger Starkey

    3D is not good for your eyes. It causes headaches when used for long periods. Just for that reason alone I wouldn’t want to use a 3DS. But, considering that my iPhone will still have more processing power than the 3DS when it comes out, it makes more sense to buy games ported to it rather than pour out money on the same games redone in 3D. The Nintendo problem is that they don’t have any originality, and that is a construct limit of their technology and the mass-appeal pricing strategy. Because of that…I’ll hold out for the next version PSP or the PS Phone. It would be really cool to have Red Dead Revolution on a portable during rush hour…

    • Donald Ash

      I can imagine a Nintendo 3DS causing headaches…that would suck. You don’t think Nintendo is creative, Roger? I think they are…oh I see what you mean…re-doing the same games over and over again. I do have to agree with that. I’ve never owned a portable gaming system, but PSPs are great! I only played one of the Red Dead games (my father’s actually) and it was incredible. Thanks, Roger.

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