Naruto Online Quiz! Whose Eyes Are These?

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Naruto Anime Eyes Quiz

I was admittedly late, VERY LATE, to the whole Naruto craze, maybe even be a few years after its initial release. However, once I moved to Japan I started watching.

Fun fact: I watched so much Naruto when I started that I quickly ended up with conjunctivitis.  That's just how good I thought the show was.  

Today's quiz is tribute to an anime that I loved!

However, today's quiz is just a little different than some of our others. Today we're going to take a Naruto anime eyes quiz!

What is an anime eyes quiz you ask?

How To Do This Quiz!

Here's how it works. There are 20 different different flip cards. Scroll down and look at each Naruto character's eyes.  
Think about your answer. When you think you've got it. flip over the card to see if you're right. Todays's quiz is on the honor system.

If you really don't want to cheat, you may want to write the names on a small scrap of paper to jot down the ones you got wrong, or the character names you couldn't remember.

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I was watching the old fight scene between Naruto and Sasuke (as kids) the other day, because it was so well animated (and still holds up VERY well).  It brought back all the memories of the show, and all of the creative/awesome ninjutsu and ocular powers than the Ninjas in the show had.  It might be a bit cliche, but as far eye powers go, I was a Sharingan fan...all day.

No, I wasn't fan enough to don a costume and pay for a super-expensive set of Sharingan contact lenses - to go to a convention.  But, they were one of my favorite powers in the show. We'll dive into that more someday soon.  In the meantime, though, get your eyes ready...because it's quiz time!  

Here we go:


Let me know your score (out of ten) in the comments section below!
Did you get all of your Sharingans, Byakugans, and Sage Mode eyes in the right place? Did you have fun doing it? If you did, great! If not, I hope you come back and try another that you'll enjoy.  

Speaking of other quizzes, if you'd like to try a different anime quiz, click the big, red button below 😀


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