My Visit Home:The Georgia Karate Crew

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Ouch, Mr. Fuller!

Going home to see everybody is always a good thing. The last time I went, though, I missed a lot of people because of a snowstorm, so I had to make up for lost time. I am so happy the weather was much better this time around. I It was so good to see my Karate teacher, Mr. Fuller, and Kali instructor, Jess Dillard (I still consider myself a beginner in Kali).

Mr. Fuller has been my karate teacher ever since I was about ten or eleven years old (he’s literally watched me grow up). I earned my first and second degree black belts under him. He taught me the basics of karate and honestly, he taught me how to teach…how to break things down and make them simple. The first teaching job I ever had, and the first “real job” I ever had, was teaching for him at U.M.A.S. Karate in Conyers, Georgia. He now has three successful schools in the Covington/Conyers area and he’s been running an honest business for years. Sensei, I’m so glad that I didn’t miss you this time.

Jess Dillard is another martial artist in this same crew. I respect Mr. Dillard because he’s trained with some great martial arts (Francis Fong of Atlanta and Dan Inosanto (one of Bruce Lee’s co-teachers from way back)). You know how some people train with greats but aren’t necessarily great themselves? Umm…not the case here. Mr. Dillard is lightning fast, and has a vast knowledge of stick, knife, wing chun, and muay thai-very well-versed. He also happens to be hilarious, which makes his classes really fun to take. I went home expecting just to say hello, but ended up taking class with him.

Ouch, Mr. Dillard

Take that!

It was really good to see you guys again. Please come visit me in Japan and we can train on Mount Tsukuba!

It’s good to be home!

Donald Ash

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  • Jess

    That is too funny! Love the pics! I wish I could come over there sometime…still waiting on that free trip to Japan! HA!

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