My Visit Home: I Love My Mom!

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My Mom and Me

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that special, sexy lady in my life, my Mom (she’s probably going to kill me for the incestuous innuendo…sorry Mommy, lol). I don’t have much time to be here in Georgia, but I appreciate all that you’ve done for me since I’ve been home. That extremely big meal that you cooked was so amazing. I am having such a good time accumulating all this belly fat from your oh-so-addictive, home-cooked meals. The party that you put together tops all parties.

Party aside, there’s so much more I want to thank you for. I want to take a brief moment** to thank you so much for everything: teaching me to speak clearly (it’s part of the reason I have the job I do), for instilling me with the idea putting my best into everything I do, for being good at math, for being an example for me, for helping me file that bankruptcy when I had no choice, for helping me get to Japan, for being so patient about the whole grandchildren thing (nervous laughter…), for being an amazing parent.

**My true, full thanks is beyond the scope of a simple blog post…I don’t even know if a “War and Peace”-sized novel would cover it. I plan on writing more


Your son,


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