My Two Most Overplayed Christmas Pop Songs…Yep, even here in Japan.

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It’s Christmas, and with Christmas comes Christmas music, even here in Japan. Seeing how it’s celebrated in Japan almost makes it feel like a borrowed holiday. Actually Christmas isn’t really a holiday in Japan, just kind of a special day. Being a teacher means that I’m already off for winter vacation, but if you’re not teaching public school or college, it’s a normal workday. Anyway, in this short post I want to mention the two songs that I hear enough times, every December to make me want to take a red and green-colored Christmas bat to the nearest department store speaker. Some of you are probably thinking of the exact same two that I am:

1. All I Want for Christmas (Mariah Carey)

This song has great vocals, great accompaniment, and isn’t a bad song, but hearing it a gazillion times can really do a number on your brain.

Are you ready for number 2?

2. Last Christmas (Wham)

Here in Japan, I’d say this is the main culprit. Again, the song is not bad at all. When you hear it at first, it’s really catchy, and an all-around good tune. But once more, when people overplay something, a great song can become a grating song very very easily.

What would your top two picks be for the most overplayed Christmas pop songs? Please leave your choices in the comments sections below.

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  • Anthony

    The fact that the second song was from Wham! is hilarious. The two top songs over here has to be “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Santa Clause is coming to town”. Although those songs don’t drive me up the wall, I can assure you that it gets annoying when standing in long lines and you only have one item to pay for >.<

  • DJ Ozma needs to cover last christmas. With sumo wrestlers and visual Kei cheerleaders. It’d be awesome. ^ ^

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