My New Year’s Resolutions, 2011

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I remember in the U.S. hearing all the buzz about that show TV show Heroes (did you ever watch that show?). Though I didn’t watch it in the U.S., I did a private, “Crash Course in All Things Heroes” right here in Japan. It really sucks that they canceled that show 🙁 . Anyway, I sometimes imagine that I am a living, breathing superhero, whose powers haven’t yet manifested. I know I can’t fly, I know I can’t run all that fast, I don’t make a lot of money, but deep down…I know there’s something special I can do…something that won’t only make my world better, but everyone I come into contact with. Honestly, it’s that “something” that keeps me awake at night, that makes me work hard for no reason, because I can feel it…it’s hard to explain…but I know there’s something bigger that I’m supposed to be doing.

I often feel that goal-setting is a big part of discovering my purpose, so I am a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions. I actually had a discussion with some of my advanced English students about whether or not New Year’s Resolutions work. Some say they work, and others say they don’t. For me, I often feel like my dreams and goals are all I have…they matter so much to me. I often put my goals on the ceiling above my bed…and they stay there all year round. I don’t really care how tacky it looks, but it forces me to look at my goals every day when I wake up. When people ask about the papers on the ceiling, I tell them that the papers are magical, that they’re my real-life superpower. I tell them that whatever goal goes on that ceiling WILL happen. It’s so funny, because years ago I put on the ceiling that I wanted to visit Japan for at least two weeks…I have lived here for nearly three now. I never make a detailed plan about these goals (except the financial ones), but somehow…if I really want something, I think my brain subconsciously figures out the details. I don’t know if you read the book the Alchemist, but it was truly inspirational for me. There was a quote from that book which read “When you want something all the world conspires in helping you achieve it.” It’s one of my favorite quotes.

So what are my New Year’s Resolutions? Well, I always set financial, physical, and mental goals for the year. Here they are:

To get into underwear model shape
To run a mile in less than 6:00 minutes
To win a full-contact karate tournment
To do a full split

To learn five piano pieces.
To calculate numbers in my head more easily.
To learn 1000 Kanji
To speak Japanese more comfortably
To read 50 books this year

To have a business that makes as much as my current job (that’s not a whole lot of money…but it’s a good starting goal)
To add $2000 to my investment account
To read 20 business books.

Of course I make some of the goals more specific, and set benchmarks for myself, but these are the general goals.

How about you? Do you have any New Year’s resolutions that you’d like to share with me? They can be as wild or as weird as you like. I’m not gonna judge you…your goals are your goals, and I’d just like to hear them.

I hope you can achieve every goal you’ve set for yourself this year,

Donald Ash

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  • Ryan McGuinness

    I watched the first season of heroes, it was great! Although, when I found out it had been canceled I decided not to bother with the second season. As for new years resolutions; this is the first time I’ve ever tried them.

    I’m going to try and get a job so I can save more for Japan; I’m also going to try to pass my driving test by the end of the year. Not big goals; but hopefully obtainable ones. 🙂

  • I heard about the Alchemist, and I wanted to read it, but forgot. Thanks for the reminder, now I know what I’ll be reading on my 14-hour flight to destiny, I mean, Japan.

    I agree with you, visualizing and constantly putting your goals in front of you is the best way to make them reality.

    Happy New Year!

    • Donald Ash

      It’s okay to say “flight to destiny,” because I’m sure that’s what it’s going to be…you’ll really enjoy it, I think. The Alchemist is pretty short, but really inspirational, or at least I thought so. If you have a chance to read it, let me know what you think.

      Happy New Year to you, too, Amanda!

      P.S.-By the way, I’m going to send you an email in a few minutes.

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