My Journey to 1000 Kanji: #16-30 (Week 2)

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It’s KANJI TIME!! Today I’m looking at kanji numbers 16-30. Last time we worked primarily on numbers. I think I’ve got the hang of those (even though I’m not sure if the sentences I created were 100% natural…but bear with me…I’m learning). This week’s kanji seem pretty cool, because they include fire, water, wood cool, ninja-sounding-type stuff. Without any further ado, let’s get right to it.

KANJI # 16-30

16.日- This Japanese symbol for sun, day, or Japan.
On-yomi: Nichi ニチ, Jitsu ジツ
Kun-yomi: Hi ひ, Ka か
Sentence: その日、すごくさむかった。Sono hi, sugoku samukata. It was really cold that day.

17.本- This kanji means book, present, main, or serves as a counter for long, cylindrical objects.
On-yomi: Hon ホン
Kun-yomi: Moto もと
Sentence: この本はおもしろいです。Kono hon wa omoshiroi desu. This book is interesting.

18.人- This kanji means person.
On-yomi: Jin ジン, Nin ニン
Kun-yomi: Hito ひと
Sentence: わたしはアメリカ人です。Watashi wa Amerikajin desu. I’m an American.

19.月- This symbol means month or moon.
On-yomi: Getsu ゲツ, Gatsu ガツ
Kun-yomi: Tsuki つく
Sentence: わたしはらい月からてしあいがあります。 Watashi wa raigestu karate shiai ga arimasu. I have a karate tournament next month.

20.火- The kanji for fire.
On-yomi: Ka カ
Kun-yomi: Hi ひ, Ho ほ
Sentence: きのういそがしかった。Kinou isogashikata. Yesterday was busy.

21.水- The kanji for water.
On-yomi: Sui スイ
Kun-yomi: Mizu みず
Sentence: まいにち水をのみます。Mainichi mizu wo nomimasu. Everday I drink water.

22.木- The kanji for wood or tree.
On-yomi: Boku ボク, Moku モク
Kun-yomi: Ki き, Ko こ
Sentence: カリフォルニアはおおききがあります。Karifornia wa ooki ki ga arimasu. California has big trees.

23.金- This symbol represents gold.
On-yomi: Kin キン, Kon コン
Kun-yomi: Kane かね, Kana かな
Sentence: 金がない。Kane ga nai. I don’t have money.

24.土- This kanji has several meanings: soil, earth, ground, and Turkey.
On-yomi: Do ド, To ト
Kun-yomi: Tsuchi つち
Sentence: かれのつちはたくさんやさいがあります。Kare no tsuchi wa takusan yasai ga arimasu. His land has lots of vegetables.

25.曜- The symbol for weekday.
On-yomi: You ヨウ
Kun-yomi: N/A
Sentence: 月曜日はしごとにいきますか? Getsuyobi wa shigoto ni ikimasu ka? Are you going to work on Monday?

26.上- This symbol means above or up.
On-yomi: Jo ジョウ, Sho ショウ
Kun-yomi: Ue うえ, Uwa うわ, Mika みか, Ageru あげる, Agaru あがる, Noboru のぼる, Nobosu のぼす, Noboseru のぼせる
Sentence: ほんはつくえのうえです。Hon wa tsukue no ue desu. The book is on the desk.

27.下- This symbol means below, down, descend or inferior.
On-yomi: Ka カ, Ge ゲ 
Kun-yomi: Shita した, Shimo しも, Moto もと, Sageru さげる, Sagaru さがる, Kadaru かだる, Kudasu くだす, Orosu おろす, Oriru おりる
Sentence: ビルもういっぱい下さい。Biru mo ippai kudasai. Can I have another beer, please?

28.中- This symbol means middle, inside, mean, or center.
On-yomi: Chu チュウ
Kun-yomi: Naka なか
Sentence: コーラはれいぞうこの中です。Cora wa rezoko no naka desu. The cola is in the refrigerator.

29.半- This kanji represents half, middle, or part.
On-yomi: Han ハン
Kun-yomi: Nakaba なかば
Sentence: いま六時半です。Ima rokuji han desu. It’s 6:30.

30.山- The kanji for mountain.
On-yomi: San サン
Kun-yomi: Yama やま
Sentence: なかね山はほんとにきれいです。Nakane san wa hontoni kirei desu. Ms. Nakane is really beautiful.

That wraps things up for week two. I’m really looking forward to next week. Trying to learn new kanji forces me to learn new vocabulary as well.

See you next time,

Donald Ash

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  • Hey thanks for this nice and interesting post. But I still do not understand the first part though! – ps3 jailbreak software

    • Donald Ash

      Thank you for reading! Which part did you have trouble with? I will try my best to explain.

  • Spica_H

    Thanks for writing this! Wish me luck for tomorrow Japanese Language test please~ ^^

    • Donald Ash

      Sorry for the late reply. How did the JLPT go? I hope you did better than you expected. What were the easiest sections for you? Most difficult sections?

  • Christopher Sentman

    Watashi wa raigestu karate shiai ga arimasu. Misspelled raigetsu? Thanks for the posts, I just started WK 2 weeks ago and love it so far!

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