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My Cool, New Ninja Flash Drive

The other day I received a pretty funny, but at the same time pretty cool, gift from a friend of mine. I think I come across as a bit of an otaku, and I’m sure she picked up on that, hence the gift. What did I get? It’s called the Ninja Driver. It’s what I like to call my personal, pocket ninja. At first glance, he looks like your run of the mill, ninja toy. But somehow…it looks like he’s hiding something. What secret is he hiding, exactly? What’s he protecting? It turns out he’s carrying classified information, he’s storing your computer info. He’s the shinobi who’s protects your files.

This ninja’s body actually flips open! Why? My guess is that this ninja was once a great warrior who committed seppuku (せっぷく,切腹), stomach cutting characteristic of the bushido code, in order to protect his village. He has been revived just to serve you…hence the white, lifeless eyes. Or, more likely, Bone (the company that created him) just made him that way. Anyhow, when you flip the body open, you see USB plug used to obtain and transfer your data. Another cool thing is that he has magnets in his hands which allow him to stealthily climb and hang from metal objects. This has to be one of the most create flash drives that I’ve ever seen.

I looked into the Bone company a bit, and they have some other really cool USB devices. There were Christmas themed USB devices like gingerbread men, snowmen, and reindeer, animal-themed USBs like dolphins, pandas, penguins, and tigers, Ipod USBs, and more. They even had other colors for the ninja (purple and red). If think they’d make pretty cool, last-minute stocking stuffers.

It’s funny, a few days before getting my Ninja USB, I had a student that had just bought a friend of her’s a sushi, USB flash device which is also quite creative. Although sushi makes for a pretty neat USB, I must say I think this ninja is way cooler.

Happy file transferring,

Donald Ash

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  • Amanda

    I think it’s cool too! I must have one!!

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