Meiji no Yakata, Vintage Cars, and Lemon Cheesecake in Nikko, Japan

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I know, I know, I said I was done with the Nikko stuff, but there were just so many cool things there, I couldn’t resist…forgive me everybody 😀 . But I do think you’ll find this information interesting if you ever have the chance to go. During my day trip, I went to this restaurant called Meiji no Yakata (明治の館 or めいじのやかた) which translates to mean Meiji’s Mansion. I though was pretty freakin’ cool. The restaurant had a slightly formal, western ambiance. I didn’t realize it, but this restaurant has a cool history behind it.

I don’t know the whole story so forgive me if I botch a few of the details. Although the sign says 1977 (I assume that’s when this place actually became a restaurant), from what I understand, this restaurant was formerly a stone villa owned by FW Horn, an early American trading company. What was an American based corporation’s villa doing in Japan, you ask? Well, FW Horn was quite big into the phonograph/gramophone records business. I’m sure phonographs weren’t the company’s only type of business dealing, but there was a time when the phonograph business was very profitable. Phonographs were so popular in fact that there were phonograph manufacturing companies set up right here in Japan. I believe this villa was established for foreign traders. It’s so interesting to see the connections. Ah what I would give to have a time machine just to go back, sit silently and just see what this place was like back in the early to mid 1900s. Cool right?

So if you check out the restaurant’s website,,the first image you see is a phonograph, and now you know why 🙂

Meiji on Yakata is within walking distance of the Nikko Toshogu and is a great place to sit down, rest your feet, have some tea, and some delectable lemon cheesecake. Judging by the different cakes the restaurant had for sale, I’m guessing cheesecake must be the restaurant’s claim to fame, but don’t quote me on that. It was a great way to end a day of sightseeing, and exploring.

The website I mention above also has the phone number and directions to get you there. I hope you get a chance to go!


Meiji no Yakata in Nikko Japan

Meiji no Yakata is a famous western-style restaurant in Nikko with quite an interesting history behind it.

There wasn't a whole lot of flair to this cheesecake, and that's what's so brilliant about it. That lemon cheesecake was slammin'!

One other cool thing about going when I did was that Meiji no Yakata happened to be the site of a movie production. There wasn’t much filming going on the day I was there. But I could see the professional grade movie cameras through one of the upper floor windows. This was the reason there were three vintage cars parked on the main lawn. I am not a car buff so I didn’t know the makes and models of the different cars, but I did see that one car was a 1952 Aston Martin. I know enough about cars to know that modern-day Aston Martin isn’t the cheapest car in the world. I just know that the cars looked awesome, and I was lucky to see them.

Vintage Cars in Nikko, Japan

There they are. You know what this reminds me of? That scene in the Karate Kid where Mr. Miyagi tells Daniel to choose one of the cars. I was waiting for someone to say that to me, but when it started getting dark, I figured it wasn't likely to happen.

Another view of the vintage cars


I don't know if the date on the front tag is accurate but notice it says 1932...just a hair before my time.

Inside of the 1932, green-colored car

Riley 1938. The first letter on the tag probably corresponds to the maker. This one is Riley. The first letter on the tag of the red car is 'A' (Aston Martin). I wonder what the 'J' on the green car stands for...

Inside the the 1938 silver-corolred car. Thank goodness for new safety regulations. This car looks cool on the outside, but it"s not the kind of car I'd want to be in during an accident.

1952 Aston Martin

Inside the 1952 Aston Martin

Vintage Cars in Nikko Video

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, those cars were fully functional…check it out:

See you next time, everybody,

Donald Ash

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  • O_____________O all.. the shiney… shiney.. cars.. -drool-

    I’m a bit of a car girl, even if I don’t know a lot of cars.. I know an awesome vintage collection when I see it.

  • Petaris

    I think the green car might be a SS Jaguar model but it doesn’t match the pictures. Maybe a customized body or something.

    Also here is a link for the Riley cars: I think that might have had some customization done as well. Look at the racing section pictures and its pretty similar.

  • Iknowwhatthosecarsare

    Not sure about the riley,
    But the green car is an MG PA or similar, whilst the aston martin is a DB2 drophead/volante

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